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  2. Sorry to hear what happened to your oldest adopted grandson CC1. I wouldn't wish that level of concussion trauma on anybody. It's not my place to condemn any parents decision to let them play football or not. Car crashes can happen behind the wheel on any road or freeway too, but that wouldn't stop parents from teaching their kids how to drive a vehicle composed on metal, plastic, glass, & rubber either. Look, tragedy can happen to anybody at any moment doing a variety of different things. I get where you're coming from--A quality of life vantage point. Both before & after the number of concussions grew. I also don't have any kids biologically speaking so I can't really say with authority my POV from a fatherly perspective. Sure, I have cousins & nephews of course. I would just tell them can you handle getting slammed or contacted every play? If it's not your cup of tea try something else. My nephew Matthew wrestles & my other nephew played football for a while, but he gave it up when he didn't get much playing time. Again, my deepest sympathies for your grandson. I will say this though. I always chuckle when people create the misguided impression that football is the only sport where team bonding is built though. It's not. Most people go out for football & they either stick with it or they say forget this & move on. I'm fine either way.
  3. Brew Crew lost again, if the Cubs hang on and win they will be .5 back in the Division at 24-21. The Brew Crew is now at 25-21. Cards/Dodgers just starting up, Cards are at 22-20.
  4. Yep, that was close!
  5. Whew
  6. Work was a pain today, off now and just able to tune in. Looks like the Cubs up 4-2. Edwards just got out of a bases loaded jam! Bottom of the 8th now.
  7. I have no comment other than I came here for the comments . This Thread is going to cost me all of my LIKES.
  8. The Browns sure do seem excited about this move... An empty helmet on an empty field, and the enthusiasm from the Browns Twitter is simply lethargic. Browns didn't even take the time to end their sentence with a period or exclamation point.
  9. Cubs are playing great
  10. Cubs are up 4-2 now in the 8th.
  11. This is not a good year for the fans of SD teams
  12. Mets are now trailing the Padres 6-5. Padres are the worst team in baseball. We should not lose to them.
  13. "Now we should talk & laugh. We're married why would we laugh?" "Actually Max, the mistake people mistake in these situations isn't having sex [another word is used] it's feeling." "When the war is over, it won't matter where I am...If we're dead tomorrow, no one would know." "I want you to play the piano for me. What are you talking about? I want you to play La Marseillaise. Play! I know the story, but they threatened Anna. Did you send it?! Yes. I've loved you since Casablanca [Max]...I love you. Take good care of her." I'm fully aware that a majority of my film reviews lately revolve around the Second World War & this film critique called "Allied" directed by Robert Zemeckis released in 2016 is no exception to that rule of thumb either. This 2 hour & 4 minute flick is very stylish & slick with a heavy dose of intrigue & espionage in it. You're right in my wheelhouse now. Sweet! I love clandestine operation stuff infiltrating adversaries behind enemy lines with assassination missions, love triangles, double agents, & where try loyalties lie in the end. Straight out the gate SW1 is telling my audience that this picture deserves an A because of the on screen chemistry, stakes, & unexpected outcome that evokes bliss & tragedy in one self stroke of commitment & genuine love. The pacing is somewhat measured or slow, but the climax or payoff is well worth the wait. Trust me. We are located in Morocco ladies & gentlemen. The year is 1942. A Canadian Intelligence officer born in Ontario has just parachuted into the desert as an Air Force fly boy. His name is Max Vatan [Brad Pitt.] Max walks several miles until he finds a paved road. Shortly thereafter, he is picked up by a driver who hands him a large briefcase filled with NAZI passports, currency, guns, & a fresh tailored suit. The driver hands Max a box with a wedding ring inside of it. As he transports Max to Casablanca in North Africa, he tells Max to look for a female contact wearing a purple evening gown with a hummingbird scarf close by resting on a chair. Her name is Maryann Beauséjour [Marion Cotillard]. No, before you even ask, Humphrey Bogart was nowhere to be seen. I did feel like I stepped back in time though with Benny Goodman's orchestra playing 'Sing, Sing, Sing' in the upscale night club though. Everybody is sipping champaign & whiskey