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    • I think you're misunderstanding me. I love watching this team. What would frustrate me is if we had a chance to take Sam Darnold if Luck's injury was beyond repair at 3 and we didn't. I'm willing to give until the start of the season to see if Luck returns and plays, but I'm not going to get lied to again by Irsay. It's also not very fun seeing all our new draft picks without Luck playing with them.   Brissett is basically a Blake Bortles skill level guy. If he was on the Jags, he'd take them as far as Bortles did. We don't have anywhere near the team around him that Bortles had though. It'll take a few drafts of hitting on almost every player to come to that level. Luck has to close that gap.    We can't afford to have miscalculated Luck's injury a 2nd time, especially when the draft is over and we had a high pick. Next year's QB class isn't nearly as good either. At least the selection was diverse this year with the QB's, even if none are Luck like. Next year pales in comparision.
    • I'm not that worried at the moment, but I'm also a patient optimist.   Que @P'Son and @throwing BBZ :   "Luck is done, you're all blind, quit drinking the kool aid" ... or something like that...       I didn't need Peyton Manning to watch the Colts, and I don't need Andrew Luck to watch the Colts.  Being a fan of a losing team isn't always fun, but part of being a fan is rooting for your team even when they are 4-12 or 2-14.    Go Colts!  
    • I'm giving Luck this year and that's it. I think he'll be fine only because we traded down in the draft and didn't take a QB. That's the ONLY reason the FO has any credit with me at this point about Luck. I don't think they'd sabotage the team just to push the narrative a 2nd time, especially when we had such a high draft pick. Right now, though, it's too early to tell from our point of view whether Luck will be ready for the start of the season or not. One negative thing about science and medicine is that it affects everyone's body differently. Luck may be on the poor side of it with his injury.    Giving the FO the benefit of the doubt with Luck's injury right now. However, if they miscalculated his recovery a 2nd time, and didn't draft a QB either to replace him and he doesn't play this season. I'm not watching this year. Brissett is a good backup, but last year was absolutely brutal, and even a new coaching staff won't make this a winning team with Brissett at QB. We need Luck back, or the season is a lost cause. Don't care what Ballard and Reich say about it not being about one man. It's a QB driven league. It was about Peyton and it's about Luck. That quote is just ridiculous.
    • Trust me when say this. Luck is throwing. He has restrictions though. The last headline I seen was “Luck isn’t throwing without restrictions”. I also believe their not advertising it. Reggie isn’t in this building just helping the receiver group. 
    • It’s pretty much everyday someone has a new terrible theory on luck. It’s exhausting. Can’t we just be optimistic, especially considering he’s had zero setbacks this time around and his shoulder is holding up throwing balls heavier than a regulation football. It’s also held up to his weight training program. Luck will be fine.    The actual people involved are saying he will be fine and looks great. (Physically and mentally)    I think they know more than anyone on this forum.     
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