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  2. Luck says in Peter King interview that...

    The franchise seem pretty informed to me. Unless you think Irsay and Ballard are liars.You sound quite a negative soul, cheer up.
  3. Our round 2 selection should go to Miami for Landry trade
  4. Anyone else worried?

    That’s not how those teams were built. They were built around a great offense and the point you keep trying to make is that Manning carried Dungy and Polian to the point you said the later cost the Colts playoff wins with no blame on Manning, it’s the old Manning gets all the credit when they win arguement but when they lose it was all Dungy and Polian fault. It doesn’t work that way. It’s not like the Colts were losing playoff games 45 to 44 with Manning, in fact as I just showed the offense regularly under performed in playoff defeats under Manning, He shoulders at least some of the blame and I am sure he would be the first one to tell you that. By the way if the 10 defeats six were decided by a touchdown or less and another was 10 points. So yes many were close games that had the offense performed like they were capable of they would have won. The Colts just spent six years trying to play defense like the Pats and you can argue the Colts are in worse shape now on defense then they ever were under Dungy. There is no system if you run it it’s guaranteed to work, if there was all teams would run it, it’s all about players. If you have the right players any defensive system can work. Still despite their flaws the Colts under Polian, Dungy, and Manning were wildly successful and was the golden era of Colts football. If you told me the Colts could rebuild that for another run I’d take it in a heart beat. Like I said before though I don’t expect them too because you don’t get a Hall of Fame GM, Head Coach, and QB all at the same time very often. If you feel the Colts wasted that then fine that’s your right as I think your seeing many don’t agree with you.
  5. Nelson helps whatever rb we have look like a stud. Perennial pro bowler
  6. Wht havent we heard of McCarron to Cleveland? They wanted him last year. I guess they would still draft a QB, but perhaps not at #1.
  7. Anyone else worried?

    I think Dungy is extremely under valued for what he did here and how he helped Peyton take his game to another level.
  8. Why is everyone saying Barkley will be gone by 3? I could easily see both Cleveland and New York going QB with the first two picks. Both teams desperately need a franchise QB and it would be a huge mistake for them to pass on a QB (Especially NYG since they only have one first round pick) I think Saquon Barkley is more likely to go 4th to Cleveland over being drafted 1 or 2. Cleveland and New York need to pull the trigger while they say because it's very likely the Colts can trade out of that third pick with a QB needy team. I can see it happening.
  9. Anyone else worried?

    Not worried. I am happy with 4-3 again. I wanna see some more sacks lol. We tried to build a bring strong defense with Pagano and Grigs.. it took 6 years and we got pooped on And honestly on offense. I'm just gonna be so happy to see 12 back i won't even complain. Even if we start out slow. At least Andrew luck is back under Kelly
  10. Luck says in Peter King interview that...

    Well some people are optimist and some are pessimist.
  11. Anyone else worried?

    One of Polian’s regrets was that they didn’t get a run stopper in the middle until Booger. Woods and Hankins are better than what we had before with the exception of Booger.
  12. Reggie to be inducted into Ring of Honor

    Yes he made some pretty impressive entrances at Rose Hulman. I was lucky enough to be at a couple of them.
  13. Anyone else worried?

    You mean the era where we had almost no losing seasons and went to the SuperBowl twice? As long as we’re more responsible with the Oline and defense, I’m not worried.
  14. Today
  15. Reggie to be inducted into Ring of Honor

    While you are entitled to your opinion I just have one thought about your opinion--------
  16. Anyone else worried?

    My two cents are this!! I agree with the OP. We had great regular seasons with the old regime, but some shortcomings in the post season. As wonderful as the regular seasons were, we still left some championships on the table. I get where some say became better after Dungy but also you have to credit the QB also in the fact of maturing and putting the work in. I feel Manning with the work ethic he had would have succeeded a lot of that on his own. As far as going back to 43 d and cover 2, I get it. Do not want to see more bend but don't break defenses. It puts to much pressure on the O to score every drive. It may be great exchanging 3 for 7, but it also limits the offenses time of possession. During those glory days our defense put tons of pressure on our offense about every game. Manning did more with fewer possessions than any QB in the league and maybe ever. Do not want to put Luck through that. Just hoping this d is not like the ones we had but one with multiple formations and attacks, rather than wait and tackle. Other than our ends, there was not attack on cover 2.
  17. Anyone else worried?

    Ballard is not Polian and Reich is not Dungy and Luck is not Peyton. That is one reason it isn't the same. 3 reasons actually. Polian liked offense and Ballard likes defense. Dungy knew defense and Reich knows offense. Peyton was not athletic and Luck is extremely athletic. Also, don't forget. The Patriots had a lot to do with blocking our road to the SB. Maybe best coach of all time, schemed against us very well. Legally and illegally. Then there is Bob Sanders. Arguably the Best defensive guy in the league when he was healthy. Pittsburgh couldn't win a SB without Troy P. And we couldn't win without Bob S.
  18. Andrew Norwell

    That is a tall order in today's NFL. When team win the players start to get paid. Other teams want those players and teams can't afford to keep them for years.
  19. Anyone else worried?

    I see both sides of this debate. We had some great years with Peyton but have little hardware to show for it. Yes Polian built some great teams but when you put his teams up against teams that were built to win super bowls they fell short.
  20. Anyone else worried?

    I'm sure Ballard and Reich are trying to avoid this. I would think most teams are.
  21. Andrew Norwell

    Would like to see the Colts target younger guys in order to build chemistry not only for 2018 but for many years beyond that. It would be nice to see the same 5 guys line up not only week in and week out, but year after year.
  22. There is no way of knowing how any player drafted is going to do. There are bust in every round. There are great players that may come out of any round. The whole draft is not going to come crumbling down no matter who is picked.. Now pick up your mic and wait two or three years like the rest of us.
  23. Luck says in Peter King interview that...

    Its nice a lot of you are excited about this interview but what did you expect him to say? He wouldn't say anything negative even if his arm was falling off. I won't be optimistic until I see or hear of him throwing footballs with success. This has been a year removed from surgery, that's an awful long time to have to rehab and still not throwing a football. To me, that's a bad sign. I cant speak specifically about Luck's shoulder issues but I now when my son, who was a pitcher, injured his shoulder and had surgery that he was told 1) the shoulder is the most complicated joint in the human body 2) there are no guarantees that surgery will fix the problem. The shoulder is so complex
  24. If Jets get Cousins, Cleveland may go after Foles
  25. Anyone else worried?

    Polian hired what, 2 coaches here?
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