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  2. April 23 Through the Years 

     1635- The Boston Latin School becomes the 1st Public School in America


     1914-First Baseball Game held Weeghman Park(Wrigley Field)


     1951 American Journalist William N. Oates is arrested for Espionage in Czechoslovakia 


     1985- New Coke is released


     2005- "Me at the zoo" is released on YouTube 

  3. Last week
  4. I'm so ready for the draft 

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    2. RockThatBlue


      Either of those 2 would be good picks IMO.

    3. 100GFB


      Draft day!  Ah that means football season is around the corner. One little problem, whoever we draft the forum will go nuts and call for the resignation of GM Ballard!

    4. RockThatBlue


      Faaaarrr Ballard

  5. April 22 Through the Years 

      1519- Hernan Cortez establishes Veracruz, Mexico


      1906- The 1906 Intercalated Games open in Athens


      1970- Earth Day is celebrated 

  6. April 21 Through the Years 

     1509- Henry VIII becomes King of England


      1836- Texicans under Sam Houston defeat Mexican forces and General Santa Anna at San Jacinto


      1952- Secretary's Day started


      1962- Seattle World Fair opens


      1982- Rollie Fingers records his 300 Save



  7. Love your picture btw. That's what I originally thought of when I saw your name back then. Glad you finally put the proper photo in lol!

  8. LeBron for MVP!

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    2. Synthetic


      Never had any issue with Steve Kerr ever. He's one of the more likable coaches outside of Poppovich. His anti-Trump rant was a thing of beauty after the election. 




      Warriors win, but they struggled. And I hate hearing how Durant will be saved mostly for the finals if they play the Cavs since well um.......





      Yet LeBron haters love to accuse LeBron of going to a "loaded" team in Miami, yet that's exactly what Durant did. Even worse! The Warriors can actually win WITHOUT Durant. Miami lost 50+ games the year after LeBron left. 

    3. Jules


      My relatives are driving me insane. a few are in town.


      OMG........Lebron did another first round sweep! Just like last year!


      Steve Kerr is pretty cool. I like him, sadly his team is a bunch of egg heads but he is cool. And he suffers a lot with mysterious health things sadly.


      Be back later tonight probably, not sure but yeah........:headspin:

    4. Synthetic



      My relatives keep me insane, so I feel you there. :hug:




      OMG........Lebron did another first round sweep! Just like last year!


      Does LeBron even take the regular season serious anymore? lmao He waits till the playoffs to awaken. 


      The Warriors didn't look that great last night. They could've lost had it not been for that run they had. Happy though for Durant he can sit out while his star-studded team he's riding the coat tails of can win without him. 

  9. April 20 Through the Years   

      1534- Jacques Cartier begins his first voyage to Canada 


      1775- The Siege of Boston begins 


      1836- US Congress creates the Wisconsin Territory 


      1861- Robert E. Lee resigns his US Army commission 


       1871- The Civil Rights Act of 1871 becomes law


      1898- War against Spain is declared


      1912- Tiger Stadium and Fenway Park open


      1916- Weeghman Park(Wrigley Field) hosts the zcubs for the first time 


      1918-  Manfred von Richthofen(The Red Baron) makes his 79th and 80th Kill


      1999- Columbine High School Shootings

  10. April 19 Through the Years (con)


      1993- Waco astandoff ends


      1995- Oklahoma City Bombing


      2005- Joseph Ratzinger becomes Pope Benedict XVI


      2011- Fidel Castro resigns as First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba



  11.  April 19 Through the Years 

      1770- Captain James Cook sees Australia


      1770- Marie Antoinette marries Louis XVI


      1775-  American victory at Concord


      1927- Mae West sentenced 10 Days in jail for her play 


      1956- Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier of Monaco


      1987- First Appearance of The Simpsons 

  12. Red Letter Media spoofing the "nerd" culture is the best thing ever. VERY COOL....



    1. Jules


      I'll save it, no idea what this

    2. Synthetic



      They're making fun of nerdy "geek culture" and all the stuff on Youtube of people over-analyzing move trailers and how VERY COOL everything is. 

