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  2. Agreed. The only CB I really want in the 1st is Conley. But you're right on pass rushers and elite ILB prospects. They go early.
  3. The sixth round is almost over. We should be done with all 7 rounds by Tuesday.
  4. Teams Garrett has dominated: Lamar Rice Nevada LA-Monroe UT San Antonio In fact, over half of his career sacks came in those 5 games.
  5. So via BPA At 212 Green Bay takes OT J. J. Dielman Utah @WarGhost21 and Pittsburgh are up at 213 Your 2 Hour Window opens at 4:36 Cst and closes at 6:36(5:36 to 7:36 Est)
  6. The last 7 picks of Round 6 BPA
  7. Bpa the rest of the way is fine.
  8. The bigger need right now is CB. Conley is my big want in the first. I would be happy with taking Reddick or Takk though.
  9. Not sure why McGill didn't see the field more.
  10. I think hes wrong, Garrett will be a stud pass rusher IMO.
  11. With Pick 211 Dallas takes via BPA WR Trent Taylor Louisiana Tech @jvan1973 and Green Bay is on the clock Your window opens at 4:18 Cst and per your request it will close at 4:38
  12. Thanks. They have been getting good pitching too. Montgomery pitched well enough to win. Only gave up 2 runs. He hasn't given up more than 4 runs so far this season. Yanks had runners in scoring position in the 8th & 9th innings. (loaded the bases in the 9th) Aided by the Pirates poor fielding but still couldn't push across any more runs. Their only run was a HR from Ellsbury. The Red Sox have been having trouble scoring runs lately too. Should be a typical Yankees/Red Sox series.
  13. CB is a much bigger need than ILB; however, the CB class is much deeper and lots of top CBs will be there in the 2nd. That's why I think we should go LB (if Foster or Reddick are there) in round 1 then CB in round 2.
  14. Via PM by Chad72 With pick 210 Seattle selects RB Elijah Hood North Carolina
  15. Via PM from Chad72 With Pick 209 Washington picks DT Stevie Tuikolavatu USC
  16. That shuttle times say he should move better laterally. I still want to watch him but I like the kid if we don't get a MLB the first 2 days.
  17. With pick 208 Oakland takes via BPA Edge Deatrich Wise Jr. Arkansas
  18. I will take either idc they both are huge needs
  19. Someone that knows that what a player did in high school has zero effect on his nfl draft status
  20. Giants need to start grooming a punter since they cut Josh Brown due to his domestic abuse issues........ so with pick # 207, the Giants select: Austin Rehkow, K/P, Idaho @PrincetonTiger time to work your magic!!!
  21. I like McGill too I thought he would and should have seen more time last season. I am not sure why that didn't happen. It will be interesting to see how playing time looks this year w/Grig's gone.
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