by candlelight in sparkling dresses & 3 piece suits & tuxes everywhere. That era, the 1940's, made smoking a cigarette look cool & sophisticated as hades too. No doubt about it. If you haven't figured it out yet, Max--a member of the Canadian resistance & a commissioner officer working for Great Britain is rendezvousing with Mary Ann, a leader of the French Resistance from Paris, has met up in Morocco's largest city Casablanca in order to disrupt & derail the presence of the NAZI Third Reich with a strong foothold there. They took a spin on the dance floor, leave, & go back to her apartment. Once there, Maryann helps Max fine-tune his French accent, shows him his new lavish wardrobe; fires off a few rounds for target practice; & they go over their plan to liquidate the German ambassador at gunpoint during his official gala ball this Saturday night. All intelligence officers regardless of the regime they represent know full well that they could die after mowing down their assigned target. The trick to survival is knowing your partner in crime intimately & exceptionally well. You must fool Führer disciples that you are devoted to their master race cause in order to get in the room to spray the ambassador with bullets because if an SS officer believes you are not authentic in your allegiance to the NAZI Party--You will be interrogated, beaten, & shot without a second thought. In an effort to get to know one another, Maryann asks Max questions whereby you reach a point where you finish the other one sentences. They even discuss future plans should they survive their mission & the war. Max tells Maryann that he hopes to buy a ranch in Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada & raise horses on it with a child or two. Initially, she thinks he's joking, but later on Maryann begins to appreciate his simple tastes. At 8:35 PM that Saturday night, they patiently wait for their diversion: A car bomb explosion just outside the building. They flip over a table with wine & glasses on top of it. Taped just underneath are machine. The magazines on the firearms themselves are attached on the side of the gun as opposed to below the weapon itself. The operator empties 1 clip, flips the clip the opposite direction, locks it back in place like say a vacuum attachment; & continues to pop off more shells. Never seen that before. Interesting. Why do targets always run late for their own celebration anyway? Bad guys are rarely punctual man which almost made the diversion tactic irrelevant. Luckily, both Max & Maryann survive the assassination mission without a scratch. Did I mention that they crossed a professional spy line BTW. They sleep together inside the car as a sandstorm approached them swiftly in the desert. I get it. Fear of one's own mortality makes you engage in frisky activities just to feel vibrant & alive. Both Max & Maryann are pretty photogenic so naked twister makes sense right? There was a lot of room to more around in that car though. I'm not kidding man. That vehicle is more spacious than most contemporary campers purchased today. Wow. Back in London, Max & Maryann get hitched & a yr later, she gives birth to a baby girl named Anna in the hospital during an air raid. It's an unconventional scene because we can't imagine undergoing child birth as bombs are being dropped, glass is shattering, & debris is flying everywhere. Max has been promoted & he is well respected by his UK supervisor in England named Frank Heslop [Jared Harris]. Life is good & very stable. That's just when the ice melts beneath your feet & your world of bliss gets turned upside down that is. Crap. It turns out that intelligence officers with more clout than Frank or Max have suspect that his beloved wife Maryann is a double agent handing over sensitive war information to the Germans. Max believes this theory is absurd naturally. Nevertheless, he is order to 'blue dye' his spouse. Translation: Feed Maryann false intel just to see if she passes this classified material to Germans loyal to Hitler. So let me get this straight: Max is supposed to jot down coded info on a notepad, leave the info in a place where Maryann will notice it, pass it on to the enemy; & if you clue your wife in on it; run with her or refuse to shoot her for treason...The British government is authorized to hang you. Whoa. She is the mother of his daughter Anna man. Talk about a rock & a hard place. Yikes! Max has only 1 card left to play. Jump on a plane & fly to Paris to see if a man named Paul Delamare can identify if his wife in a wedding photo is the real Maryann Beauséjour or not. Paul knew this French resistance leader personally long before World War II started & if says Max's soulmate