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  2. A Forest by The Cure...Robert Smith's guitar sound was so unique at times. All these years later looking back, there really wasn't another guitar player at the time who sounded like him.



  3. Happy Birthday to Synthetic!!! AKA the artist formerly known as Bogie.:D










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    2. Jules



      I've felt a lot better so far this weekend now that I have those shots out of my system. I've had to take antibiotics for my allergy problems this past summer that hit me hard and I'm beginning to think those shots I got at the doctor this past week had caused my problems. 


      Not sure why but all this talk about drugs and being sick made me think of this song, "I want a new drug".




      Hey some retro 80's for your birthday never hurts right? :) 




      Dak had an awesome drive in that preseason game. lmao


      They made our defense look like a joke including Vontae Davis.......



    3. Jules


      I'm done after this message so I won't spam your birthday thread. lmao Have to get some sleep soon, will be back tomorrow night.


      I think the song that best reminds me of the Colts right now is the Beatles "The Long and Winding Road."

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      Happy Birthday Bogie - hopefully for you the Falcons will drop back down to being an 8-8 team and the Tide will slip up and lose a game, @Jules nice choice of song for the Colts. Who knows how this season will go? I am honestly more into Baseball right now being a Cubs fan and the Division races are heating up but the Colts are always #1 in my heart. Oh well, just have to see how things play out!

  4. Last week
  5. I know you wrote on my thread the other night about liking "The Beatles"...I replied that I was more of a "The Stones" fan....



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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      That would be a great list to make up - Top 10 bands ever! How hard would that be? Almost impossible actually. Beatles and Stones probably belong, I would say The Who and Pink Floyd as well. Kiss probably too as they were great in the 70's and 80's and Gene and Paul still jam today and they are like 100 years old LOL.

    3. crazycolt1


      A top ten list would more than likely pull in groups from the 60s all the way to the present. It's an almost impossible list to complete. Here is mine---

      1-The Beatles

      2-Led Zeppelin

      3-Pink Floyd

      4-The Rolling Stones

      5-The Who

      6-Peter Gabriel

      6- Bruce Springsteen 

      7-The Eagles

      8-The Allman Brothers

      9- Queen


      That list is interchangeable depending on my mood. :D 

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      That is a great list I am not a huge Zeppelin fan but they do belong in the Top 10 just out of respect. IMO 2 is a little high for them, I do like some of their songs don't get me wrong though. My list would be:

      1. Beatles - Paul McCartney just rules

      2. The Who

      3. Pink Floyd - Roger Waters or Gilmour, doesn't matter to me

      4. Phil Collins - No Jacket Required ruled! Anything Phil rules.

      5. Kiss from the 70's and early 80's when they had their main 4

      6. Rolling Stones

      7. Wings - Big Paul again

      8. Van Halen with David Lee Roth

      9. AC/DC with Bon or Brian = both are equal

      10. Led Zeppelin

  6. @Synthetic  Some Dokken:



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    2. TheRustonRifle#7
    3. TheRustonRifle#7


      Feel free to add, as always!

    4. Synthetic



      Love old Dokken. George Lynch was a phenomenal guitar player. One could totally argue that he probably was the best guitar player in the whole genre of Metal by the mid 80's. 

  7. Just felt listening  to some Crue!



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    2. crazycolt1


      I am very familiar with Steve Stevens. His work with Billy Idol was fantastic .Not only does he smoke on the electric guitar he tears up an acoustic.

    3. TheRustonRifle#7

      TheRustonRifle#7 worries CC1!.  I like Tge Beatkes but am more of a Stones fan.  Synthetic...I have posted Dokken in the past and saw tgem live a few them.

    4. TheRustonRifle#7


      Lol, when I use my phone I always hit "g" instead of "h"...

  8. Check out my new kittens that are as of today, 16 days old. There's 5 of them, they're healthy, chubby and LOUD. The white one especially thinks it's Prince and tries to scream like a banshee with perfect falsetto. 


