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  2. Yes, at this time of the year any one can go 16 - 0.
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  4. No Paul stays in the conference and the division
  5. wonder what we'd get from Denver. I'd prefer Paul gets out of the conference
  6. Wait! What do you like about it? Just that we dump PG, and avoid Love. I'm not saying that's bad. It's just funny.
  7. Maybe he will give us a hometown discount
  8. Damn! Nice catch. And Turbin is a good one to note! Turbin is now at 216, he's DOWN 9 pounds. That's a lot. He was a 225 RB last year. Gore down 5, Turbin down 9, and Mack comes on board with his speed and wiggle. The OL should be much better as we'll. I'm hopeful this will add up to a much better run game. Thanks again for Turbin!
  9. I'm reading that Teague may be looking for $18 to $20 mil ..and he wont get that from us..not multi years at age 29..with Paul George gone too bad because he wants to play here and he's solid (for about $12- $15 mil)
  10. 230 is a bit small for an NFL ILB 242 is fine
  11. I guess the 'Love problem' is $21 mil a year for 2 more years
  12. If the Celtics sign Gordon Hayward..a trade for Paul would force them to include salaries..... ......Avery Bradley would be the first and Crowder would be next. It could happen and we'd accept it......Bradley and Crowder are only 27.. We'd be competitive
  13. Marc Stein @ESPNSteinLine League sources: Cavs, Pacers and Nuggets have discussed a three-way deal that would land Paul George in Cleveland and Kevin Love in Denver
  14. could we really have Lance play the point? I love Lance...but starting at the point? 30 minutes a game? If Teague wants $20 mil a year, we may see it. But Lance can be crazy with the ball. I dont know.
  15. John MaKay was a character for sure. We didn't tackle well today but we made up for it by not blocking. Emotion is highly over rated in football. My wife Corky is emotional as h**l but can't play football worth a d**n . These are just a couple of his quotes that makes me laugh.
  16. Alot of people wanted Collins tho it's not really hindsight Me I wanted Kendricks tho
  17. Thank you for list. Missing Turbin.
  18. Here sone more omissions I made Hamilton Tiger-Cats WR Brian Tyms Toronto Argonauts DB Cassius Vaughn DL Victor Butler
  19. Tri-State DYK Evansville and the Tri-State has been home to several great Athletes Here are a few Hall of Fames that honor them in the Pocket Greater Evansville Football Hall of Fame: Greater Evansville Baseball Hall of Fame: Greater Evansville Basketball Hall of Fame: National Semi-Pro Baseball Hall of Fame(This HOF is located in Evansville but has inductees from across the country):
  20. I guess it depends on what type of weight he's put on? There's bad weight and good weight. Plus, I think he's more MIKE than WILL, so I'm guessing the team feels like he needs a bit more weight to handle the demands of the position. I'm sure you noticed that Morrison is up about 5-6 pounds too. It may be wishful thinkking on my part, but I think either Morrison or Walker is our MIKE of the future. I just don't know when that future starts. Of course, as of right now, it appears that Bostic is the front runner to be our MIKE of the present.
  21. He graded very good in his college career. All I know.
  22. 7-9 is possible. When I read "losing record" I thought 2-14 or something. Even if the Colts stink they'll be around 8 games. Although not as strong as before, there's still sort of a blessing (curse if you're the other teams) that the Colts have when it comes to the division. They seemingly try to give the Colts games and the Colts manage to take most of them. I don't know how they don't win 8 games as long as Luck's internal body parts don't get lacerated like that year they didn't.
  23. That's not good. He was reportedly too big at times in college, then he comes in even bigger. Some scouts said he should be at 230.
  24. In the back of my mind, I'm viewing this upcoming Caps team as the 2006 Colts. The previous year's was a more talented roster, but couldn't win. The 2006 Colts and 2017 Caps will be less talented than the previous year, but could be a quiet contender for it all now that everyone has written them off
  25. Great college player, smart, fundamentally sound, advanced technique... but, he's under sized, with T-Rex arms. That's a bad combination. Frankly, it was wasted draft pick and Ballard saw it right away. The Rams taking a look is cool, but he's much more likely to fade into the business world than rise in the ranks of the NFL.
  26. I have been predicting the Pat's perfect season for nearly 50 years. No reason to stop now. That said, this looks like a promising campaign. It's just SO HARD to beat 31 teams over 19 games given all the variables of the campaign -- schedule, injuries, weather, luck. I disagree with OP that having four good teams is good for the nfl. Personally, I prefer the 'no best teams' scenario where each Sunday changes the playoff window. I don't think we will see that again until Belichick hangs up his cleats.
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