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  2. I shockingly fit perfectly in my mom's wedding dress she wore marrying my dad in the 70's. So I am going to wear it for my own wedding in May. Just needs a few adjustments here and there and a professional cleaning since it has been in a box wrapped up for so long preserved. But I am almost the same exact size as my mom my whole life. 

    Needless to say me wearing her wedding dress has my folks an emotional mess. They are loving this.


    But it sure saves me a load of having to go around looking for a NEW dress and spending extra money on it that we can use for something else. Although this dress cost a fortune in the 70's for prices then so it's me going retro. It's sort of a Grace Kelly style wedding dress.

    1. Nadine


      You are making me cry

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  4. Remember the late great David Bowie and Glenn Fry. Two years ago!




  5. Last week
  6. HC?  Draft prospects?  Are theses significant issues in ones life?  Try getting a breaking news text, “Incoming missle attack, take cover this is not a drill.”

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    2. Nadine


      That was horrible.  Were you with your family?

    3. 100GFB


      Just me and wife were home.  Read that families were calling each other and saying goodbye and I love you!

    4. Nadine


      I cannot imagine the horror.

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  8. Fiance got tickets for us to go to Celtics/Cavs in Boston February 11th. I think I am going to probably act at this game like the girls who saw the Beatles in America for the first time.

    The finest display of athleticism in the world will be in front of me live as well as THE Brad Stevens. Oh and Paul Pierce night. Lebron. Da works.



  9. Sounds like Indy will be getting an ice storm tonight with some snow too. Be careful out there folks 

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    2. Malakai432


      Yeah fortunately it’s all melting now.

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah not too bad out here. We got lucky.

    4. RockThatBlue


      Yeah the weathermen got it wrong it looks like. Wasn't nearly as bad as they were saying.

  10. I changed my mind, giving the C's a shot now in the east. They made the Cavs look old as dirt tonight and Kyrie didn't even have a good game and spent most of the night deferring.  


    The IT angle will still be there but I am confident Stevens knows how to shut him down IF Isaiah can make it through the eastern playoffs healthy. I am amazed, holding the Cavs/Warriors to both 88 points this year is pretty difficult to do. And the Celtics missed a lot of shots tonight too.


    Cavs are still easily the favorites but if somehow the C's can get Hayward back in some role by years end.......well then it gets real.


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    2. Jules


      To be fair I did expect the C's to win tonight since they had a rest and the Cavs were on a back to back. But I didn't think it would be so easy.......


      I am SHOCKED Boston won so easily without Kyrie having a good shooting night.O.o But for all those who said he was A BALL HOG. He isn't. His shots were not going in tonight so instead of forcing it he got everyone else involved. He didn't try to play hero ball vs. Cleveland when they were covering him so much in this game.

    3. Jules


      I just don't know about this Cavs defense though, I mean they got torn the hell up even by Rozier tonight. lmao 


      And IT won't help them defensively.


      I am a big big fan of defense. Hell the Pacers scored easier on the Celtics.........

    4. Jules


      Hope Kevin Love will be okay, he hurt his ankle. He gets hurt way too many times in Boston. But he was not playing well before the injury either, Horford was owning him. Big Love fan but he can be fragile.


      Feel bad for IT too since he seems to genuinely still love Boston and the people. Sigh........he was even smiling when it was over.


    1. JPPT1974


      Starting off 2018 here! With a new song!

  12. A word of wisdom for Mr. Ballard on his search for a new coach... not really, just a good tune with a really good title.




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    2. BR-549
    3. BR-549


      I love Stevie's voice... she doesn't, well didn't look all that bad either

    4. BR-549


      @coltsfansince65 I really like John Denver.  I love the west.  Colorado, Wyoming etc. and so did JD.  I didn't get when I was younger, but having been to several western states to hunt I found my reason for existence.  So when I hear John Denver and all of his references to the west it gives me pleasure reminiscing about my time there and my hope to return soon.

  13. Happy New Year to everyone!  

    1. Nadine


      Happy New Year!:fireworks:

  14. If you are a fan of the Di*k Van * show, another cast member besides Mary Tyler Moore has passed. Rose Marie at 94 yesterday. Leaving Van * the only living surviving member. May she RIP!

  15. Got engaged on Christmas Eve!!! We are looking at May or June for the wedding right now or some month when it's not brutally cold lol. I was kinda torn on the idea of "the wedding" but I agreed to it due to him since he really wants to go all out on this. He is sort of the romantic type actually and yes those men still exist in todays age!!! And my family wants a special wedding and his mother/sister wants to do something special so.......well I can do it. His father died when he was in his 20's so I think his mom really wants to do something special for her son and family and I respect this. Most I know want a fun celebration so I can do that for them since I don't mind getting dolled up.




    Neither one of us has been married before so this is all new to us. We are going to buy a new house together too before the wedding.


    I am 36 and Mark is 37. We feel too old for the whole party thing beforehand in terms of something sleazy. I am just going to do something normal with a few girls I know and my sister. And he and his friends are doing something like going to one of the early season Red Sox games and making it a big event. They are mad mad baseball fanatics. He is a Boston sports fan yes but a nice one. He often teases me about coming online for Colts stuff and is like "So whats new with the Colts this week......who got hurt today on the team?". lmao He actually likes Andrew Luck too and hopes he can come back 100%. 


