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  2. Watch Out for a Team on the Rise When a window of opportunity closes, darkness soon follows. That’s why the NFL is said to be cyclical. Most teams go through periods of winning and losing. Some teams, like Detroit, tend to have more darkness than others. When looking for a dynasty, it tends to come from a team that just suffered a dark period. This article is a little bit lengthy, but it is still an interesting read, especially right now during the slow part of the season.
  3. Give him another year. He's played three or four positions in the last four years. Landon Collins was bad his first year, some called him a bust. I agree, he was a stretch at that draft position but hindsight....
  4. It would take 3 SB appearances and at least 2 more wins before we were considered anything remotely respectable to the analysts and media. which I can't say shouldn't be that way. This is the era that the colts will have those multiple SB wins. It is time we join the dynasty's in the NFL. Irsay knows this and I'm sure Ballard does too. Andrew won't be here forever.
  5. Score to note Louisvill(Ky.) Trinity 31-3 6A #1 Carmel
  6. Most long-time Colts fans are used to this time of year. It's just another trip around the same block with stops at Injury Mart and Panic Outlet before we get to go enjoy ourselves on Excitement Strip. This time of year isn't exciting, it's interesting and nerve-wracking. We just have to be patient and hope we have something to be really excited about in a few months.
  7. You are writing this suggestion as if Green is a good football player. He isn't. Another busted Grigson draft pick
  8. It was what I had envisioned as well...time will tell.
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  10. So this has popped into my mind more than a handful of times since we drafted Hooker, even more since Geathers is out. I know he's getting reps at CB and in my opinion it's likely to help out his coverage ability. But why not use the kid where he could likely excel more than as a FS or a CB? Let him run around and thump the daylights out of people. As quick as he is, he can run down a RB around the edge. I believe this would help slow the game down for him and slow us to play to his strengths until Geathers hopefully comes back and he can back up both geathers and hooker and hopefully continue to refine his ball skills. Can you imagain a back field with the 2 incredibly gifted athletes playing to their strengths? Both over 6 foot tall and both likely sub 4.4 guys
  11. Kind of hard to predict anything until we know how much time Luck will or won't miss.
  12. I guess Haeg can try center next. Maybe he can play that one too.
  13. Yeah, I knew our offense would look bad without Luck in preseason, especially with our O-line having some injuries. At the very least I don't expect our run game to look very good at all, it's tough to run behind a lot of these backups and 3rd stringers. But if the first game is anything to go by it should be fun watching our defense. I've never really followed a preseason game more closely than last week, mainly the defense. There are just so many young guys to watch.
  14. Don't take me too literal on posts like that Myles. A lot of things need to change before I put much stock in the Colts ability to win the division this year. Having said that however, the difference between 1st and 3rd last year was a game that our defense gave back to Houston. Since the defense is presumably better this year I don't expect that to happen again. So yes realistically we can win it. Tenn. was 9-7 last year (as you know) and I don't know that they are much better yet, but we will see right. Houston still doesn't have a QB. Watson may be at some point, but he isn't there yet and the other dude doesn't have that much experience either. And..... Jax is still Jax. Did you see them against Tampa (first half) good grief. The division is there for the taking and if we field a healthy team we have as good of a chance as any of the other three. Either way, I am always going to put my team's name in there because I am a fan and want them to win regardless of what my gut tells me. Oh, and I wouldn't put money on any of the four winning it....
  15. I agree, I voted Titans.
  16. I have the same feeling that things could be ugly on the offense as they work through OL and QB issues. I'll be watching for signs of hope on the OL in the preseason, as my biggest doubts are with the OL. Of course preseason wins are meaningless, but you hope to see signs of progress with the weaker areas of the team. I'll also be watching for signs of something special developing on the defensive side. I'm somewhat optimistic that the defensive is going to show significant improvement and may emerge as an exciting unit as the season progresses. My gut feeling is that the defense will be a pleasant surprise this year and we might be asking ourselves 'what might have been' had the offense been healthy early in the season.
  17. Hi, Colts Nation! Our Indianpolis Colts try to rebound from the preseason loss last week, as they are in Arlington, Texas, to play the Dallas Cowboys. Gametime begins after 7:05PM Eastern Standard Time from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. No injuries, try to win preseason game #1, and GO COLTS!!!!!
  18. Really? I think being realistic is OK. I don't think it is out of the realm of possibility that the Colts can win their division, but if I was putting money on it, I'd put it on the Titans. I wouldn't be very confident in it though. I think Houston has a decent shot at winning it too.
  19. I agree we have to tolerate media buffoons pathetic comments it's been going on for years. This team is just as good as any team out there, I was watching TB vs. Jacksonville and I sure am glad I'm not a fan of either of those teams as I would quit watching football. Tonights game won't be fun to watch because we will get killed and the media fools will attack the Colts and heap tons of praise on the cowsucks, a team that in 2015 won what- 4 games I think, and now I hear they go 3 deep on the depth chart at every posistion hahahaha. How can the cowsucks have such a miraculous turn around but the Colts can't?????
  20. Mewhort was an All-American Center coming out of High School.......little more likely a center than Good.
  21. That's why I was discourage about how the Pacers handled trading PG. I think they could have bundled pick and him for a high 1st round pick. It's a bummer, but it is true that a small market team, in a less than desirable region, need to have a top 5 talent in order to attract top free agents.
  22. Zuttah signed with Baltimore He made the Pro Bowl as a Raven last year. There aren't very many options right now. If you have talent chances are you are in camp somewhere. Mangold doesn't really fit Ballard's profile. I'm not sure how interested he'd be knowing he goes to the bench when Kelly returns. He may wait to see if a better opportunity comes along. Ballard was prepared for this he signed a guy who has experience at C this offseason Hopefully Schwenke comes off the PUP list next week. The question then becomes how comfortable are we with who we have behind the starters. Bond has a huge opportunity in front of him. Redmond should see time at G and C. If we aren't happy with what we have there will be options after cuts. I think Ballard could make multiple signings after cuts. The bottom of our roster isn't that talented. We may want to pay attention the Cowboys 3rd team OL.
  23. Lol. I know. I know. GM Sandy Alderson . This guy does not value hitting. He gives up players with value for nothing back. I hope he is . I wish Grandy well. You cannot find a more classy individual. (David Wright would have something to say about that. I miss him too.) Grandy represented the Mets and baseball well. I I would love to see Grandy end his career with a World Series championship. I have never liked the Dodgers (1988 Playoff series ) , but with Grandy on the team, I am rooting for them. I need something to keep me interested in baseball, now that my favorite sport is back.
  24. I equate it to renovating a house: at first, it's a mess, with rubble everywhere. It stinks and the Mrs. is complaining about the dust and debris. But the foundation is made level, walls are built, the new electrical, plumbing and HVAC are installed, walls are painted and finally the shiny new appliances and fixtures are put in their place. As Colts fans, we may have to bare the stings of National analysts and some fellow fans who do not believe there is hope for this year. But this thing could come together, if Luck returns healthy, the Oline and defense gel and the run game takes a leap forward. I'm hoping until there is no longer a reason to hope that the house will be solid and this year will be the start of something special. GO COLTS!!!
  25. That's this teams problem its centered on one guy they need to get rid of Tolzien.
  26. The Indianapolis Colts travel to Dallas to take on the Cowboys tonight in their second preseason matchup. Kickoff is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. EST. Here’s how you can watch/listen to the game: TV: Th... View the full article
  27. Von Miller. He's the best in the game.
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