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  2. There will be lots of talks and rumors around Colts in upcoming days/weeks. 1 person knows it for sure: Irsay himself.
  3. Our Colts concluded the 2016 NFL season, defeating the Jaguars 24-20, and again as in 2015, finished with 8 wins and 8 losses. A bright sign that tour Colts concluded their 2016 schedule, and began New Year's Day 2017, with a win over the Jaguars. Now the long offseason begins since the Colts were eliminated since their road loss at Oakland last Sunday. Andrew Luck was healthy most of the season, but the Colts were still short of making the postseason. Colts management will evaluate the past season, and make the inevitable changes, such as which players re-sign and retain, and those who will be waived or released as free agents. Also if the Colts are going to retain General Manager Ryan Grigson, the scouting staff, and Head Coach Chuck Pagano and his coaching staff. Not only will the Colts sign veteran free agants beginning in March, when the NFL calendar year begins, but before March, the Colts management will be at LOS (the building) after the Super Bowl 51, where college players are invited for the upcoming NFL Combine. Player interviews prior, and into the 2017 NFL Draft, then the Organized Team Activities (OTA's) in May and June before the Colts 90-man roster reorts to training camp in the summer. Colts 2016 campaign and being eliminated from the NFL Playoffs is just a temporary setback for now.. But I am sure the Colts braintrust will staff the talented team before opening week in September that will represent our city, and compete with the 2017 Indianapolis Colts. My pleasure preparing the Colts Game Day Threads, and my sincere appreciation and gratefulness again for Nadine and the rest of the moderating team allowing me to start these threads. I also like to thank the rest of the registered members here on the Official Colts Fan Forum Message Board here on along with myself, for participating and posting your threads and narrating the action throughout the course of each game. Colts also have a new rival to reckon with, in the Houston Texans, who are on a three-game winning streak over them. Not only have they achieved their first road win at Indianapolis in their team history back in 2015, but the Texans also swept the Colts for the first time in 2016. and both last and this season won back-to-back AFC South Division Titles. Colts should find a way to staff a Colts team to win more games and both reclaim the AFC South, and dethrone the Texans in 2017. Thanks for participating, let's do it again in the upcoming 2017 NFL season. Stay Colts Strong throughout the offseason, and as always GO COLTS!!!!!
  4. Why did you expect that? Jags have played every team in this division tough all year. Most of their losses have been close outside of that first Titans game.
  5. But if you were looking for an excuse to keep can't hurt! I'd love to see Peyton as our GM and let him decide!
  6. This game shouldn't change anything. A comeback against one of the worst teams in the league.
  7. I didn't expect us to lose. Quite the contrary...I expected us to come out and roll this crappy jaguar team. To play hard 4 quarters and execute. To look like we were well prepared and better than 500. Instead we had the same lackluster performance we've seen over the past couple years. Yes we came back and was given a win by like the second worst franchise in the game. We looked like crap for like 75% of the game and this has been the same story for two years. All I was saying that feel good win still had a cost...and it's probably 8 draft positions....8 more opportunities to have the best player in each rd...all 7 rds. Again...always want to win....just some wins have consequences and I can't be mad at those that wish we lost.
  8. His point was that if the players weren't behind Chuck, they wouldn't fight back to win this game. This really is similar to what the team has done Luck's whole career: be able to fight and stay in games late. I also am sure they are't celebrating an 8-8 season but winning Mathis' last game, winning for the coach, etc. Look at the Bills rolling over against a bad Jets team, we have a coach the players respect and fight for, that is important.
  9. Peyton did not get to the Super Bowl until the Defense talent and performance level was raised. I think some of Paganos decision making has to do with having numerous personnel holes. Bad protection, bad defense, can't run the football. Solve some of this stuff and I think the results will be more consistent. I watched Jack Del Rio for too many years to know he ain't much better than Pagano. Plug some of these holes and I think the guy will do better.
  10. I think its unrealistic to think or expect a team to lose on purpose. The goal is to win and that's what every team tries to do. Its more realistic to expect a team to make good to great decisions when they get on the clock and strategically in terms of trading downward for more picks and whatever else. If we do our dillegence properly we shouldn't end up with bad players.
