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  2. Keep the pick or trade down?

    Your sarcasm detector is in need of repair
  3. Keep the pick or trade down?

    The fans anymore just kill me. Talking about the draft after 6 games. We don't know where we are going to pick, we don't know who is gonna be there, we don't know what trades are available. I feel like we need have some kind of idea of what out options are to have a meaningful conversation about it. We have a young team that is gonna improve over time and we still aren't sure if this is gonna be another 8-8 type of season or a 5-11 type of season, and those 3 wins could be the difference between picking 6 and 15, which are totally different situations. If we had 6 i would be willing to trade down as long as we are still picking in the front half of the first round. But if we have 15, I would rather stay put. I think it's important the Colts target blue chip talent.
  4. Notes On The Colts Choking

    Remember them early days when we'd never lose back to back games with Chuck? LOOOONG GONE are those days. IMO he's a guy in the real world who does his job, but isn't really great at it.
  5. Keep the pick or trade down?

    Why is that "pretty awesome"?? With all our needs, why would anyone want the team to spend a high number one on a WR? I think that would be a disaster.......
  6. Keep the pick or trade down?

    Arden Key isn't even wrecking games in college. Not sure why you're so convinced he'll be doing it in the NFL. He's got to show a lot more. He's not Miles Garrett.
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  8. Notes On The Colts Choking

    So, was Pagano a tough minded coach when we were winning but suddenly he's a weak minded coach? You think the changes the last 3 years have nothing to with personnel? I don't understand this line of thinking at all. But, in the grand scheme of things, I don't think it matters much whether we agree or agree to disagree..... because I think we both believe that Pags will not be the coach next year. I'm not saying it's a 100 percent lock, I think it's too early to make that kind of prediction..... but we'd have to see dramatic improvement over the next 10 games and I don't think most people here see that happening. So, there will likely be a new leader in 2018..... the only question appears to be..... who?
  9. Keep the pick or trade down?

    We are a long ways a way from this but as unpopular as it would be the Colts do need another WR and with Moncrief a free agent there is no promise he will be back or the Colts will want him back. We saw with Marvin and Reggie there are far worse things than having two stud WRs.
  10. Had to find my Happy Place tonight 

  11. Fournette

    Damnit hopefully they can beat us without him
  12. Kaepernick Files A Grievance Against The NFL

    He should be filing a lawsuit against his girlfriend. He was almost a Raven, until she opened her mouth and the racism belched out.
  13. Prior to last night, I thought the Suns would just barely miss the playoffs with all that talent. I didnt account for just how terrible their coach is. It's almost not fair with Tank Commander Earl Watson leading the way. No way we get Lakers picks now, looks like the Celtics will have the Laker's picks. I had low expectations for the two New York teams and they still managed to under perform. Without Hayward, I think Wall and his Wizards are now the second best team in the East. A lot of people on this board are sleeping on the Spurs. Theyre still the second best in the West. Looking forward to seeing the Sixers play Boston tomorrow night and the Lebron vs Greek Freak match up this weekend
  14. Notes On The Colts Choking

    That or it was somewhat fools gold. The Colts won a lot of close games early in Pagano’s years where things just broke their way. Let’s also not forget he pretty much dumped his whole coaching staff and the last two years it’s been new guys. With that said talking about this team and what has been the disturbing trend the last couple of years this team has trouble closing and that still points to a weak minded team which falls on the head coach. I am not the only who has said this. Bob kravitz called them the weakest minded Colts team he’s seen in a long time during the 49ers game. It’s also not just that they can’t finish but how they blow it. They do it by self destructing with turnovers, penalties, and other miscues like drops. All that goes on the head coach because it’s his job go get his team to focus to avoid those things. It supports my arguement that the Colts are not a disciplined team which falls on Pagano. They don’t do the little things you need to do to win the fourth quarter of a NFL football game and it’s the head coach’s job to get them to do those things. I am not a blame Pagano for everything guy. In fact I’ve defended him many times when I think he deserves it. However I think there is direct correlation to the Colts being a weak minded team in the fourth quarter and the head coach. Maybe it hasnt always been a problem over Pagano’s tenure here but it has been the last couple of years. Why is that? Like I said before the whole coaching staff was pretty much turned over the last two years maybe that’s some of it. I also think losing clear leaders like Redding and Wayne hurt it. The Colts haven’t developed their younger guys to replace them and it’s not just in performance on the field but in terms of the leadership you need to close out football games. You can’t tell me Pagano had nothing to do with that because that’s his biggest job to develop players.
  15. Keep the pick or trade down?

