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  2. The retirement thing is stupid. It has nothing to do with Manning not liking Indy, he probably just didn't see the point. Remember his presser to announce he was leaving? He choked up, I believe he loves the Colts. When has Irsay ever been a loose cannon when it comes to team matters? He's actually been. very calculated and reasonable usually.
  3. You weren't supposed to notice ... I wonder, however, that it may not be the talent we have on the field (or lack thereof, tho' it may be) but the performance of the players on the field. Are the Colts both talented, unsure and confused? It's hard to tell.
  4. One offseason changes everything for a lot of teams. The chiefs and steelers roster will not look the same. Either will ours. We will compete.
  5. After watching this weekend's playoff games, and seeing the quality of the players on the field - especially on defense, our Colts are not even close to having a roster of comparable caliber. We can probably say the same about the coaching and front office staffs. This isn't the Cleveland Browns, but you can see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame from here.
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  7. The officiating at the GB / Dallas game was obviously very one-sided. This is becoming detrimental to the NFL.
  8. A "path to partial ownership" by Manning, while it does pose some risks, could have easily been worked out, and represents, potentially, a major win for Irsay and his family, and a stronger Colts organization. Ask any venture capitalist, having one person - the kingpin - heading an organization is a red flag.
  9. Tarik Glenn was an excellent tackle, except he was prone to false starts at the worst times.
  10. No one - Manning, Gruden, or any competent person - wants to be put into a position to fail. This might mean those people aren't ready, or don't feel they have the "right stuff" to succeed in that position. It might mean that they feel the fit isn't right. It might mean that there are too many obstacles to overcome, in their opinion. Lastly, it might mean that it "just isn't worth the trouble for the money". Obviously, we don't know if any of these reasons apply. What we do know is that - while seemingly trying to score a "home run" - things got out of the proper sequence for peoples commitment. If Gruden was ever to come aboard, it would only be after Manning had tacitly accepted being PM, then Grigson terminated by Irsay, then Manning named PM, then Manning terminating Pagano and starting a coaching search, then let Manning - not Irsay - lead the discussions with Gruden (or coaches of their choosing), then the hiring of the HC (say, Gruden), and then filling in the rest of the staff, replacing those that need replacing. There is a generally accepted hierarchy to these decisions necessary to assure highly competent people that this is the right organization doing things right.
  11. QB - it's a wash. I'll just take Peyton for the hell of it. I chose Peyton because he played more in the SB era, it doesn't necessarily mean I rank him better. RB - I actually choose Eric Dickerson. He turned our franchise around in 1987 and was the main reason why we won the Division in 1987. In 1988 he led the league in rushing and dominated. Remember Halloween Monday Night in 1988! WR - Marvin Harrison TE - John Mackey OT - Jim Parker OG - Chris Hinton C - Jeff Saturday DE - Dwight Freeney DT - Booger McFarland LB - Gary Brackett CB - Vontae Davis Safety - Bob Sanders KIcker - Adam Vinatieri Punter - Pat McAfee Coach - Don Shula
  12. With someone as high profile as he is, it's going to come down to control of certain aspects of the team. Probably a major sticking point. Just speculation but you can imagine the reigns that Jon Gruden would demand much less the uber-salary. Turning down Andrew Luck for his prime-time years, of which I would estimate there are about 5-7 left, might, and I say MIGHT indicate that above said "control" was not expansive enough for Gruden's taste and Irsay would not acquiesce. It's a shame that the two could not get the give-and-take satisfactorily ironed out.
  13. I don't really feel sorry for any HC or GM in the NFL. Those are two of the best sports jobs a person could ever have. And Pagano and Grigson haven't done a great job so I can't feel sympathy towards their current situation
  14. Yep I agree and sure as heck won't lose any sleep over it.
  15. Per Tony Dungy: “I think it does [suit him] for two reasons,” Dungy said. “Number one, his relationship with Jim Irsay. [They are] very, very close. He has a lot of respect for Jim..." The full story is here: So I guess this whole story is rather about Peyton feeling himself ready for the role or not.
