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  3. I would disregard any of those Jim Osborne tweets about Luck getting a second opinion in Ohio. Brad Wells and himself have been the kings of falsified rumors since around the time that Grigson got fired.
  4. Intro: What does Chris Ballard think of the running back position for the Colts? How could things look behind Frank Gore in 2017? View the full article
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  6. Yeah, I get that. And like you said, no alarm bells here, but it is very possible they think, even with his limitations, Tolzien and his knowledge of the offense, is a better option than a Fitzpatrick or some other vet QB on the street.
  7. Just seen that two. Kid best snap out of it or he's gonna blow his chances
  8. @BPindy, @Lucky Colts Fan, @IndyD4U, @Bluefire4, @Btown_Colt, @Coltman51, @chad72 So September 3rd will be our date. Give me a good 2-3 hour block of time that you will be available to conduct the draft and I will finalize it in our settings. Thank you.
  9. Off topic a little but watching Sudden Impact, IMO that was the best of the Dirty Harry's. Reason why I am bringing this up is I just realized Balbricker from Porky's is in it . I have seen this movie at least 10 times and she is the mom of the 2 crooked brothers .
  10. Out of all the sports the NBA seems like it has the most conspiracy theory's. I always thought the NBA wanted Jordan to win his 6th Title to pass Magic. In a way I still do.
  11. For 2018, I guess that's not far fetched
  12. Looking at the total list of upcoming free agents there could be a couple who play their way into being resigned. It would be real nice if Adam Vinatieri became the all time leader in career points and field goals made with the Colts.
  13. Hogan's Heroes or Dick Van * show before that
  14. I really don't see anyone doubting Peyton did more with less. There were times he had some of the best offensive team play in history but yet that wasn't enough to overcome poor play in other phases.
  15. There is something about Lebron James btw that brings out the conspiracies in NBA fans, sad but true. And now that you combine DA BIG BALLER FAMILY it is going to snowball to new heights. Cleveland fans are going to go insane this year unless Lebron guarantees he is staying in Cleveland. But now that it is being floated around. If you could get Lebron/PG to L.A. you could get the cool cheap veteran ring chasers too like how Miami brought in Ray Allen and Bibby. Now Wade can then go and join up in L.A. for this gravy train too on a small deal himself. He only stayed in Chicago this year for the money since next year he is taking a pay cut to join the showtime Lakers. And we could get Lakers/Celtics finals again. See it's all coming together and LaVar knows this and he is being cocky about it since he is keeping it a secret. I am slightly joking about all this btw but then again a new super team is not out of the realm of possibilities. Hell Durant might even dump the Warriors for the Lakers too eventually.
  16. Your sarcasm is better than mine regarding your first paragraph
  17. Yeah it's hard to explain because these dreams seem so real and seem so good, then I wake up and realize I am an old grumpy man that cant fly Talk about a downer.
  18. Cubs now 1.5 back, Cubs win, Brewers lose again. Way to go Pirates!
  19. Glad to know I'm not the only one having a problem with Matheny . Seems Darling and I share some of the same wavelink lol.
  20. I'd say Moncrief over Mewhort. I've already explained why I think the Colts should re-sign Moncrief (shameless plug), but I'd want to see if Mewhort can stay healthy all year long and over that knee injury from last year. If he has and it hasn't affected his play, then I'm all for bringing him back too. I don't anticipate the Colts bringing Davis back unless he has a stellar year. He's starting to get up there in age and we have some young DBs
  21. You make good points. However, I think you proved my point. While Cassel did have a 10 win season in 2010 and a Pro Bowl nod (though I did state why the Pro Bowl nod deserves an asterisk), I don't think anyone is going to call Cassel a Pro Bowl talent. Point being, while Cassel did well for one season in KC, he isn't that good of a QB. His surrounding units made him better. He's a product of the system. As you said, the 2007 Pats were an all-time great team, going 16-0. I've always maintained that the Pats have had more talented/complete teams than the Colts. My point was that Peyton did more with less
  22. I agree, I think Lonzo passes Steph Curry maybe around February or so. It's just a matter of time when. Not if, but when. But this Lakers team really isn't too good. But NEXT year when they get Lebron, PG and a small hoard of cheap ring chasers apparently the league will never be the same again.
  23. I agree. I can see AV kickin' it in his 60's. Mewhort should be . I can see Moncrief having a 1,000 yard and 7 TDs.
  24. You make a compelling case I do admit. One thing I often never think about though is Lebron and his thing with L.A. and how big it "might really be". Is it that big? Maybe it is.........I never studied into it. And I know LaVar Ball already has declared that if Lebron goes to the Lakers then Lonzo will be passing the ball to the best player in the world and it will result in a title etc. Of course if this were to happen they need more FA help then just Lebron/Ingram and Lonzo which you did state with players who could jump on board asap to ride that gravy train. Do I personally see it happening? The Lebron fan in me hopes not........I would prefer he just end it in Cleveland quietly and go out a hero with that historic comeback title they got. The west has way more teams to compete with, but you could argue that only the Warriors are the real obstacle and that eventually GS will lose some super powers as time goes by and IF injuries, age and complacency hit them at all. And a loaded up Lakers team btw would get the ref help. I am sorry but they will. I always know and we all do that the league loves to help out the Lakers. Best point is the relationship between Lebron and Dan Gilbert. It's still icy IMO.........and it has been for some time. What Dan Gilbert said and did and the letter he wrote about Lebron when he left for Miami, that was NO JOKE. Oh man this is hard to mentally grasp, I have not been following Cavs fans much since the finals ended and FA flopped for them. But so many of them are paranoid as hell about Lebron and some are also hoping he don't "vanish" in the ECFs next year to make it easier to leave like in the past. As for Lebron negotiating with Magic too, well that again is something we can't predict but yeah it COULD happen maybe. I can't say it can't. All of this is very mind boggling and we got a full year of Lebron speculation. None of us knows the truth of what may happen but the Lakers thing has been brought up a lot in the national media. I probably would not pull for them either even if they got Lebron which may shock some people. I have a tough time imagining Lebron playing in the western conference but i guess it's good to be semi sorta prepared ahead of time even if I am very hesitant on the idea of him moving his family again. But I do realize for Lebron he has stated before he has other goals in mind too for the future and making loads more money. One thing I did think of, I wonder if one reason LaVar Ball is so arrogant is because maybe he knows next offseason the Lakers are loading up hard?
  25. TV Trivia What TV sitcom was Family Feud Legend Richard Dawson on?
  26. Next up: Jamie Bond
  27. I started following the game in the 8th. Darling and Keith Hernandez were criticizing Matheny for sitting some of his players after the Mets scored 7 runs. In the top of the 8th, the Cards had no pinch hitters on the bench. Wainwright pinch hit and walked. Lol. I agree with you. By sitting his better players, what does that say to Leake? Wouldn't Leake benefit from having Molina behind the plate? Anyway, good luck tomorrow. They have an early game.
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