  11. Where was this effort vs Houston? They play for him. Get outta here with that nonsense. They got Lucky literally and came back to beat a bad football team. Then celebrated like they won the Super Bowl. Big whoop. If that doesn't epitomize the culture of mediocrity currently surrounding this franchise nothing does.
  12. I will say that Bill Polian seemed almost giddy on the radio with Lamey this afternoon...he may know something!
  13. Didn't Tunisia drop from like 1-2 to 11? Right where we would have picked. My main point was is we lose like 8 picks every round not just the's significant....otherwise why not let the best teams draft first? Of course it can make a difference. I'm not mad we won...but I'm not going to ignore the fact it did come at a cost.
  14. He loves to compete and hates to lose. That's what I want from my QB.
  15. Andrew could've been celebrating like he was too because it was Mathis last game. I bet that is the main reason. The Jags were showboating a lot though.
  16. A lot of our holes were caused once again to health,Geathers has been good when in,i think p rob is better than shown but nagging injuries and could of been used a bit diffrent,Anderson hopefully back at full strength,E jacks has shown flashes but can be helpful in depth,with the right cuts,we can be looking at close to 60 mill or so going into free agency,as far as our own i say butler,walden,and doyle are priority if the prices are right,wouldnt mind adams back on a 1 year or 2 with easy out in 2nd,The offense with Andrew always shows flashes of its potential, a lot came down to whack play calling and rookies up front who started to come along well.There is defientaly holes but i dont think its as gloomy as we are making it out to be,guess its just us so used to being spoiled with peyton and than luck coming onto the scene hot.There's going to be 31 other fan bases just as * as us at the end of the year,lets just hope the pats are part of the 31
  17. Doesnt matter if you make good choices with your picks. And there are always players who drop in the draft so its very likely someone will be available who we originally thought we had no shot at. No one thought Myles Jack and Shack Lawson would be available with our pick but they were for example. Nobody thought Tunsil would fall either.
  18. Browns just blew a 10-pont lead and lost to Steeler backups.. ....we aren't that bad
  19. I hear you..but the Bears were 3-13,...0-8 on the road.. ...don't get too carried away with how bad we are. ..We have the QB, the WRs, the TEs....a new line.. with some rookies and free agents on defense././we can make the playoffs next season
  20. Let's be tells me the coaching staff can't think that fast....they always cry about getting the right personnel on the field all the time. They have no feel for the game they can't think on their toes and they lack the creativity to run it. That's what it tells me.
  21. And I don't have an answer for that one. Just a frustrating and puzzling team right now and not sure anyone has the answer. Coaches deserve credit for comebacks, same as blame for bad starts,
  22. I agree..dont blow up an 8-8 team Jax and Bears are 3-13.. ....we don't know what bad is
  23. Fans like to watch their team play 4 qtrs vs 2 every game! This staff has been pretty consistent on giving us 2 for quite sometime now.I totally get the frustration!
  24. With easy Illegal streams or bars close,i have never paid a penny for nfl ticket or network or any of that. if you pm me later i can send you plenty of decent sites or ways to find games in hd for free. been doing it for years,since im in florida so dont get a lot of games either. but do have the luxury of colts @ jags every year besides this one because of london
  25. Both teams stink so bad they wouldn't even show highlights. Jacksonville lost this game more than we won it....not happy with this team. I have had Chucks back for a long time but I just can't defend it anymore. The way we came out and played...executed...chuck might win more games with better players but he isn't going to raise our level of play with just his coaching. Still don't know which Colts will show up...and I can't stand medicracy.
  26. I dont think anyone needs to be fired. Just make major personnel improvements to this D. Ensure that we are a stronger running team to help the young O line. Speaking of the O you do that by either adding another young O lineman or adding a true talent at RB or do both. We hit on improving the D and being able to run more and we will be much better than 8-8 next year. You can't keep asking this guy to play with bad to mediocre personnel on defense and think the Super Bowl is near. Give him what he needs and then raise the expectation from there.
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