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  2. I think it depends on what your opinions of the linebackers in later rounds are compared to that of the corners. If you think the corners are better, you should maybe take Reddick and vice versa. As it stands right now, if I had the choice, gimme Reddick. I think Lattimore is gonna be good but I see a ton of potential and upside in Reddick. He can be a cornerstone building block at linebacker with the right development.
  3. You guys are too premature on him being too he doesn't have plenty of time to bulk up plus not everyone has to be 250+ to be successful at long as he has some sort of speed and strength that's what you should pay attention to
  4. Joseph Addai
  5. They can beg all they want, but it will not change anything.
  6. no, they liveon to coach rb's at IU
  7. Lenny Moore begs to differ. Heck, so does Tom Matte, but he wasn't as good.
  8. Yeah this is bad! It looked good early but man this turned into a rout.
  9. Started off good, then Kansas turned the buzzsaw on, lol, what a joke. Oh well, they made it one step further then last year......
  10. What did I make up?
  11. nahh. Ty is definitely a #1 though
  12. Recently changed my mind and Forrest Lamp is now the guy I want at #15. Locks down the RG spot and elevates the competition at RT kicking Haeg out to compete with Clark. As much as I love Haason Reddick, he's raw AF and tbh he's a bit of a project at ILB. As good as Ruben Foster is he will struggle early in his career in coverage and will never live up to the Luke Kuchley comparison.
  13. Nice vertical board. I'll likely put mine put mine up tomorrow. It's different from yours, but I like seeing both vertical and horizontal boards from folks, not just who they see (want) mocked to the Colts.
  14. Yes, the Colts were a much better franchise with Peyton Manning at the helm. The team had bottomed out by the time Andrew arrived, Mathis and Wayne were pretty much the only relevant players from that era. Ergo, they both stepped into bad teams. Division is a fair point but Andrew is 6-2 in his career against that division, while Stafford is 3-5 against South teams. The article you are quoting your arguments from doesn't take into account running stats or supporting casts. Again, give Andrew Luck a defense that good and you would feel that team should be Super Bowl caliber, the Lions lost in the Wild Card.
  15. Stop making stuff up. Faulk had surgery on his left knee following the San Diego playoff game. He did not want to be traded, but Bill Polian did not want to pay him. Those are the facts. Try to stick to them.
  16. ??
  17. Just curious. Is the bolded statement above your opinion based upon your assessment, or those of others and you're relaying? I have an alternative opinion from an NFL Scout (paid site information) that has 3 OL ranked together in mid round 1 grade status- is taken form their "horizontal board", best player by grade # irregardless of playing position or scheme fit. His vertical board is every player at each position separately listed down by grade, irregardless of scheme fit. Knowing how so many teams need O line help desperately, I'll bet all 3 of these guys do go in round 1.
  18. I guess the verdict is out... JF is done. Gore had him picked before the draft to be the best prospect. I guess he was dead wrong. You think our RB coach has anything to do with it?
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  20. He played all 16 games in 95 so not sure why he couldn't play in the Playoffs? Yes he had an issue with his knee but it wasn't like he blew his knee out and couldn't play. Phillip Rivers played in the AFC Title Game vs the Pats in 2007 with a torn ACL. Emmitt Smith played with a separated shoulder at NY so his team could get HFA. I just think Faulk was soft, he was a Great player but couldn't play with injury like a lot of backs could.
  21. 2/3 will be defensive front seven and 1/3 CB.
  22. Getting out of reach for Boilers turnovers are killing them, 13 so far. Need to swing momentum or its over. Swanigan playing like trash.
  23. Some get mad if their opinioned player is not picked then spend a lot of time trying to tell everyone they were right. That is until the player picked turn out a good pick then it's never mentioned.
  24. I don't know if you watch the Weather Channel but Stephanie Abrams is pretty hot. She is always on in the early mornings.
  25. He injured his knee in 95 and had surgery following the playoff win over San Diego. The game where Crockett went off for about a buck-fifty and two scores.
  26. We would have had our Adrian Peterson is Mike Hart didn't get injured. Yea, that's right, legends never die.
  27. Katy Colloton C7f9_1LWsAAoc71.mp4
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