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  2. Colts Are Home Underdog To Browns

    Lord help our Colts
  3. Colts Are Home Underdog To Browns

    one could argue the are both the Browns
  4. Colts Are Home Underdog To Browns

    Colts are easily the worst team in the the nfl, and I don't see the Browns having any trouble beating them at home this year.
  5. Malik hooker's first int

    That's what I saw. They didn't communicate or know there assignments on a lot of the linesups
  6. Browns predictions

    My Prediction: Loss 0-3 Colts going to start 0-5. Luck going to come back and start winning us games and lose that valuable top 5 pick that we could trade for more picks or have picked a great player.
  7. Robert Mathis Hired by Colts

    i would say this was an Irsay approved move, so I'm gonna venture to say Mathis would be kept. Especially if the Colt's continue the increase in sacks/pressures from last week going forward
  8. Frank Gores future

    Needs to sit down and pave the way for Mack. Gore is holding up space, he can stay with the Colts as a running back coach. But I say give Mac a chance to be the full time back.....Gore's 40+ yards per game isn't NFL standards....
  9. Green Bay (+3) at Atlanta (8-17-17)

    8-8 isn't a losing season either. Do you understand math?
  10. Chuck Pagano Press Conference

    Horse dung. All you have to do is look at the history of head coaches hired and fired and Chuck would get another job if he wanted. Did Belichick tarnish himself when he coached for the Browns?
  11. That time Lawrence Taylor single handedly won a game

    Crank is simply a street name for meth
  12. Hilton and Moncrief

    Also due to the fact that Brady was throwing when the game was way out of reach. Classy organization! When the game was still in doubt Dorsett wasn't even on the field.
  13. That time Lawrence Taylor single handedly won a game

    Crank is cheaper and is cut with a substance like baking powder and is a powder. Meth is much purer and comes out in a crystal form. The adulterants are left behind and that is what crank is made from.
  14. Browns predictions

  15. Today
  16. That time Lawrence Taylor single handedly won a game

    Crank is one of the many street names for meth
  17. Say What You Want

    Remind me, who was under center that year?
  18. Browns predictions

    If someone had told me that this would be a quote said about the Colts facing the Browns... I'd have just hibernated for winter....
  19. Hilton and Moncrief

    TY hasn't looked right this season the fumble week 1. AC has been bad, Mewhort had the penalty 1st & G at the 7 when a TD really puts us in good shape. Gore same drive couple of plays later the ball hits him in the face mask. That's 4 guys on O that shouldn't be part of the problem making mental errors. The O let us down cost us a W and it wasn't the QB. I wander if Luck not playing and Tolzien being the QB out of camp didn't have some impact for their hopes this season. I don't think many expected Brissett to bring it like that. Ballard himself said you can't fool the players everyone in the locker room knows who should/shouldn't be there. Moncrief on the other hand is starting to look like a guy who never plays up to his ability. Let's hope not the season is young.
  20. Chuck Pagano Press Conference

    I don't think he said he would be ready week one. All I remember him saying is he hoped he would be ready.
  21. Say What You Want

    Losing the game was not impressive and I'm not happy about it. The penalties and adjustments are on the coach's. I have come to terms with the fact that our coaching staff in sub par to suddenly expect that to change is only going to cause frustration. They are not tactical in game coach's nor are they going to give us a disciplined team. If we miss the plays by a game this year here it is. Last year it was the Texans. The self discipline is totally frustrating to me. That's the first thing I teach a team the difference between losing and getting beat. I refuse to be part of a team that loses especially one that shoots itself with by dumb penalties. We may not win every game but we won't lose because of penalties or lack of effort. The false starts, off sides, to many men in the huddle. etc I don't tolerate from my Pop Warner team. I will have them doing up downs until they can't move. It's beyond frustrating to see it from professionals. It's not going to end this season because it's tolerated by the coach's. The in game adjustments don't expect much there. I expect that to be corrected this off season by Ballard. The most frustrating thing for me week 1 is we never had a shot. Our new GM strapped us with a QB that had no business starting. He was outplayed by an UDFA two seasons in a row. This after preaching competition and the players know blah blah blah We start a guy who had played CB for 2 weeks over our draft picks. The non challenge it goes on I'm sure you remember. It was comical and you are right there wasn't .anyway to go but up. I was still impressed with Brissett the kid played a heck of a game. It stunk his big mistake came in overtime. If Gore doesn't get hit in the face with the ball Mewhort doesn't jump then maybe that doesn't happen. We needed 6 those guys made sure we got 3. The young guys in the secondary are talented there's a future there. Simon Woods Hank were very good the entire DL played well. George stepped up. The D played a great game man they had 3 points in the 4th. Haeg is back at RT. I don't think he's a G never have. There was reason for excitement.. There were some things not to be so excited about AC can and has to play better TY and Crief did they know it was Sunday my man JD sure did. There's a light fllickering at the end of the tunnel. I refuse to continue to allow the short comings of our coach's ruin the game for me. I say we lost the game and focus on why we had our first round pick up at the line of scrimmage on the play Nelson catches the long ball. Why is he ever up there and Mathis in coverage. Where were the big nasties on the DL for the big downs? Why did Melvin play the whole game? The coaching decisions are going to be bad if they were better we win the game. Is that a surprise?
  22. Hilton and Moncrief

    Moncrief was interviewed and said he couldn't see the deep pass.... lost it in the lights from above. Said ths is not the first time it's happened.
  23. Hilton and Moncrief

    Perhaps this is one reason we brought in a NEW very highly regarded WR coach this off-season?
  24. Hilton and Moncrief

    I dont think they really care anymore
  25. Chuck Pagano Press Conference

    When will this end
  26. Props to the coaches

    Really We are 0-2 again for the 4 year in a ROW, In a freaking Row
  27. Timeout

    He does't know it like he waiting on a treat
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