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    •   Overall, an excellent post, but I really want to focus on this part. Though even if Barkley didn't have this issue, I still wouldn't take him at #3.. I don't think RB is worth it.   Barkley doesn't hit lanes inside hard, with violence of someone like Gurley who was just savage at it in college. He tries to bounce outside, to an open space, where he is absolutely fantastic so it's understandable. Just as a pure runner, I don't think he's the best RB prospect to come out in recent years. If the hole isn't there inside, he has bad tendency to stop moving his feet. As you said, can it be coached out of him? And why does it happen. Is he little soft? Overcompensating for bad O-line? Or something else that can be coached out of him?   College football is different than NFL and though Barkley obviously had bad OL, the decision making before LOS for RB is crucial imo. That's one thing where prospects can be evaluated equally, no matter what scheme, competition or OL talent they run behind.   So.. Maybe Barkley won't be bell-cow back? But more like Reggie Bush? Reggie Bush didn't become a great runner until later in his career when his athleticism had declined. How soon will it happen with Barkley? However, there is no denying his athleticism and talent as a receiver. So the ideal usage for him might be more similar to how many scatbacks are used.. But he would probably be even bigger mismatch in the passing game and better runner than best scatbacks in the game today (Lewis, White, Riddick etc.). Or just bigger, more athletic and better pure runner than McCaffrey. I'd actually be more willing to use high pick on that kind of player than RB like Gurley, Elliott and Fournette.
    • It's a different situation because they didn't have the quarterback. We (hopefully!) do.   Look at the way the league is trending. It's all about building a defense that can limit the opposition or having a quarterback who can elevate the play of those around him. If you have both them you're basically the Pats.    Between 2011 and 2016 we spent only 5 of a possible 18 high draft picks on defense (with 4 of those being 3rd rounders!!!) and we've basically been swimming again at the tide of the NFL.   I've never seen a fan base so occupied with offense. It's time to look at what the Championship teams are doing and replicate it.
    • Unless they value the top 3 QBs exactly the same it would be stupid to take Saquan 1st overall and be left with 2nd or 3rd choice at QB. 
    •   Thanks, I was wondering whether they were using this or not. Seems to be the perfect tool to train a QB to pick up different defensive schemes etc. Could be good for defense players too.   I would strap it to Green and hope that it would eventually increase his awareness! 
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