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  2. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    If you feel so strongly about it, you should just dig into your vast financial resources and make him an offer. I think you'll have to come up with more than some loose change and pocket lint, however.
  3. Long time ago re: Jim. And to your point about "two people," there are far more than 2 guys, in the long history of the NFL, and even in the recent history of the NFL, that progressed from ST to Head Coach. Same with the college ranks. I was just trying to use a few examples that included big-time names that everyone is very familiar with, if that makes sense.
  4. First off, where did I hate on McDaniels? I'm actually positive I endorsed him in another post, citing how Belichick (Browns) and Carroll (Jets, Patriots) didn't have great first head coaching outings. Guys get experience and oftentimes come back much better as a result. Second, you didn't address my other example, John.
  5. Good game last night I'm going to the game tonight hoping we can't get the win this time we were so close last game against the C's
  6. The First Down Measuremnt In The Dallas-Raiders Game

    This is the first time i've seen this is over 30 years of watching football. It will probably be another 30 before we see it again. marking the ball is a "rough estimate" anyway. the measurement really isnt the issue, the marking of the ball is. thete is technology thatcould eleviate this. We've seen it demonstrated in baseball. But this could make the game sterile. Human error is a part of the game untill they add gps or sensors to the ball and field.
  7. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    No he doesn't, Jim is a Great owner.
  8. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Oh yeah when Luck comes back next year with a better team and Coach, we will be saying Jacksonville who? We will be back next season and ready to roll with #12 and a better line.
  9. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Maybe u should step down as a Colt fan. Jim is the biggest Colt fan of us all. Thank god he doesn't give up on this team like so many of you have. I, personally, dont want anyone else as owner. Its funny how quickly people forget our recent success of more than a decade.
  10. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    i know, i think its hilarious how we fans sometimes think we know more than owners, GMs, and coaches. i dont know who i would want as coach, OC, etc. there are pluses and minuses for most. I have been impressed with what Ballard has done so far. The fact that these players have stuck together and fought , imo, shows the culture post-grigs is changing. It will be very interesting to see just what happens after the season. These 1000s of "fans" (if we can call them that) that will stop watching the Colts are the same ones who jumped on the wagon when Peyton came on board and will be the first ones begging to get back in in a year or two. Good riddance, and we should direct them to the Jags forum since that is the flavor of the day. These "fans" obviously werent around in the lean years pre-Manning. this year has been disappointing but its still better than being a fan of any of the other 31 teams, imo.
  11. Ross Travis

    My comment about Travis' tattoo was more along the line of sarcasm. I'm not sure what he thought I meant? Maybe he thinks I thought we should keep Travis around solely because of his tattoo? Who knows..
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  13. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Jim needs to step down as Owner already..
  14. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Only reason why I posted that is, I wanted to give this forum a feeling on how 1000's of people feel around Indy. I honestly could give a rats booty how anyone feels anymore because many think Luck is done. That to me is pure stupidity. When Luck starts next September I cant wait and see how those people feel that say he is done.
  15. Review of Ballard's first year

    You're not a very fast reader then....thanks anyways
  16. Review of Ballard's first year

    I tried, but i didnt have 30 minutes to read the post. sorry
  17. New England (-3) at Pittsburgh (12-17-17)