is the same person then she can't be a traitor to the Allies at all. Could you kill the love of your life & the mother of your only child? I sure as hades couldn't. Darn baby. This is a bad quagmire man. It turns out that Maryann the imposter took over this leader's role after she was killed in 1941. Maryann had no intension of aiding the NAZI's until Anna's babysitter named Mrs. Sinclair [Marion Bailey] threatened to harm MaryAnn's little girl unless she started stealing UK intelligence from her husband Max. We are never told this directly from the sinister nanny but we can connect the dots very easily. Max takes his imposter wife to a local pub where he orders her to play the French Natl. Anthem on piano in private. She can't play a lick of piano. Paul told Max that the Maryann he knew played this song in front of SS officers shortly after the Germans occupied Paris during the war. Max has a decision to make. Kill his wife or not. We know where this trajectory is going folks. The woman Max loves won't die at his hand today. Instead, Max shoots the devious nanny Mrs. Sinclair, takes out the rest of the German moles that Maryann met or had interactions with, drives to the Air Force base with his wife & daughter; starts up the engines on a large plane to flee England; Frank his boss parks his car in front of 1 of the propellers preventing Max's ability to take off. And then Maryann made the greatest sacrifice of all...It's raining outside. She grabs Max's gun out of the glove box. Don't worry, the baby is safely lying on the driver's seat. Maryann puts her red hood up, opens the door, tells Max who is arguing with Frank at the moment that she loves him in French; a tear slides down her cheek; she puts the pistol under her chin & squeezes the trigger. Holy bleep! I gotta say I didn't see that one coming. An arrest sure. Self sacrifice nope. The film ends with a voice of MaryAnn writing a letter to Anna on the eve of this Greek tragedy demise. Max does purchase his horse ranch after the war too & we get to see glimpses of Anna as a 18 yr old woman chilling with her daddy. Nice. I really enjoyed Allied because it confirmed that it is possible to lie, fall in love, & make the greatest sacrifice for the man & child you revere dearly. Also, I can't criticize Max either. War & love makes you do things that defy logic. It just does & when bonds get created--You do anything to preserve, prolong, & protect them regardless of the consequences. The look & ambiance of this film was tremendous with the vintage cars, clothes, & guns. Plus, we need to see in cinema that casualties & scars come in many forms that can't always be erased from existence or the human heart. The French Natl. Anthem on piano. The failure to play this song blew Maryann's cover forever.
  14. That was really sweet, thank you
  15. Preparing Indiana History items while I follow the game
  16. Wow Id say he is
  17. Today
  18. Lol Cards don't start till 10.00 , past my bedtime especially when I gotta get up at 5am . It will liven up on weekend.
  19. I can't make an honest eval of the team right now. Can only go with the guys who were on the team last year. Too many new faces that could vault up in the mix. I have a lot of optimism for some of these new faces like Simon, Hankins, Hooker, Wilson. Guys whom i think will elevate their play like, Dorsett, Good, Clark, Anderson, Green. Top tier from last year, Luck, Hilton, Davis, Kelly, Mewhort.
  20. I'll believe we have a pass rush when I see it. I don't think it could be much worse than last year.... but that doesn't leave me very optimistic.
  21. Point of the thread is clearly to say he is an acceptable depth corner.
  22. Intro: Ryan Grigson, the Indianapolis Colts’ general manager from 2012 through 2016, has been hired by the Cleveland Browns as a Senior Personnel Executive, the team announced today. View the full article
  23. Go get em AR
  24. I want the 7 step dropsbacks upped from around 40% to 80% this year, nothing but pure runs up the middle. I say they utilize screens on 0.0005% of plays and make sure to have Luck NOT look for the dumpoffs or under routes. You also have to make sure to isolate Swoope 1 on 1 against dominate edge rushers with no help from anyone else, especially when they go up against Clowney. Pure domination!
  25. What do you think of Purdue's Caleb Swanigan...? .....only 6-foot-8 but strong on the boards..not a bad shooter ....should be available mid 1st round
  26. I'm here. Been very busy. Mets up 5-3 in the 5th. Please vote for Michael Conforto for the All Star Game. He is having a tremendous year for the Mets. He is hitting .344 with 13 HRs, 32 RBI.
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