    Note - this little cat is a miniature and it's so hard to believe, as small as she is, she did have 5 kittens. One of them blends in with the pictures cause it's solid gray. These were taken last week before I had to move them. As you can see, one of them is already climbing out. That little white one is a speed demon. I had to move them into a cardboard box cause she was climbing out and following me around the house. 













    2 grays, 2 blacks and 1 white. All solid colors, except the black one with the tail has a tiny little white spot under it's chin. No names as of yet or anything...


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    2. Synthetic


      If I could video tape them, they would really look small. I might do that some day. I swear, they are half the size of full grown normal cats. 


      The bob tail looks odd too but I've gotten used to it over the years. Sadly, that's the ones I have the worst luck with. Monkey is the last full grown bob tail I had who has lived. 

    3. Jules


      In the first pic mom cat is like "White kitten is trying to escape AGAIN." Sigh.......




      The white one especially thinks it's Prince and tries to scream like a banshee with perfect falsetto. 


      Perfect falsetto you say? Hmmm........this kitten is intriguing. 

    4. Synthetic


      19 days old, I have to put them outside eventually. I didn't get much sleep the other day cause they're so LOUD. They might be tiny but they're loud as hell. 



      The white one has escaped multiple times. I had to go out and buy a set of cardboard boxes and I built them a box that they can't climb out of. 


      The mother cat gets on my nerves though...I don't think she has proper maternal instincts cause she has to be forced to tend to the kittens. It's difficult to explain without witnessing it. She ignores them, she'll clean them but I have to take her and put her in the box and make her feed them. That's the main reason I brought them inside. If they were still outside, she probably would've abandoned them by now. 

  9. You know what...if I owned a team I'd draft the top OLman every year. Every year. Every year would be an upgrade. Every year. So sick of busted shoulders, lacerated internal organs (seriously) etc on future GOAT quarterbacks. 1 of our obvious favorites can kiss GOAT status goodbye if his Luck doesn't change soon...pun intended. 

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    2. Jules


      Yeah Ryan Kelly from Alabama. He didn't give up a sack all season and somehow he got hurt in practice which turned into "he will be out a week or two" to "he is having foot surgery."


      And with Luck already ailing. Not good news.



    3. Synthetic



      Damn, that sucks. I remember you being excited on that pick with the Center....Max Unger, the Saints big All Pro center just got hurt too and is out for a bit. 


      I'm kinda dreading this year's start....I can definitely see the Saints losing to Minnesota in the opener. The Colts SHOULD win cause you are playing Jared Goff who I seriously think could be the biggest bust we've seen since Jamarcus Russell. Omg, seriously...You can't lose to Goff, he is really, really bad...


      Last year Dallas was my fun team to watch since Dak was playing out of his mind but they're sadly probably doomed now and I can already see them losing some games and people going nuts to blame Dak like they were doing last year. I want this kid to succeed so bad, but I just don't trust Jerry Jones....






    4. Jules


      Oh please, you got your starting QB and center in tact right? We don't. lmao You got a better shot then we do.


      And I have to worry about a team like the Rams, thats how bad it is.


      Bloody, may bandwagon your Packers this year again if they look good.



  10. Anybody Going to Watch the Solar Eclipse a Week from Monday? Just wondering! Not a fan of stuff like that but know some on this board are!

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    2. 100GFB


      SW1- that's what I took in HS and college.  Yes I took up SPACE!  Lol!

    3. southwest1


      Good one GFB! When the teacher what can you tell me about the milky way? I raised my hand & said "it's a decent candy bar but the caramel always sticks to my teeth though."


      Remember: F stands for Fantastic & A stands for Awful. At least, that's what I kept telling my folks at parent/teacher conferences on my behalf anyway. haha 

    4. 100GFB


      SW1- Sorry but I had to SNICKER at your response!  

  11. "The sky is NOT falling" - preseason games are for evaluating talent and determining the week 1 roster.  They count nothing toward the goal of making the playoffs.

    1. southwest1


      I agree 100% SB41 Champs. No need to overreact to a loss in a preseason game that means absolutely nothing. 