    Why question her?
  18. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Well that settles it then, he works for FedEx and talks to 1000s of people who dont know what they are talking about either. The greeter at Walmart said we should keep Pagano and the greeter talks to 1500 people so i guess he knows more than the FedEx guy. call Irsay, maybe he can fire Ballard this week and hire one our "friends" as GM so we hire a "real" and acceptable coach to the fanbase. after all, its much better to talk to 1000s of fans like us than to actually work in the league and truly understand what they are doing or talking about. At least he's not a UPS guy, they dont talk to nearly as many people. the best cure for unhappy fans is winning. And i'll put my money on Ballard, not "some guy" who's a package pusher. Sheesh
  19. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Way to go out on a limb Roto(Rooter)world. now that is journalism at its finest. i see you figured out how to copy and paste a story. There might just be an emmy or something for this "scoop".
  20. Lets take a peak now that the season is basically over at Ballard's moves in his 1st year as GM and how they look. FA: Lets start with his biggest move in free agency, Jonathan Hankins signed a 3yr 30 million dollar deal and while his stats might not show it (43 tackles and 2 sacks) he's been a great addition to the front 7. He's done a great job of stuffing the run and getting a good push against the pass, and at only 25 there shouldn't be any decline going forward. Next was Jabaal Sheard he signed for 3yr and 25.5 million dollars. On the season Sheard has 5.5 sacks and has been the Colts best pass rusher on the season. PFF currently has him as the #10 edge defender in 2017. He has definitely been worth every penny and has been a A+ signing. John Simon was snagged away from the Texans he got a 3 yrs 13.5 million deal to be the other OLB in our 3-4. After starting off the season strong 3 sacks and a pick in 6 games he hurt his shoulder and after trying work his way back in week 12 and 13 he was put on IR for the year. Simon's shoulder shouldn't need surgery so he should be good to go by next year and hopefully he's able to play like he was before the injury. Al Woods was another good find by Ballard, his stats don't do him justice but he's another big body that has stuffed the run very well at both NT and DE earning a 84 ratting on PFF. He signed a 2yr 4 million dollar deal and if he plays like this next year Ballard will need to look at bringing him back. He also signed Barkevious Mingo and Margus Hunt to cheap 1 year deals both have provided solid depth and ST play and should be brought back at a similar price if possible. Ballard did a very good job with the pieces that he brought in on D and hopefully he can build on it in the coming months. On offence Ballard didn't do a whole lot through free agency with Kamar Aiken being the biggest addition and he's been a major disappointment. The offence will likely see more attention this off-season with a new RB, a 2nd WR and some OL help needed. Draft: In round 1 the Colts went with Malik Hooker the rangy FS from Ohio State 15th overall and most pundits and fans thought they got a steal and gave them an A grade. Unfortunately his rookie year came to an end after only 7 games, he was able to notch 3 INTs and showed off why during the lead up to the draft he was compared to Ed Reed. If feel like I say this a lot but, if he's able to come back healthy next year he should fit right in as the starting FS for the foreseeable future. Round 2 brought the Colts Quincy Wilson CB out of Florida. Wilson has had a up and down rookie year, after playing the first two games of the year and looking pretty good against Arizona Wilson was banged up and missed some time. Once he was healthy though he was still a healthy scratch for multiple games, the reason Pagano told the media when questioned about it was he hadn't shown enough in practice and on ST to be dressed. He plays well when he gets a chance so I don't know why he's in Chuck's doghouse. Now that seemingly every other CB on the team is hurt Wilson has played the last two games and looked decent, he's had his rookie moments but for the most part has played good. If he can build off that in the last 2 games and into next season I feel good about Wilson being at least a #2 CB. Tarell Basham was the 3rd pick by the Colts No.80 overall, coming from a smaller school and mostly playing with his hand in the dirt at Ohio the transition has been a slower one for Basham. At the begging of the season Basham struggled to get snaps and didn't make much of an impact. Since Simon has been placed on IR he has gotten more snaps and notched his 2nd sack of the season against Jacksonville. Unless he shows off to finish the season the Colts can't count on him being anything more than depth on the edge, he's also still young and pass rushers typically take longer to develop. In the 4th round the Colts picked up a trio of players Zach Banner, Marlon Mack and . Banner was cut before the season started so that's a whiff. The giants from USC just couldn't make the transition to the NFL his feet were too slow and he couldn't protect the QB. Think about this Banner couldn't even make it as a backup on one of if not the worst OL in the league, it was a brutal pick. Marlon Mack however was a very nice pickup for Indy. Gore has still been the main back for the Colts this season, but his time is quickly coming to an end. While Mack hasn't shown that he can carry the load he has brought something to Indy that they haven't had in a while, someone who can break a big run. On the year Mack has averaged just under 4 y/a which with this OL ain't to shabby. Next season Mack will probably see an expanded role and if paired with another bigger back he could be part of a nice tandem. With the very next pick in the draft Ballard picked Grover Stewart out of Albany State. The jump in competition from Albany State to the NFL has made the Colts be patient with Stewart since he has every tool you could want for a 3-4 DE. lists him as 6'4 334lbs and his arms measured over 33". Most knew his first year would more or less be a red-shirt year for Stewart, but he has played more recently and shown some promise. If he's able to have a good off-season and put in work he could be a monster for the Colts at the point of attack. The last two picks of the Colts draft came in the 5th round. First the Colts selected Nate Hairston CB out of Temple and 3 picks later Anthony Walker Jr LB from Northwester. Hairston value wise is probably Ballard's best pick of the draft, he's played in 12 games so far and has been the Colts nickle CB all season. Hairston doesn't have the ideal size like Wilson but he's not a small CB, listed at 6-0 195lbs, and has quicker hips to match-up with inside receivers. On the year Hairston has 2 sacks, 1 INT and 5 PDs he's had mental lapses that have lead to big plays but most rookies do, if he's able to clean up those plays he'll be a good nickle CB for Indy. Walker Jr was a highly productive LB at Northwestern 1st&2nd team All Big Ten in 2015 and 2016, but showed he wasn't the best athlete at the combine and predraft workouts. Many scouts noticed he had packed on a lot of muscle and seemed to be stiffer in 2016 as the year before and said if he could shed some pounds and regain some of his quickness he could be a steal. So far he has spent most of the season practicing but only dressing in 8 games and only playing 8 snaps on ST. Against the Broncos he was able to get some snaps with the D and showed looked alright in limited time. next season he'll come into camp as competition for depth and if he makes a leap even a starting ILB spot. He hasn't played enough to really make any kind of assessment of his play but I liked the pick at the time and I still believe it will pan out. Trades: During the draft Ballard did some moving up and down with trades only involving picks but I'm not going to touch on those. The two trades I will focus on are the ones made with the Patriots where we shipped Allen and Dorsett to Boston. First was Allen he was traded along with a 2018 6th rounder for the 4th round pick that ended up being Banner. Just the trade itself without knowing we'd waste the pick on Banner was great for the Colts Allen was injury prone, expensive and was passed by Doyle last year. Even though Banner ended up being useless, Allen in New England hasn't exactly been tearing it up he has 8 catches and 60 yards.....and Gronk even missed games and Allen couldn't do %. The next trade with New England was a definite win for Indy Philip Dorsett was traded for Jacoby Brissett. In 2 years with Indy Dorsett managed 753 yards and 3 TDs, he sucked there's no other way to say it, and so far with the Pats he's been even worse. He has a whopping 144 yards in 13 games and the Pats even recently signed Kenny Britt pushing him further down the ladder. Brissett hasn't lit the world on fire with his play but at the bare minimum he has shown he can be a good backup QB. His stats don't look pretty but remember he has a % OL, Hilton and Doyle are the only decent targets and he showed up in week 2 and is trying to learn a new system on the fly. He's also only in his 2nd year and with a more competent coaching staff and team around him he can be a average starter. In my lifetime the Colts have only had someone even resembling that behind their starter once, Old man Hasselbeck for 3 years. Now even though the results haven't shown this year I believe Chris Ballard's 1st season as GM was a success, he's been handicapped by having to keep Pagano, Luck's injury and the brutal roster Grigs left behind.
  21. John Salley won 4 and Robert Horry won 7, come on man. We know that but I am comparing alpha dogs when it comes to Championships. Role players aren't in that equation. If anyone watched Magic play and LeBron play and they think LeBron is better they need their brain checked. Magic was much more clutch and made players around him better more than LeBron has. It's cracks me up how Max and Stephen A just puts LeBron at #2. That is ridiculous, LeBron is awesome/Great but he isn't better than Kobe or Bird even. Top 10 ever - yes LeBron is. Best player over the last 5 years - yes, 2nd of all-time and compared to Jordan - beyond ridiculous. Magic was even better period. I think some these media people need to go back and watch film and see how Magic dominated as a Rookie and won a Championship without Kareem. They need to see how Jordan scored like 50 points in his sleep and won the Championship every year he was in it.
  22. Caught up in a series of scandals where he's written checks to women who used to work for him for sexual harassment and other inapprorpirate behavior, plus writing a check to a former African-American scout who he used a racial slur against, Richardson has announced he's selling the team. This all came to light in the past few days. Think he paid a around $200 Mill when he bought it in the early 90's. Think he will get a nice return on his investment? How about 10 times?! I think it's time for JR to leave.... he's well past his prime....
  23. The First Down Measuremnt In The Dallas-Raiders Game

