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  2. June 26 Through the Years  

     1483- Richard III becomes King of England 


     1870- Christmas becomes a National Holiday in the US


     1917- The AEF arrives in France


     1927- The Cyclone Roller Coaster opens in Coney Island


     1934- FDR signs Federal Credit Union Act


     1948- "The Lottery" is published


     1963- JFK gives them"Ich bin ein Berliner" speech


     1977- Elvis gives his final concert in Indianapolis 








  3. mistake not

     Henry Thaw killed Stanford White in NYC not Pittsburgh

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  5. June 25 Through the Years  

     1788- Virginia ratifies the Constitution 


     1906- Harry Thaw murders Stanford White in Pittsburgh


     1940- France surrenders to Germany 

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  7. June 24 Through the Years

     1374- An Outbreak of St. John's Dance breaks out in Aachen, Germany


     1779- Great Siege of Gibraltar 


     1813- Battle of Beaver Dams


     1880- First performance of "O Canada"


     1916- Mary Pickford signs a Millionaire Dollar Contract


     1939- Siam is renamed Thailand 


     1947- Kenneth Arnold makes first UFO sighting


     1950- Apartheid begins in South Africa


     2012- Lonesome George Dies 

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  9. To tackle - or - not to tackle?  THAT is the question.

  10. June 23 Through the Years  

     1683- William Penn sign Friendship pact with the Lenni Lenape


     1810- John Jacob Astor forms the Pacific Fur Company


     1894- IOC formed


     1926- 1st SAT administered 


     1969- Warren Butger is sworn in as Justice for US Supreme Court


     2013- Nik Wallenda crosses the Grand Canyon





    1. coltsfansince65


      1954- Coltsfansince65 is born.

  11. June 22 Through the Years  

     1870- Justice Department created


     1918- Hammond Circus Train wreck kills 86


     1941- Germany starts the invasion of Soviet Union known as Operation Barbarossa 


     1942- Pledge of Allegiance adopted


     1944- FDR creates the GI Bill

  12. Since L.A. did indeed draft Lonzo, I am taking my fandom to South Beach and will become a bandwagon fan for the 3-0-5. Hello Miami Heat...

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    2. Jules


      I like your new avatar! So cute.


      I got the cat and you got the dog.


      I think I am packing it in early tonight anyway. Too depressing with the Lakers. My brain is fried and Lonzo's dad already said tonight that he wants his two sons on the Lakers.:yuk:

    3. Jules


      his other two sons I mean.


      Whatever........when Bogart said we'll always have Paris. Well we will always have the past of the Lakers. RIP.


      I also like the Celtics chances a lot next year but it depends a lot on what they do in FA to see if they could win the East. I love Lebron but it just is too painful at times to see him demolished in the finals now.

    4. Jules


      Also I have been forced in the last year to sorta even go for Boston at times due to people I know offline.


      So.........sometimes we both do a bit of this too and already have. lmao




      And in a way it's taboo since Boston/L.A. have always had the historical rivalry so it's a huge slap in the face to the Lakers.


      And since Boston did get jobbed in game 7 of the finals with KG I sometimes still feel really bad.


      Anyway I am done, promise. I got to shut up and get my butt ready for bed to get up tomorrow.

  13. June 21 Through the Years  

     1734- The slave Marie-Joseph Angelique is put to death for burning much of Montreal


     1768- James Otis Jr. Offends the King and Parliament in a speech to the Massachusetts General Assembly 


     1898- US captures Guam



  14. June 20 Through the Years  

     1782- The Great Seal of the United States is adopted


     1787- Oliver Ellsworth moves at the Constitutional Convention to call the new government The United States


     1837- Queen Victoria takes the throne


     1840- Samuel receives a patent for the telegrapgh


     1863- West Virginia joins the Union


     1877- Alexander Graham Bell installs the 1st Commercial telephone


     1893- Lizzie Borden is acquitted of murder


     1945- Werhner von Braun joins Operation Paperclip


     1975- Jaws premieres 


     1979- ABC journalist Bill Stewart is killed in Nicaragua 









  15. June 19 Through The Years  

     1862- Congress nullifies Dred Scott 


     1910- First Father's Day


     1943- Eagles and Steelers merge


     1853- The Rosenbergs are executed


     1964- Civil Rights Act of 1964 is approved


     1979- Garfield debuts

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  17. June 18 Through the Years  

     1684- Massachusetts Bay Colony charter revoked


     1778- British troops abandon 



     1812- US declares war on the United Kingdom


     1873- Susan B. Anthony is fined for trying to vote in the 1872 election 


     1923- Checker Taxi starts

  18. I've been reading Stephen King again. Just finished "The Stand", and am currently reading 'Misery". For those who are into King, I'm pondering now what would happen if Trashman man met Annie Wilkes. Then there is Randall Flagg. Maybe I have too much time on my hands......