    2. Nadine
  12. Meme of the year already. Where's the meme thread?


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    2. Jules


      Oh there is a thread in NFL General or several of them for memes. IWF has been MIA but he usually pops up from time to time. His last time was draft time with the meme stuff. I hope he does come back with the new season stuff soon.


      IWF comes up with some good stuff. lmao 


      Hate to say it, I didn't even know Lynch initially was protesting the anthem since I thought he was just being lazy and sitting on a cooler after having a fight with a coach or something. I think his message got lost in his "Lynch style". lmao 

    3. BloodyChamp


      The Cutler meme directed towards Kaep that hit today is gold. I won't be posting it and neither will anybody's that good lol

    4. Jules


      Oh yeah, some stuff with Kaepnerick can be borderline at times I think for forum sensitivities. Since it can get political and then everyone loses their crap.



      At least we have Lynch though.




      Nothing like a symbolic protest on an orange cooler with a banana. Kids take notes.



      Sorry I am bad tonight. I am done. lmao 

  13. Chat room is open for the Lions/Colts pre-season game!

  14. Earlier
  15. Saw this and had to show you 



  16. I hope Tommy Lee Lewis makes the Saints roster so I can spend all year making Motley Crue jokes. 

    1. TheRustonRifle#7
    2. Synthetic



      He did have a big preseason game, better than Ted "dropped pass" Ginn Jr. 

    3. Jules


      I saw the Saints have a Tommy Lee. Good stuff. I love me some Motley Crue. lmao 

  17. Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck.......................nuff said, "Faces".



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    2. southwest1


      SW1's personal favorite of his...I always get nostalgic when I hear this number. Almost fall into a trance actually. 



    3. crazycolt1


      Rod's Blonds Have More Fun and Foolish Behavior was my favorite stuff by him since his Faces days.

    4. southwest1


      "I can't work & I can't sleep...Infatuation" I like the synthesizers in this song. Cheesy & yet effective. This number was HUGE in the mid 80's when I was growing up. 



      Along with this companion single as well. 


      I still have this compilation album in my music collection even today. 



  18. Forum now declares me as a "Hall of Famer"


    I wanna thank everyone for making this possible, the mods, the members, Verizon my internet provider, thank you all.


    My only request, make sure my Gold Jacket reads "Apple Juice King" across the back ^_^

    1. Synthetic



      Here's your jacket!


      Image result for hall of fame jacket

  19. August 9 Through the Years 

     1814- The Creek Indians sign the Treaty of Fort Jackson


     1842- Webster-Ashburton Treaty signed establishing the US-Canada border east of the Rockies


     1854- Thoreau publishes Walden



  20. RIP Glen, my Dad and I used to sing this song together when i was a kid...



  21. August 8 Through the Years 

     1587- John Davis enters the Cumberland Sound


     1876- Edison receives a patent for the Mimeograph


     1969- The Family commits the Tate Murders 

  22. RIP Glenn Campbell who died of Alzheimer's at 84! :(

    1. TheRustonRifle#7


      RIP "Rhinestone Cowboy"....

    2. teganslaw


      "I'm gonna be where the lights are shining on me."

      RIP indeed.

    3. southwest1


      1969's 'True Grit' with John Wayne. Glenn was really good in that movie too saving that girl from a pit with an angry rattle snake in it. 


      Glenn was a great singer & a darn good actor too. 

  23. August 7 Through the Years  

     1782- George Washington creates the Purple Heart


     1789- U. S. Department of War is created


     1940- Alsace-Lorraine is annexed by the Third Reich


  24. IT'S GAME WEEK !!

  25. How bad is allergy season for anyone outside the Gulf Coast? I can't seem to shake sinus infections or hay fever problems this summer at all.

    1. teganslaw


      I haven't had any problems with hay fever here in Indiana. I've had sinus problems in the past, but nothing this year. Maybe some people are more sensitive to that, or it could also depend on location. 

    2. Synthetic



      Record season in AL this year. It's been kicking my butt now for 3 months...I've had these awful migraines the past two weeks, almost went to the hospital last week due to it. Will be so happy when fall and winter come over. 

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