    You're literally in a tizzy over .2mm vs .1mm? If it's that close, jeez, give it em. There's bigger problems with the nfl than the thickness of paper used to determine a first down. I don't see a problem with it.
  24. New England (-3) at Pittsburgh (12-17-17)

    What's being a woman have to do with it?
  25. You are giving Embid too much credit or Gronk not enough. Gronk has one something and is one of the best TE of his generation if not in the history of the league.
  26. Sources: Luck to throw before possible surgery

    Pennington was never very good? He was a first round pick. The "he was never very good" is because he had a bad shoulder which badly limited his ability to throw. Cook was never Andrew Luck good because he got hurt early in his career. Otherwise, he would've been Andrew Luck good. So says Bill Walsh, whose opinion on such matters I trust. As for Manning.... I think you grossly distort Manning's arm strength. It may have been 1/4 back when the Colts released him and he went to Duke to work with Cutcliffe there.... but he slowly built the strength back up. Not to his original level, and perhaps not even close. But during those first three years at Denver, it was definitely NOT 1/4 of his original strength. Besides, arm strength was never a strength of Peyton's game. You are correct that modern medicine is helping and few, if any, QB's have suffered Luck's injury. But Luck's injury is real. It's not some figment of his immagination as Irsay hinted at. So, perhaps we are in unchartered waters? Perhaps we have an injury that we've never had before. Lots of things have never happenede before --- until they do. And then it's a first. Maybe that's where we are with Andrew. Dunno. What I do know is the first surgery didn't work. The rehab didn't work. The second rehab didn't work. And Luck was desperate enough to go to Europe to save his career. Hopefully it did. But the modern medicine you speak so glowingly of didn't work for Andrew. At least not AMERICAN modern medicine. Right now it may be EUROPEAN modern medicine that saves him. And short of that, Luck has a second surgery. I don't think Chris Ballard is in position yet to write Luck's name in as the Colts 2018 starting QB just yet. And he might not be until late April when he may have to decide whether Luck looks good, or he has to draft his replacement.
  27. Marvin Lewis leaving Cincinatti after this season

    All I know is, there's a lot of teams going to have new head coaches. Question is, how much harder does that make the search IF Pagano is let go?
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