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  2. Agreed if you go by td passes its PM #1... Young # 2 and so on. Championships are not a good barometer of individual success.
  3. DYK Dippin Dots is headquartered in Paducah
  4. No he is from Paducah
  5. He also worked for the local NYC ABC station before GMA. Is he from Indiana?
  6. Indiana DYK(Hauntings and Legends) Elkhart's Nellie Knickerbocker and her coffin As the story goes Nellie and her Husband Charles Winchester were leading citizens of Elkhart and often held lavish parties in the home they shared with Nellie's parents. Nellie even owned a 1914 Electric Milburn car.As time went on Nellie suffered a series of misfortunes when her only son child in infancy, her father, mother, and husband in a matter of only a few years. After her husband died Nellie developed an unique love of cemeteries, became somewhat reclusive(She only left the house to go and eat). As she got older Nellie was afraid her relatives would bury in a cheap coffin so she purchased a fancy coffin.She kept the coffin in her dining room and some say she died in the coffin
  7. If they were going to pair a WR with Bradshaw it would John Stallworth, not Lynn Swann.
  8. If we look at the numbers Jerry Rice and Steve Young had better numbers than Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice caught 50 more TDs with Steve Young than he did with Montana. People are so caught up in super bowl rings that they overlook a lot of things. Rings are won by teams, not individuals.
  9. GOAT means greatest of ALL TIME. All time meaning past, present, and future. There will never be a unanimous GOAT because we don't know what will happen in the future. There will always be someone better to come along whether it's talent, stats, individual success, or team success. Michael Jordan was considered the GOAT, but then came Kobe and LeBron. Now people argue the game has evolved so much that Michael Jordan would be an above average player in the current NBA.
  10. I totally agree the GOAT can't be named because it's all opinion. It is sad that the old time players get no credit because the present people don't remember them playing. It's like the NFL had no history before they started watching football.
  11. The Paducah Television is very strange The NBC affiliate WPSD News Department in Paducah covers the Jackson Purchase(Western Kentucky), The ABC affiliate WSIL News Department in Harrisburg, Illinois covers the Southern Illinois news and the CBS Affiliate KFVS News Department covers the Bootheel of Missouri
  12. It was like a replay of a bad movie even deja vu like for years Peyton Manning dealt with the same nonsense inspite of it he shined winning 1 SB as a Colt imagine a world were the front office gets its act togeather & learns from its past realizing the leagues worst defense that Won the SB was a fluke , 12 has been held back no running game no defense give him the weapons & watch him shine .
  13. Intro: Charley Casserly, the former general manager with the Washington Redskins and Houston Texans, knows a thing or two about instant-impact rookies. The NFL Network analyst believes the Indianapolis Colts “got a good one” with safety Malik Hooker. View the full article
  14. DYK former GMA Meteorologist Sam Champion worked at WPSD
  15. I don't like to fish The Paducah TV market overlaps with the Southern Half of the Evansville Market, Princeton is covered by the NWS office in Paducah and the Paducah Tilghman play the bigger schools in the Kentucky and has even played Princeton in the past
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  17. Zobrist is at least 34-35 years old. That would be a bad trade for the Mets, unless they were in contention. The Mets have too many teams to beat to add someone like Zobrist. They need youth. I think whoever gets Harvey would be getting a very good player. NYC is not good for someone like him. NYC is good for guys like Curtis Granderson, David Wright, Eli Manning (you know, Andrew Luck and Teddy Bridgewater type players). Guys who like attention can lose concentration and forget that they are here to do a job, not to date the hottest model around.
  18. its subjective, if we take your post literally good luck getting billions of people to all agree on anything its also really tough to compare players from different eras. lebron would have been fine in the old nba though football has too much variety between positions. how do we compare LT to brady? i think marino may have had the most arm talent but he never won a ring
  19. we had a lot of injuries on defense last year grigson was bad, but any team that gets down to 5th and 6th string cornerbacks is going to lose some games
  20. Thanks, PT. I thought you wrote that you don't like to fish? I don't know how close you are to Paducah, KY. A few people tell me it is really beautiful. A woman I know who is originally from another part of Kentucky told me to visit there.
  21. Well said!!! Patriots had Blount but did not try to make the others into a Blount. James White and Dion Lewis have a role and they do it very well. Let the OL do its job and let the OC maximize the RB talents, as they are. Maximizing our player talents is the untapped potential that could take the existing squad to perennial division winners, for a starting point, IMO. The D will be the difference between a division winner and SB contender. Glad to see Mack impressing. Chuck does acknowledge "we will see how things are when pads go on", so he is being realistic, IMO.
  22. I meant they'll play together
  23. Exactly, one today qualifies for the greatest of all time because nobody plays both ways.. ...there's been more than one QB play both ways.. ...and lts of great players (Red Grange) never came off the field GOAT (the way I see it) is greats of all time NOT greatest QB of all time Greatest QB? Probably Otto Graham..7 titles in 10 years..never missed a game Set a couple of records that still stand.. Top win % ever...all time leading passer in the league that became the NFL. Folks don't even consider him...That's why GOAT is an impossible discussion ...
  24. I've been saying this exact same thing the past few days....
  25. Lake Mississinewa Raccoon Lake Wea Creek(catch/release) only because its 300 yards from my home. And a few private stocked ponds....
  26. One of the top Sellers at the Tippecanoe County 4H is the Ribeye Sandwich, grilled by the Tippecanoe Cattlemens Group. Very tasty!!!!!
  27. It really depends when I want fish I just walk down the hill but actually a lot of people in this area travel to the Kentucky/Barkley Lake region of Kentucky
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