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    • Well, it's hard to be a far away fan but, when you come to a home game, it's all the sweeter.  Everybody in town wearing blue. It's fun!
    •   If any Chargers fans give you guff, you refer them to me.  I will take care of it.   I like the gear.  I am a big fan of the St. Patrick's gear.   If you couldn't tell from my name, I'm a green-loving Irish SOB.  What's luckier than a horseshoe AND a 4-leaf clover?  A QB named Luck?  Come on, if that isn't divine intervention...  
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    • Speaking of Hodges: Hodges signing one-year deal with Buffalo
    •   Hodges put a tweet out alluding to his past off season issues, and how he's paying for them now.  He was warning the young guys coming into the league that dumb things you do hurt you in the pocket book.   I don't know if that's the issue with him now, that he's expecting more $$$ and teams are afraid he'll screw up?  I like that he realized his mistakes.  He' be a decent addition.    Or it could be that the coaches just like how Morrison and Jackson are progressing?
    • Oh yeah she definitely has a little of the derpy look in her face. It doesn't appear to be as "bad" as true Persian kittens look lol.      Angel was a beautiful white Turkish Angora with piercing Green yellow eyes. To the day she died she was still playful and for whatever reason liked to "Box" with you. It was an awesome trait. 2I mean she was only two years younger than me so I don't really have any memories of my life before her. So I fell in love with the traditional cat type look. I also own two Boxer dogs though so I'm not opposed to the unique looks that can be had for our furry friends       Also Luna is an agile little ball. She slept most of the day yesterday but this morning she is crazy hyper and I found her in this precarious position.... 
    • Makes you wonder why a change was needed?   If 22 games went past 10 minutes, we could cut that in half to account for coaching for 10 minutes.   That's still 11 more ties in 5 years.   So 2+ more ties a year.  
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