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      We've expanded the College Football forum to include all non NFL sports discussions. Until now, baseball, basketball, etc threads were posted to the 'misc' forum.   Due to the volume of sports threads in that forum, we thought members would find it more convenient.   We've moved the most recent sports threads from the Misc forum to here: http://forums.colts.com/forum/23-college-football-and-all-other-sports/
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    •   Thank you I need them.  Only get 5mb internet here... on good days. Talk about killing my gaming skills. Guess Ill have to make it up by visiting Stonehenge, hiking the cliffs of dover, visiting castles in wales and Ireland, falling in love with Scottish women's accents... its rough. But I think I'll survive.
    •   You poor poor man. My condolences. 
    • If I had to pick one of these four to omit it would have to be Jackson. While Smith holds the yardage record I am not too sure he would hold it has Sanders didn't retire early. I must say that Sanders and Sweetness got their yards on teams that really didn't have good O-lines at all.
    • Man I don't think we see Butlet in the slot.  You got the outside right. He should have never been out there. His days as a CB. are over    He was awful the last time he played there full time. He gave up 118 QB rating when targeted in the slot in 2015. I think it's obvious he's lost a step. He will play S. He could see a lot of time there depending on injuries.    I think Morris is the guy we see in the slot this year. Milton could surprise too The staff and Ballard have singled him out. Hairston will need some time. Melvin will be our 4th CB IMO.    Davis needs to show last year was a fluke. I think the back end has potential but there are a few very big question marks. Interestingly the Chiefs may cut guys like Gaines and Acker. 
    •   Well....   It IS a top-5 list and not a more traditional top-10 list.   So,  maybe they were 6th or 7th.    Or 10th?      Would that be so terrible?      When it's top-5 of all-time a lot of really great talent is going to get left off....   Even on top-10 lists,  the same applies....    
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