    Never thought I would get married my whole life but this is what I want now, you just never do know where life will take you. He is my soulmate and we actually can read each others minds. I met him a few years ago but we were mostly just close friends (who liked each other) until we became exclusive romantically this recent summer. But before we got official, we were talking nearly everyday and everyone just wanted us to get together already lol. It became way way too obvious.


    I met him through my first cousin's husband who introduced us a few years ago. And our first time hanging out was seeing a cheesy Adam Sandler movie.


    My cousin is my age exactly.......we grew up together and her husband wanted me to meet a guy he worked with. He had a picture of me and my cousin on his phone with me in a Colts scarf. lmao 


    Anyway I hope everyone else had a great holiday weekend and Christmas!!!!


    Glad the season is almost over too, we deserve to move on and regroup to better times.

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    2. Jules




      I have to ask, though: will there be a cat involved in your future plans? 


      We are currently pet-less if you can believe it. I had a few long time cats who passed. He had a long time Boston Terrier doggy who is gone now. 


      My folks would prefer a real baby I think. lmao They don't want a grand cat or grand dog.:lol:


      Neither of us has children but we are both very healthy, I was told I could have a kid until well into my 40's but if I did have one I would just have ONE when I am still in my 30's. I would not have more than one at our age. 


      We have not closed the idea on a baby someday but he has 3 young nieces and nephews around and my first cousin has a young toddler boy who is a load. My cousin and her husband actually adopted this boy too when he was a newborn and he is just beautiful.


      So there are kids around regardless of what happens with us with any of this.

    3. Jules


      But a kitten would not be a bad idea either. lmao The idea of a little fluffy calico one has been in my head lately.

    4. Gramz


      Congratulations!  Having the right partner in life makes all the difference.  Ron and I were in our mid 30's when we married, and it's been the best decision I ever made.   Wishing you both the best!

  16. May the New Year bring us an improved roster and another year with Adam Vinatieri !!

  17. Any Plans for Christmas for you all? Just having my family over there?!

    1. 100GFB


      Yup eat, eat, eat and more eating!

    2. Nadine


      Had family over for xmas eve and xmas day breakfast and dinner. I have a lot of leftover food.  Enough to have another party I think




  19. Merry Christmas y'all!!! 


    1. Malakai432


      Merry Christmas to you also my friend.  Have a safe NY as well!

  20. In light of a great effort tonight in my opinion... lets jam


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    2. BR-549


      Enjoy.... Better Times Are On The Way For Us Colts Fans


      Add to it if you like.... Merry Christmas to all my buds here

    3. NFLfan


      Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hope you are well. :)

    4. lollygagger8


      Merry Christmas!!! 

  21. Merry Christmas to all!  PLEASE feel free to add....nothing is out of place, just rejoice in the season...your friend. TheRustonRifle#7!




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    2. TheRustonRifle#7
    3. TheRustonRifle#7
    4. NFLfan


      Happy Special Day to you. Is it on Monday? Have a doubly wonderful day. Hope you receive all you dream for -- joy, laughter, family, good health, prosperity.... 


      Have fun!:billiejean:

  22. Thought I'd share the sad news that Colts fan Jen Draper passed away this past week.  Prayers for the family would be appreciated.


    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you & yours !!

    1. Nadine


      I had heard this.  I'm so sorry

    2. sb41champs


      Her grandson's lost their mother (Jen's daughter) just a couple of years ago - so her loss will be devastating for them.  Prayers appreciated for them !!


  23. All I want for Christmas is a completely healthy 2018 Colts team !!

  24. Want to wish the forum a very Merry Christmas. I won't be on the forums active until Christmas is over next week since I have relatives coming out who will be keeping my hands full this weekend starting soon lol. Some of them are cool, but some are a load to handle lol.

    Between work, my family and my boyfriend (soon to be fiance, rumor is *winks* :)) I have my hands full this long weekend!!!


    Have a great Christmas and holiday weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!





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    2. 100GFB


      Wishing you a great Christmas and a wonderful time with your family.

    3. Jules


      Thanks guys, was checking in before I went to bed. Merry Christmas to you guys as well and have a wonderful weekend!!!! 


      The Colts might be in a rough year but we still got each other and bright times are ahead again for next year, count on it.



      Lakers just ended the Rockets 14 game winning streak at Houston. Kuzma had 38 Points. Lonzo 16 Points, 9 Rebounds, 4 Assists. Merry Christmas Jules!


      And there you have it!!!!! Finally the Lakers got "the win" they needed and I been waiting for. Just in time too. :cheer2:Lonzo gets an extra present in his stocking now. :) 

      Merry Christmas Lakers Nation and Kobe lmao

    4. Robert Johnson

      Robert Johnson


      MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!



  25. Kobe jersey retirement tonight. So I leave us all with this quote by Lord Mamba.



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    2. Jules


      OMG, that intro tonight for Kobe and the story about the little boy and the journey he had and when he had to end it all was PERFECT.




      Loved it all, loved seeing all those big names there too tonight.


      Iverson was there taping it and mucking it up with Kobe!!!! :applause:


      Love the interactions between Kobe and Magic too and the fact Shaq is back with them as friends.

    3. Jules


      It's just so amazing with the Lakers/Celtics and all the legends they have......

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      Lakers almost won as well. Lost 116-114 in OT! Great halftime retirement ceremony. I had to YouTube it because I am at work but just watched it.

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