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  2. As you can see I don't post stuff often, I usually talk with my Facebook sports group but wanted to hear from the colts fanbase (So I guess sorry for wanting peoples opinion). if you don't want to talk about it then don't no one is making you stay on the thread.
  3. Wow, Boston really wants to go all in. Not sure it's enough to beat GSW but it's still a pretty stacked team. This pretty much confirms the fact that Lebron is leaving after the season is over.
  4. Ugh the robot talk on this board. He didn't start 16 games last year? Of course not when he was hurt. He won the job against a rookie last year and not this year? Wow so much has changed. I mean come on lol! Anyway this hasn't been the camp of a team who has had a starting quarterback no matter what. Not that that's how it necessarily should be, but that's what they're selling. They do have a new coach so I guess nobody's job was safe on day 1 but it's almost week 1.
  5. Wow. Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn Sources: Boston, Cleveland nearing deal on Kyrie Irving, but details still working to completion. Isaiah Thomas, Crowder, pick(s) in talks.
  6. You make some valid points about him not having a losing season, but not having a losing season isn't good enough in my opinion. We brought in a defensive coach who could finally give us a good defense so we could finally not rely on the arm of our quarterback, which was the reason we only have 1 Super Bowl win with manning and the reason why Aaron Rodgers only has one Super Bowl win and I think if we don't have a losing season this year it's gonna be because Luck comes back and saves the season, otherwise I see us below 500
  7. Irsay is no rookie owner. Just because he don't share your opinion does not make him wrong.
  8. You started a thread that has been talked to death. Where have you been? This subject has been known to hijack and derail threads. What makes this one any different?
  9. Without Luck we are 5-11 to 6-10 at best fact I have no faith in Pagano none he hasn't shown me anything the last two seasons that tells me he can turn this team around and get it headed back in the right direction.
  10. This might be the most correct thing said in this thread.
  11. I agree. IMO he wouldn't even have a radio show if he didn't have connections with Bobby Knight.
  12. Well of course not but its also time for Irsay to wake up and see that this man is not the future of this team and cannot get us over the hump. In Pagano I mean.
  13. I started this thread because I wanted to know how others felt about how he handled himself with this last press, I don't think I have made a statement that cannot be backed up and I have not over exaggerated. If you are gonna join the conversation please add something with substance instead of personal attacks against someone who just wants to hear what others think about a teams coach.
  14. You are correct sir! About Reggie, anyway. TY had another year.
  15. Here is mine... @Rams - Loss Cardinals - Loss Browns - Win @Seahawks - Loss 49ers - Win @Titans - Loss Jaguars - Win @Bengals - Loss @Texans - Loss Steelers - Loss Titans - Win @Jaguars - Loss @Bills - Win Broncos - Win @Ravens - Loss Texans - Loss Colts finish at 6-10 and a top 8 pick in the 2018 draft.
  16. That may be, but he has acquired some linemen. Can't fault the guy for a player getting injured.
  17. What on earth are you basing that on? You don't know the man, and certainty aren't part of his medical staff.
  18. So why worry?
  19. He actually looks good carrying the ball between the tackles. Really loved what he did on Saturday. Love the step he put on the MIKE here with minimal room to work with. Very excited about this kid!
  20. I don't think even bad drafters do that (which Grigs certainly was). Given the amount of control you get out of a wouldn't make sense. But it doesn't really matter because those other positions (S, ILB DT) were long-term needs as well. I think good drafters draft for a combo of value/talent (however you want to define it). If a top talent falls, he becomes a great value, which makes him desirable even if he doesn't fit an immediate need. If the talent level is similar across two players, the player that fits an immediate need and can have an immediate impact becomes the better value. You also have positional value to consider. A good starting 3-4 DE is worth more than a good starting C for example...because of the surplus value in a rookie contract (think having Wilkerson and signing a C vs. having Kelly and trying to get a DE in FA). But Dorsett didn't really fit into any of those categories. He wasn't demonstrably more talented than other guys available and he didn't fill an immediate long-term need for a Super Bowl contending team. And given that he was going to be the WR3 (and not WR1 or even WR2) on this team, his positional value was low because he wasn't going to give you much surplus value (WR3 production is readily available in FA and the later rounds of a draft). The Colts were going to extend Hilton and Moncrief was being groomed to be the WR2. They also had two TEs and Andre Johnson for at least one more year. Dorsett was just never going to give them the production of a 1st round pick.
  21. Why would they do that?
  22. I disagree. I think the AFC South has moved past the AFC East and the NFC West.
  23. I think it makes sense. Lynch was a rookie last year. Siemian played OK last year, but not so much that he should have been given the reigns. Lynch could get the nod at some point this season if the team struggles. Denver could come out looking good if Siemian is successful. Lynch has some decent trade value.
  24. like to see him ready by playoffs...... oh wait
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