    1. southwest1


      What's your favorite King novel? Just curious. Or book to movie adaptation? 

    2. teganslaw


      I have several favorite novels: "The Stand"; "Misery" and King's newer book, "Revival". 


      As far as book to movie adaptation: "The Stand" miniseries. The film "Misery" wasn't quite as good as the book, but Kathy Bates hit it out of the park as far as acting. I also liked the movie "The Shining." 


  19. Final "black hole" of the off-season - leading up to training camp & the pre-season !!

  20. Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there and please remember the ones that are not with us any longer!



  21. June 17 Through the Years  

     1579- Sir Francis Drake claims Nova Albion(California) for England


     185- The Statute of Liberty arrives in the New York Harbor

  22. June 16 Through the Years  

     1774- Harrodsburg, Kentucky founded


     1858- Lincoln delivers his House Divided speech


     1903- Ford Motor Company incorporated 


     1911- IBM is created


    1944- George Stinney is executed at 14


     1961- Rudolf Nureyev defects to the west


     1981- Reagan honors Ken Taylor


    1. GOZER


      Wow executed a 14 year old, how times have changed!now I have to look up his crime.

    2. GOZER


      Oh my.......vacated in 2014 after judge ruled he was not given a fair he was basically lynched, and the possible REAL murderer of the two girls remained free. Terrible.

    3. NFLfan


      Wow... What an awful story about George Stinney. Unfortunately convictions like that were very common back in those days. It is very sad to read.


      In 2005, the Supreme Court found it unconstitutional to execute individuals under age 18. 

  23. Happy Birthday to me!!!!


    *Pops bottle of Apple Juice*



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    2. TKnight24


      Thank you ^_^

    3. BrentMc11


      Happy belated Birthday!!  I hope it was fantastic :)  

    4. teganslaw


      Happy belated birthday!

  24. Any plans for Father's Day? My father's birthday and Father's Day BTW, are about on the same day. He does not like it. Just going to have family over for a BBQ. As dad loves everything and anything BBQ. He never met a BBQ he never liked LOL!

    1. TheRustonRifle#7


      I agree with your Dad!  I am going to pay some homage to my Father who passed almost 3 years ago.  Then rejoice in the fact that my Daughter gets to spend it with me....

    2. southwest1


      It is a good idea to pay homage to our fathers out there even the one's who departed too early. Fathers don't often get praised for their contributions enough I'm afraid. Dad's typically have a unique way of looking at things.


      I get my sarcasm from my old man & you better be careful what you ask him because odds are he's going to be blunt, refreshingly honest, & tell you what he really thinks as opposed to what you want to hear. 

    3. Nadine


      I lost my dad 2 years ago.  Gathered with my family and went to the remembrance mass, then to dad's marker and read from his favorite book 2 weeks ago on the anniversary of his passing.  We had a memorial breakfast after that. The world has changed since he left


      My husband is working on Sunday as he always does, luckily he has the early shift and will be home in time for dinner.  My daughters are coming up. Not sure what the dinner plans are.  I expect it will be unreasonably hot as it has been so, anything cold and inside is ok by me

  25. Prayers to the people of West London

  26. June 15 Through the Years 

     1775- George Washington is named Commander-in-Chief


     1836- Arkansas joins the Union


     1844- Charles Goodyear receives his patent for Vulcanization

  27. June 14 Through the Years 

     1777- The Stars and Stripes is adopted


     1900- Hawaii becomes a US Territory

  28. June 13 Through the Years  

     1805- Meriwether Lewis and 4 Companions see the Great Falls of the Missouri  


     1777- Lafayette lands in America


     1893- Grover Clevelandhas successful cancer surgery 


    1966- Miranda Rights begin


     1967- Thurgood Marshall nominated to Supreme Court 

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