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    • Yeah, the slow starts are dreadful. Just makes you wonder what in blue skies are we doing in practice?    Can't rely on Andrew to bring us back every game. Chud is also to blame. He's gotta get better and more creative at play calling    I like Green Bay's play calling how they move everyone around. Dorsett should be our Randall Cobb. Put him in the backfield, in motion for jet sweeps. The kid has speed, use him everywhere until we actually trade him if they still are trying to trade him 
    •   She pushed him and then slapped him across the face.   Maybe you could argue somewhat from a moralistic prospective that his response was excessive.   But again, in this country people don't tend to see it that way if it's a guy vs. a guy even if there is a massive size difference.  If a guy starts something, people will usually cheer if he gets pounded for it.  So arguing that isn't in keeping with how we usually view these things.   Thing is that ultimately she hit him first, he struck back ending her violent attack.  That doesn't make him a monster.  At worst that makes him human.  Quite frankly if you ask me he's a person who was defending himself and his dignity.  Slapping another person across the face is not just a physical attack it's an insult on their dignity.                      
    • I buy his change in attitude, it's refreshing.

      But my problems, or I guess my questions, with Pagano are more just about his actual coaching ability. He can change his ways all he wants but we'll see if he's actually able to coach this team up.
    • Part of it is the negative side of a zone blocking scheme.  With zone blocking the line is supposed to flow to the play side so that means a lot of times on even fronts there is a guy unblocked (I don't remember if the D was in an even front or an odd front on this play).  On the play mentioned by the OP (I think it was Turbin on the delay not Mack) without knowing the specifics, that could just as easily be on the QB and not the scheme.  The QB needs to be able to see uncovered defenders, he should have sent the TE in motion to that side.  If there is a defender not covered by the zone, you usually want him near the POA so that player gets caught up in the cluster as the oline flows to the play side.  That is why I think this is on the QB, he has got to know the blocking scheme well enough to identify the player that is not going to get caught up in (we call it the wave but that's because it's easier for 7th graders to understand a wave rather than a moving zone) the wave and adjust the formation accordingly.   It could also be the scheme which, if that's the case, then Philbin needs to be fired immediately.  You cannot develop a blocking scheme that leaves a defender on the LOS unblocked on a delay or misdirection type play, players in the NFL are too fast for that.
    • I'm buying that he is noticeably different in what he says. You can tell in his press conferences that he is vocally expecting more out of players than in previous seasons (atleast publicly). Time will tell if this mantra produces any changes.
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