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All posting during Colts game time that is about the game, must either be in the game day thread or in chat.

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    • Brissett will be better than last year.  Its surprising how everyone forgets he was running for his life every play.  Even Andrew struggled with that pressure... all QBs do.  Brissett will be much better with a year's experience under his belt and an OL that can protect him. other GMs know this and it WILL affect his value.  The way teams spend on unproven QBs, i can see a team or two offering a 2nd or 3rd.  Heck, the Jets gave up 3 to move up only 3 spots to land an unproven QB.  And they really didnt even know WHICH unproven QB they would get.  Some teams get desperate for a starting QB, as we have seen over and over. if we dont get the trade we want, use him until FA in  2 years. i think, under the circumstances (which were stacked against him), Brissett performed better than people give him credit for.
    • If I’m a GM I say one thing.. ‘Good lord no.’   He’s a garbage person.
    • Well, he was not a 1st rounder, so there is no 5th year option.  We can have him this year, but next year is his last (@ $915,000.00) under contract.  He will want to test FA, and teams wont trade for him unless they fully beleive they can work out a contract.     We'd be lucky to get a 3rd rounder in the following (next) draft for him).  Garopolo was a 2nd rounder, and NE got a second rounder in the next year draft for him, and JG was showcased well and was a desired commodity.  Got paid. I'm not sure JB gets that kind of attention based upon last year.     It would be nice, but I think it is rainbow colored...  see JG example just  above.     I think this as well.  Trade likely won't happen if we demand too much.     I'd like that, but don't think it will happen unless he lights it up this year (which means Luck isn't playing, which would be bad as well).  Time will tell.
    • To the bolded.  I don't understand the reference.  Morris played LB his entire career with the Colts.  He played MIKE for several years but moved to SAM for the Colts SB run in 2006.  People give credit for the defensive turnaround to Sanders and his presence made a difference but equally important was Morris moving to SAM.  It took him a couple of games to get the feel for the position but once he did, he solidified the run defense   To the italicized , I think that is one thing most people don't understand, the plan is to not have a "full time" DE.  I think they plan on having 5 or 6 guys rotating throughout the game.
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