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  2. When all else fails, complain every time you DON'T get fouled. Eventually they'll call a foul for looking at someone.
  3. When they play Frye at center..our center has to follow him to the 3-line and cant protect the rim. much easier for LBJ
  4. It's just too easy for the Cavs. They can get anything they want
  5. This is true, and important to remember. Honestly our biggest weakness was in pass protection, not run blocking. If we were to take an O-Lineman in the first, I'm more concerned about getting a great pass blocker. Haeg, Clark, Good, Kelly, and Mewhort have statistically been excellent in the run blocking department.
  6. we have to get to the basket, they don't.....not good start 35-29 Cavs
  7. Sapp doesn't think Garrett is all that good. Not enough big plays, not enough domination. He makes an interesting argument..... But here's what Sapp doesn't get..... even if everything he says is true, Garrett is still the best player in the draft and a player with an amazingly high ceiling..... That's an argument that's hard to beat....
  8. Lokking at his acquisitions thus far, It's apparent to me Ballard isn't going to put up with being a soft team against the run and listen to the proverbial media heads with their "punch the Colts in the mouth" rhetoric... But you need pass rush and CB's to defend against 11 personnel with the necessary Nickel Sub package (around 60 to 65% of snaps these days at times!) Thus my feelings at this point above.
  9. I do like Glenn Robinson III. Has definitely improved his game
  10. Lance can get any shot he wants...he just cant make 'em Somebody's got to work on his shot in the off-season......he's still got potential he hasn't come close to
  11. Sorry guys, Sundays are terrible, plus have a child under the weather to tend to. Thanks for making the picks. I will see if I can check back for picks 209 and 210.
  12. But he wont./... I dont see Larry firing McMillan. cant fire the coach every year......just not something Bird would do
  13. Cavs run a second defender at PG every time.... .....we need shooters..might be time to try Aaron Brooks
  14. Go Cavs! Just end it already!!
  15. He absolutely could. If he trades PG, then there will be a new coach
  16. Per his request Denver selects WR Stacey Coley Miami @MTC and Tampa are up at 204 Your 2 Hour Window starts at 12:22 Cst and runs to 2:22(1:22 to 3:22 Est)
  17. Cant change coaches again....Larry isn't going to do that
  18. Serafin immediately backs Thompson down and gets the ball on the rim. Myles, for some reason, cant do that
  19. Yes, but maybe not round 1, depending on who is still there... True, I see Barnett taken if he is there, or maybe Lamp to move in at guard.... CB in round 2... ILB will get a draft pick at some point though.
  20. Pacers need a new coach too. If Bird really wanted a fresh start, then he should've gotten a coach not associated with the Vogel Era
  21. we defend as well as the Cavs do...we just have to make shots, like you say Myles isnt really being guarded
  22. we need 20 from him in every playoff game we have no identity otherwise, besides whatever PG does cant defend and dont have enough fire power to keep up with the good teams
  23. I think PG is gone this summer. I think the Pacers trade him. You can't lose him for nothing in return
  24. I could see that. That is why I think he will find himself on the Bills either as a very late draft pick or an UDFA. But he is very talented. Last summer, someone created a new post (thread) here with a CBS Sports "Much Too Early" 2017 Mock Draft. In that mock draft, Kelly was the 2nd or 3rd overall pick. Boy, has he dropped!
  25. This is basically the line of thinking I've had the pass couple days. Yeah we need an immediate starter at CB but the ILB depth really falls off after the big 3. If you don't get one then, you might be really missing out on a chance to get an athletic ILB that we haven't had in forever. Round 2 there's a chance you could get Awuzie or Tankersly who like Conley are also 6'0" press-man corners with 4.4 speed. But the next best ILB at our pick would be McMillan, who I like but isn't in the same tier as the other 3.
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