  16. Can't compare them. Different eras. I LOVE the old Baltimore ones much better, but competition and rules were totally different. The old guys weren't protected like today's. They were tougher, but nowhere nearly as athletic as today's. They also had to have side jobs- the pay was horrific. So was the nutrition and training. It's like matching Shaq against Wilt. Can't do it because the refereeing was different. And you'd have to include the fight after the game, too....
  17. Exactly. Rodgers is fun to watch, and the point of sport is kinda about entertainment. To be honest, Rodgers have the same "thing" that made me love watching Peyton and thus the Colts. Yes, it was Peyton the led me to the Colts, not the other way around. Now kill me!
  18. I assume you're responding to me, though you're not linked to my post.... And I'm stuck with the same hang-up because fans are slow to learn. It's like Lucy and Charlie Brown. How many times does she have to pull the ball away from Charlie while he's trying to kick before Charlie wakes up and realizes he's being played. How many times do people have to get things wrong from Walter Football, or, even worse, the mock simulated draft games, before they realize they're not getting good information? People are running full speed into a wall and not understanding why they keep coming away with a concussion....
  19. He reel reel gud.
  20. I might actually believe that. I think they are twins.
  21. I am not sure Whitehair would have been a big upgrade at RG this year. You do know he played C for the Bears? Many suggested that C would be his best on Sunday's prior to the draft. We spent the 18th pick on Kelly so passing on Whitehair seems like the right move especially if we saw him as a C long term. I agree we still need a RG. Hopefully we get that this off season. The biggest problem I have with not addressing RG is we heard over and over fixing the interior of the OL was the focus of the offseason. We started the year with Mewhort as the only player on the roster with NFL experience at G. We started Blythe a 7th round C at RG in a regular season game. This was our off season focus? How can you have confidence in that? I am not a fan of bringing in guys that are total projects the first 2 days either. The progress I saw from Clark gives me hope there. I was not a fan of that pick when it happened. We will see about Green. I think it's safe to say our picks the first 2 days as a whole were underwhelming to date. Grig's is not the guy I would want in charge if I were the boss. I just don't see an eye for talent. He has not drafted a LB that has made it to the end of his rookie contract let alone helped the team. Werner Newsome Jackson Herrera are all gone. Am I forgetting anyone? The FA signings at LB have netted us DQ and Walden. Morrison is in the same mold as the other ILB's we have seen slow box LB's can't cover or play in space. Then I hear we started looking at drafting Ferguson in the 4th. I'm not confident in Grig's moving forward This is what we have brought in the last 2 years. 2015 we draft Dorsett Smith and Anderson the first 2 days 2016 Kelly Green Clark. Looking at FA 2015 Gore Langford Cole Herremmans Irving and Andre Johnson 2016 Robinson Turbin Todman and Tolzien.
  22. Cool. I also heard something about Will Ferrell and Chad Smith being separated at birth, but I can't confirm it.
  23. We have invested big in our o-line already though. We could field two 1st's, a 2nd, and two 3rd''s on our line. The teams you mentioned have probably invested no more resource than that however they all have playmaker and have invested on the defense. We haven't. If we sign a high price free agent on the o-line and tie up yet more resources on that side of the ball then I really don't know what sort of lopsided team we're trying to build.
  24. What about JaMarcus Russell for conditioning coach?
  25. Elvis and Tupac are actually coming over to my house tomorrow to get drunk with me and jam. It will be on the news, stay tuned. They are alive and well.
  26. I still don't get how Irsay failed to nab Gruden. Manning feels he isn't ready? Fine, then give Gruden a blank check to be GM and coach. He would have been a monumental upgrade over Grigano. The whole situation is just depressing.
  27. lol classic post i saw a rumor about a rumor
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