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  2. I agree some mocks have him as the 1st ILB off the board
  3. I’d even argue if one of the two top quarterbacks still available a bidding war may break out between Denver and New York in which we would have leverage to demand to second round picks as New York has two and that trade be truly amazing
  4. Sacks - we're bad at both ends

    Yes.... serious.... jyst like many if the sacks and hits against Luck are on Andrew. Luck holds on to the ball trying to make a play. So does Jacoby, plus he hasn't developed a good feel yet for dealing with pressure. You can only expect an O-line to block for so long before things break down. Luck and Brissett bear some responsibility for their sacks and hits. Just how much is the unknown question?
  5. Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    Just becomes people who look for offense or defense value. and I hope regardless of your passion ether way, that as a Colts fan you will support the front office's decision without being negative please.
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  7. Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    Comes down to this if we don't get a deal to trade down on our no.3 pick Barkley or Chubb is a decent pick period.
  8. JT Barrett is a qb for the East team??? He had a great college career, but its extremely surprising to see him listed on the roster, imo
  9. Sacks - we're bad at both ends

    We spend half of our draft picks 2 years ago on offensive lineman and only one of them is a sure starter. We can’t afford to waste any more picks on maybes. As much as I want Chubb we should just trade back and get Nelson. We have RB Christine Michael on our roster still I believe so we have a rotation if Gore is let go.
  10. Sacks - we're bad at both ends

  11. Sacks - we're bad at both ends

    Draft Chubb @ #3 and get RB/O-line in rounds 2-7 and fill holes through draft as well. With our young secondary who can only go up with a young stud in Chubb pushing the opposing QB off rhythm = division champs again!
  12. Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    This is an interesting draft for us. Having a top 3 pick and not drafting a QB is a rarity for us. Can you imagine the possibilities on draft night? Chubb, Barkley......or boom, Giants take Chubb and we take Rosen. Obviously, it's extremely unlikely and a catastrophic scenario. Can you imagine the firestorm that would follow that? (LOL) Picking late in the 2nd half of the first round, there are a numerous players that the pick could end up being. Picking in the 3 position this year really focuses the pick to only a handful of potential draftees. It's going to be a long 3 months of waiting and debating.
  13. If Edmunds lasts until then, that would be fantastic, but there's a pretty good chance he's going to test very well and he's going to make his way into the first round. That kid is legit, but damn would we hit the lottery with those 2 picks if it were to happen this way.
  14. Sacks - we're bad at both ends

    For the defense and other issues, yes
  15. If we change to a 4-3 from the 3-4?

    I’ve been saying forever the Colts aren’t a real 3-4 team. That’s why I don’t get why people think we’ll have trouble converting.
  16. I like the scenario where the Jets trade up with the Colts to get their QB of the future. I know the draft trade value chart won't completely agree with my assumptions here, but when it comes to trading up to the 3rd overall pick, you pay more. Jets trade pick 6 in round 1; pick 37 in round 2; and pick 72 in round 3. Colts get lucky: Chubb is still there. Rd. 1 pick 6; Bradley Chubb, OLB/DE Rd. 2 pick 36: Tremaine Edmunds, ILB Rd. 2, pick 37: Billy Price, G/C Rd. 3, pick 67: Simmie Cobbs, WR Rd. 3, pick 72: Rashaad Perry, RB This assumes that the Colts pick up several key pieces in free agency. I'd like Norwell at G; Allen Robinson at WR; and hopefully a solid ILB that can cover. Not a bad haul.
  17. Sacks - we're bad at both ends

  18. Should the Colts trade for Bobby Wagner?

    Ok, well thinking on it now, you are right, that was only one comparison, and a bad one to boot. I also agree Vontae was a good trade.
  19. Sacks - we're bad at both ends

    I don't understand this comment. Most definitely we are expecting Basham to improve upon the 2 sacks he had last year. And almost assuredly, he will improve upon that number. And that will help our sack ranking.
  20. If we change to a 4-3 from the 3-4?

    I agree with the above postered need linebackersand pass rushers. The switch doesn’t affect a lot of our team. Basham, Mingo and sheard will move to end. Simon I’m guessing will play one of the OLB spots. The one guy I’m not convinced if he fits is Anderson. He’s the perfect size for a 3-4 end but he lacks the quickness to play 4-3 end and I’m not convinced he has the size to play DT. The guy on our team I think it will help the most is Basham. He was a 4-3 end in college and I never really saw him being able to make the transition to 3-4 OLB.
  21. Sacks - we're bad at both ends

    Maybe get a bobby boucher that can do it all
  22. Sacks - we're bad at both ends

    Positional value is a thing. For the record, I’m assuming Chubb will be similarly graded with Saquon.
  23. Sacks - we're bad at both ends

    the water boys aren't getting them water fast enough so they are all tired and thirsty. I want an elite water boy with pick number 3!!!!
  24. Sacks - we're bad at both ends

    Let's say over the next 3 seasons, a team consecutively drafts for a needed position and each time they forego picking a player with better talent despite the position. After 3 years, they will be a less talented team by anyone's logic. If Chubb is graded as high as Barkley, then no big deal, we get him, but if he's not, then my point stands.
  25. Sacks - we're bad at both ends

    I must have missed where the Colts built a Cowboy-esque OL in the last 5 weeks..
  26. Chubb?

    Who is this?
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