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  2. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    Not saying you are wrong as i haven't been listening in the past 15 minutes or so but thats not what i heard in the beginning of his show. He said he would be "shocked" if Pagano is coaching this Sunday but i didn't hear him say anything about his sources saying he would not be. It was more of his opinion. But again maybe there was more and i have missed it?
  3. Grades: Week 7 vs Jags

    That is the truth. It sure looked like the offensive line stayed home. Allowing ten sacks is inexcusable.
  4. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    Why would you wait to fire your coach mid-week? That makes very little sense. Not jumping at you but this source that Kravitz has. It would be today and then the new guy gets everything settled and focused on Cincy. Personally if we get blown out against Cincy or just flat out look bad he will be fired going into the bye week, if he is fired during the season. I highly doubt he is!
  5. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    I just don't see Pagano getting fired until the end of the season. Irsay typically waits until the end to let people go.
  6. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    I agree but who knows. He's saying that it wont happen today but that his "sources" say its gonna happen this week. Again, take it with a grain of salt. That said, JMV has been right more times than not he's talking about it as we speak on his radio show
  7. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    He seems beaten down but he is going to remain for at least one more week. I believe he is here the whole year no matter what.
  8. I Believe in Malik Hooker

    Like you would even know what an incompetent training staff was........
  9. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    And there he his, so JMV missed on this one.
  10. Gregg Doyle FTW

    I agree! It is just confusing to me, but I am not coaching this team.
  11. Gregg Doyle FTW

    The little guy we picked up from New England didn't do that bad out there, but no way would I have had Wilson and Desir inactive. Just wouldn't do it.
  12. Fournette

    Not only the Colts if you are looking at his career statistics, but this is only the second time Blake Bortles threw for 300 yards and won the game. Before Week 16 last year, if he threw 300 yards many were in garbage time. However, if the Jaguars needed him to finish the Ravens game, he would have thrown over 300 yards in London (his total was 244). I think he threw a lot more yesterday because Leonard Fournette was out.
  13. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    Ballard absolutely can hire Toub if that's who he feels is the best candidate. I just find it amusing that so many people are clamoring for him when about 99% of them likely had never heard his name before the rumor surfaced after Irsay first interviewed Ballard. And it becomes even more amusing when one or two of those people say that he's the best obvious candidate for the job. lol
  14. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    I didn't say they couldn't, or wouldn't. Harbaugh is the exception, not the rule. I can't think of another head coach that only had special teams coordinator on his resume
  15. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    Yes.. BB was far more well known as a top DC than he was as a ST coach. Not that he wasn't good on ST, just far superior as a DC.
  16. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    What did JOHN Harbaugh demonstrate to make Baltimore think he'd be a good head coach. He had not been a HC or an OC or a DC before. His highest rank was ST coordinator. If Baltimore can hire Harbaugh, why can't the Colts hire JH, assuming that's who CB had in mind....
  17. Fournette only the Colts make Blake Bortles look that good? 300 yards?
  18. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    Would anyone better than Toub take this job? If so, who?
  19. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    Well we will see what happens when the time comes for now more clapping from Pagano
  20. Grades: Week 7 vs Jags

    We play plenty of man, and we get beat when we play man. Melvin is better in zone. Hairston has been very good. Davis hasn't looked that great overall, but I think part of that is the mix of coverages. Butler hasn't been sticky in man coverage in three years. And even if we do stick with man coverage on the outside, what happens to the ILBs? They get torched, routinely.
  21. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    Of course it doesn’t. They were two separate statements. I even tried to signify that with two separated paragraphs
  22. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    Really, is that why so few are head coaches?
  23. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    Belichick didn't go directly from ST coordinator to HC. He spent several years as a defensive positional coach and then Defensive coordinator before ultimately becoming a HC. The only coach I can think of off-hand that went directly from ST coordinator to HC was John Harbaugh.
  24. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    Special teams coordinators work with defense and offense and know how to work with constantly changing players. That is what makes them good head coaching candidates
  25. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    Bad example, Bill Belichick did everything before he became a head coach, including DC for a SB winner.
  26. Rules to hiring a new Head Coach

    Trestman didn't exactly work out for them. They've since moved on, and Trestman's replacement is on the hot seat himself. Maybe they should have hired Toub... I'm not necessarily in his corner, just saying people around the league are intrigued by him. And there's at least one head coach who was a former STs coach, and he has a SB ring. I'm not dismissing Toub because he's 'only a STs coach.'
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