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    • There is a big debate over here about this subject as well, when a soccer team fails, is it the players fault or is it the way they are coached. More often than not it is the coach that is fired and the players stay. Taking Doyle as an example Was he in the correct place to make the catches - Yes Was the ball thrown to him in a way that allowed him to catch it - Yes So how can it be the coaches fault that he dropped/fumbled the ball as often as he did?   That said it is the coaches responsibility to rally and inspire the players when things are going against them, from what I saw last night Pagano did not seem capable of doing this, especially when he saw history repeating itself in the closing stages of the game.   He should have been doing what it took to make the players aware of the consequences of another defeat rather than pick up the pieces after it happened.   I think the only thing that will make Pagano leave is if the revenues flowing into the team take a dip and the fans turn against him (if they haven't done so already), I do not like to see any-one getting the sack in any walk of life, but I do not think if he were to go he would need to "sign on" with the type of payoff he would received.   As I have said before, I watch from afar, but even from here things do not look good.
    • Competent being the key there... we're SOL in that regard.
    • This is not the Titans of yesteryear. They probably look at the Colts and say the exact same thing. Don't fool yourself, Indy is not that good right now unfortunately . Tenn has great running backs, a vey solid offensive line and MM has only gotten better each year and is very talented. They are better than the Colts.
    • Because they refused to do anything about it and just let it happen.    Where was the max protect? Screen? Slant?    They sat there and just got overrun and acted like it wasn't happening.
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