    Midseason at 2-6, what now? I say get rid of Pagano and his staff at this point, give the new HC time to develop this team for 2018 and the future.
  16. A Statistical look at the Colts

    Its more than plausible. But it doesnt mean that the offense isnt doing their part. Regardless of the team, all 3 phases of the game are connected. Its a completely cyclical arguement, as they all help each other succeed. They get the stops on defense in part because they are fresh, giving the offense more chances with the ball. The offense has more chances with the ball and long sustained drives keep the defense off the field, keeping the defense fresh. Either way it takes both sides (and special teams) doing their job to keep it running smoothly. You can see the issue with our team. The offense does well in the 1st half, and the defense looks good. Then the offense falters in the 3rd quarter and by the 4th our defense is gassed. Our defense looks worse on paper than it has been playing. For the first time in a long time I can say that the defense isnt the issue. They arent perfect and still need some work, but they have been holding up their end for the most part.
  17. What a game!!!! The calls towards the end will be discussed all week but the only wrong 1 was the Crabtree OPI. Yeah he pushed off...with 3 fingers and LeBron couldn't have done a bigger flop. Anyway the Raiders went on to score. The other calls before the TD were correct. There were missed calls earlier but they went both ways and the Chiefs got 1 TD off of a deflection so the Raiders got a clean win.

  18. Notes On The Colts Choking

    2015 Poor QB play. 2016 Terrible defense, old and slow 2017 Very young team. They're learning on the job. I'm not arguing to keep Pagano. I'm ready to move on. I'm only saying there are circumstances why a coach that knew success his first 3 years has had much less success his last 3 years. Sean Peyton is a very good coach, but his last 3 years were 7-9, 7-9, and 7-9. He didn't get stupid. There were a lot of personnel problems. Now his team is better. He didn't go from smart, to dumb, and now back to smart again. There are circumstances.
  19. Notes On The Colts Choking

    You asked about one other thing and I failed to address it. And that's Pagano getting hired after he leaves the Colts. I don't see it happening, but I suppose it might. In Jan of 2016, when the rumor was Pags would be fired, we were all surprised that he got re-signed to a new 4-year deal. reported that Irsay was close to firing Pagano but a number of owners told Irsay that if he did that, they were ready to offer Pags their HC spot. That they thought he was a good coach. So Irsay had a change of heart. In Jan of 2016, I think an owner could stand before the media and tell fans that they have hired a HC whose 4-years at Indy were 11-5, 11-5, 11-5, going one round further each year in the playoffs and then going 8-8 in 2015 without Andrew Luck for 9 games. I think an owner could've easily sold that. But now, if we fire Pags as I expect we will, I don't see an owner willing to stand up to introduce Pagano, whose last 3-years are 8-8, 8-8 and whatever we do this year... maybe 5-11, or at best, 6-10. I don't think that sells. Right or wrong, fair or unfair, I think that's the reality. The circumstances are very different. Pags has said Indy would be his last coaching job. I don't know if he meant it, or if he meant last HC job, or even if he'd accept being a DC or just a position coach? Don't know. But, he's got two more years on his contract and suspect he's set financially. I don't see him doing media the way some former coaches so, that's not Chuck. But I suspect his retirement would be very, very comfortable! (We should all be so lucky)
  20. ALL MLB 2017 Cubs Repeat ?

    Had we lost to a team that wasn't better that would bother me but the Dodgers have been the best team all season.
  21. ALL MLB 2017 Cubs Repeat ?

    We have nothing to be ashamed of, we got beat by a better team. So it isnt a choke and like I posted the other night we were out of gas being in 3 straight NLCS's and a WS. Jake saved us from getting swept. Dodgers loaded up and even picked up Darvish. They are a hungry team.
  22. Keep the pick or trade down?

    Yeah I just heard. Sucks. He's quite good. McGlinchey from ND is nice too. Wonder if Ballard is willing to invest a first on the Oline to protect Luck, in the expense of the defense. Still lots a time. We'll see.
  23. Notes On The Colts Choking

    I see both. I see some good talent (or at least more talent than last year) and good coaching/game plan in the first half. Then the 2nd half rolls around and the coaches can't make any adjustments (or any that work), don't play guys that have shown they can help the team. Not putting guys in a position to where they can succeed. Play calling goes to crap in the 2nd half. Basically doing the same things that has not worked week after week after well you get my drift
  24. And why is it an imature, sophomoric and sensational piece? Why is this much different from when counts down the top-100 players each year. It's the players opinions..... I suspect you don't like it because they're down on Luck. I don't see the big deal one way or the other....
  25. Draft pick 2018?

    Do the sky have to actually fall before some of you realize that everything is Not gonna be ok? Have you not been watching this year?
  26. Notes On The Colts Choking

    Who is the leader in the locker room right now? Those guys need to speak up. If you are good enough to lead virtually every game at halftime and also be in several overtime games, then it's not a talent problem, imo. On the field leadership. Who is our Robert Mathis out there? I might make Simon a captain. That guy is bringing it.
  27. Heck of a season, Cubs are a better team then they showed this series.....but all good things must come to an end. Still proud of my team and will be a Cubs fan for life. Interested to see what happens this off season, Epstiens got his work cut out for him. Getting a kick out out of all the shade being thrown at my Cubbies online, especially by those who's team didn't even make the playoffs oh well......
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