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  2. Teams That Did & Did Not Show In 2017

    All I have to say is I hope the Raiders lose horrendously and Marshawn Lynche retires.
  3. Winning out

    If we win out I think we make the playoffs. We can hand Balt and Buf losses and take the last playoff spot from them. This is all whimsical though.
  4. Winning out

    The AFC is looking quite weak in general. I see the Pats and Steelers as the only serious contenders. JAX picked a good year to get serious. With some luck they could hit the AFC conference championship game. So yeah we could win out. The conference is in flux. I can't wait till Brady and Big Ben retire. There's a solid chance the AFC south sends two teams to playoffs next year.
  5. Teams That Did & Did Not Show In 2017

    You have to admit Eli beating the Pats twice in the SB is priceless, once when they were 18-0 looking for perfection. Peyton 3-1 vs Brady too in Title Games, man those Manning's saved us from watching the Pats winning 10 SB's possibly. I am just glad Peyton went out on top and got that 2nd Ring as a starter. Getting Ring #2 validates that he is a great winner because only 11 other QB's have won 2 or more SB's as a starter. Anyone can win 1 but getting #2 proves a lot winning wise. Yeah Eli has won 2 as well but Peyton has 5 League MVP's to his 0. So I would take Peyton's career easily over Eli's now because of the 2nd Ring + the League MVP's. I am hoping Ben Roethlisberger doesn't win his 3rd because he isn't near the QB Peyton was, that would be sad if he had more SB wins. Ben is like Eli though = 0 League MVP's. -Only Tom Brady (5), Joe Montana (4), Terry Bradshaw (4), and Troy Aikman (3) have won more SB's than Peyton as a starter. So even if someone wanted to go by just SB Rings, Peyton is still a Top 5 QB of all-time because League MVP's is the tiebreaker amongst the 2 Time winners. League MVP is easily the 2nd best thing to win only behind the SB. Winning League MVP means you were voted as the best player or most valuable by the media in the whole league. I just love how Peyton haters are so butt hurt the way he got #2 because Denver's D carried him in the SB . Peyton still earned #2 though because he played well vs the Pats. Brock would've never beat the Pats on that type of stage. Too much pressure and BB didn't fear him at all. Brock played well in that Reg Season and beat the Pats actually in the Reg Season but in a Title Game it would've never happened.
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  7. National Football Conference

    Different animal = great Playoff record. Flacco has always been solid in the Playoffs. He has also beat the Pats twice in 2009 and 2012, should've beat them in 2011 but his WR dropped a TD late in that Title Game.
  8. Sheldon Richardson

    I've been wanting the Colts to sign this guy for the past two years. I wish.
  9. Winning out

    I can't see us winning six in a row, but will probably end up winning 2-3. I think the Colts will end up 5-11 with a top 10 pick in the Draft.
  10. Falcons cut Jalen Collins

    I wonder what the waiver claim pecking order is. Any idea? If based on current standings, Colts would be pretty high on the list. They might be as high as 4th, so maybe only three teams could make the claim in front of them?
  11. Good Read on Desir

    Great story!
  12. National Football Conference

    Different animal in what way? His problem in the playoffs is he goes to New England.
  13. Quenton Nelson

    Nelson in the first after a trade back and Hernandez in the second and I'd be very happy.
  14. Teams That Did & Did Not Show In 2017

    Eli just passed his brother Peyton (pun not intended) for second on the all-time list. Joe Flacco's consecutive game streak ended with a torn knee ligament two years ago. He's also lucky to not miss more time because of his preseason back injury and a concussion.
  15. Raiders promote John Pagano, Chuck's brother, to DC.

    Aww shucks! I was hopin he would be our new Head Coach, that ruins my plan
  16. RIP Terry Glenn

    At first I read that as Tarik Glenn!
  17. I never knew Chuck had a brother, and he runs a defense no less! Well jeez then, why didn't Chuck reach out to him for a job within the Colts, or was John not interested? We saw the likes or Rex and Rob working on the same team, so I wonder what the Chuck and John separation entails.
  18. 5 Colts who are earning contract extensions

    He's not eligible to extend until after 2018.
  19. Good Read on Desir

    Talent, work ethic, focus and resilience Good stuff.
  20. Good Read on Desir

    It's refreshing to see a family work together and make the things they dream of come together. Kudos go to their parents for their help.
  21. Winning out

    Let me preface this by saying I’m the eternal optimist however let’s look at these last 6 games and see if there are any “sure” losses: 11/26 Titans: fully expect the Colts to win this game. Titans offense isn’t dynamic enough and the colts have been playing much better. Chance of winning 75%. 12/3 Jags; jags d is legit but O is suspect. Last game was an anomaly. Chance of winning 49% 12/10 Bills: Bills are a dumpster fire. What we were earlier this year. Another subpar offense. Chance of winning 60% 12/14 Broncos: see Bills. Broncos are hot garbage. Another bad offense. Chance of winning 85% 12/23 Ravens: there’s a theme here. Ravens offense is not good. Chance of winning 55% 12/30 Texans: Tom Savage. Chance of winning 85% the Colts have flaws no doubt but they definitely seem to be trending the right direction. Don’t really think any team left on the schedule has the capability of blowing us out. Few of the teams are trending downward (Bills, Texans, Broncos). Toughest game left is Jax IMO. Of course what’ll happen is that at 3:30 CST this Sunday, the Titans will walk of the field of Lucas Oil triumphant and this post will be the Scott Tolzien of posts. Watch every game with the hope they win (with the exception of game 16 in 2011 against Jax). I️ cheer every 1st down and positive play the Colts make. Just in my DNA. Cheers!
  22. Former Colts Players We Miss Watching

    Not me, he screwed us because he couldn't do 1 simple thing, recover an Onside Kick. That turned the whole game around, no way we don't score if we get that with that field position. That also would've demoralized the Saints because that would've been a huge fail. Instead they get it, it fires them up and at that point they just match us point for point and end up winning as Peyton couldn't match the last score with INT.
  23. Falcons cut Jalen Collins

    I am sure Ballard has both oars in the water. But there are 30 other teams who may be looking to.
  24. Former Colts Players We Miss Watching

    8 am a bit partial to Ken Dilger since he is a fellow Tri-Stater(He went to the same HS as Jay Cutler)
  25. Former Colts Players We Miss Watching

    I liked HB but he was a college teammate of a former PCHS player of mine at New Mexico
  26. Former Colts Players We Miss Watching

    that guy basically lost us the SB. All he had to do was recover an Onside Kick, Peyton gets it and we go up 17-6. Instead he doesn't get it and we are down 13-10. Turned the whole game around. Teams always did that crap against Peyton because they feared him, it paid off because Baskett was a scrub.
  27. Former Colts Players We Miss Watching

    Hank Baskett.
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