  13. April 18 Through the Years 

     1506- The Cornerstone of St. Peter's Basilica is laid


     1689- bostonians rebel against Sir Edmund Andros


     1775- Paul Revere's Ride


     1831- University of Alabama is fonded


      1932- Yankee Stadium is opened


      1942- Doolittle Raid in the Pacific 


      1942- Pierre Laval becomes Prime Minister of Vichy France


      1954- Gamal Abdul Nasser takes power in Egypt

  14. Welcome to TigerTown Coach Maners and Coach Maners


  16. Hoping the "you know what" factory can hold on and win this game. But, I have to say, last year the Cavs also struggled a ton to get by games like the ones they had vs. Detroit.

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    2. Synthetic



      Well, 5"9 is much taller than me lmao



      And the dude in my avatar is tough to come by too who was a 6'6 BEAST. A ball hog but a BEAST. A beautiful beast.


      Also MUSCULAR from the beginning. 


      This photo is from Kobe's rookie summer...


      Image result for kobe bryant magic johnson


      He always had great muscles on his arms and in great shape. Never did he have to bulk up and gain additional weight or anything like that. 




      Oh they ARE screwed in Boston. I am kinda lost though to how a team with Wade/Butler/Rondo is only the 8th seed?




      I dug out this old December article from 538 to show you. They penned it down that the Bulls beat the best teams and lose to the worst ones. 




      The Bulls’ puzzling, two-faced play stands out most when it happens in consecutive games, as it did earlier this month. The club beat the defending-champion Cavaliers the night before getting drilled by the Dallas Mavericks, who, along with the Wolves and Sixers, have the worst record in the NBA.

      The showing wasn’t out of the ordinary. During the past five full seasons and what’s been played so far this year,1 the Bulls have had nine instances — more than any other club2 — in which they knocked off a team with a pre-game winning percentage of at least .600, only to then lose to an opponent with a .400 winning percentage or worse the next game, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. The Bulls narrowly escaped laying another egg by holding on to beat a lowly Miami unit this weekend after an impressive win over San Antonio.


      This makes Chicago sound like the Chiefs....A team who often can beat up on great teams, but then get beat down by garbage like when K.C. lost to freaking Tampa Bay this past year, but swept the Raiders and also beat down Atlanta. 






    3. Jules


      I think I heard the Bulls had issues gelling......due to some egos on the team and alpha males in general, it took a while and there was some weekly drama too.




      Well, 5"9 is much taller than me lmao


      In NBA height thats like considered midget at 5'9. IT is an elite scorer at times but he can have huge issues defending all the dudes over 6 feet tall. IT and Rondo have been going at it a lot too in this series and Rondo is actually 6'1 believe it or not. 


      Watching these games actually makes me remember the old days when Rondo was so good with the Celtics. The way he can dictate the game on the court, pass the ball and get all those assists. Rondo looks more muscular now too then his old days in Boston.


      Believe it or not, Lonzo Ball is the same height as Kobe Bryant. He is just super skinny. But, I think you could take Lonzo and add weight on him and make him into an elite player......."maybe."



    4. Synthetic



      Oh yeah, you're right about height in the NBA. I think Allen Iverson was 5"9 or close to that, he was always known as being the "littlest guy in the league".


      Teams that run their entire offense through a little guy tend to be doomed to fail. I don't watch the Celtics as closely as you do, but I know Allen Iverson had this exact same problem with the Sixers. They relied so heavily on him to do every single thing on the court, and it doomed them since he never had a real big man to help out. From what I've seen, the Celtics seem to think IT can do it all on his own. I think they messed up during free agency by not getting him a legitimate playmaker to help out, Paul George would've totally helped. 



      Watching these games actually makes me remember the old days when Rondo was so good with the Celtics. The way he can dictate the game on the court, pass the ball and get all those assists. Rondo looks more muscular now too then his old days in Boston.


      Rondo is playing in this series like the old Rondo from the past. 


      I've never been big on Rondo cause of his ego, but one of my favorite memories was seeing him in 2012 take Miami to 7 games. That Celtics team was practically exhausted and broken down, and Rondo played his butt off in that series. That was the series with the very questionable calls I think in Game 2 where Wade was all over Pierce and got fouled and shot free throws after putting his hands on him. Omg, Miami one game shot over 50 free throws, it was nuts. 



      Believe it or not, Lonzo Ball is the same height as Kobe Bryant. He is just super skinny. But, I think you could take Lonzo and add weight on him and make him into an elite player......."maybe."


      Let's pray he has Kobe's work ethic or at least part of it. From watching how dedicated Kobe was even in his final season, I don't think we'll ever see someone that hardcore again. If Kobe Bryant were a guitar player, he would be one of those super hardcore type players, who practice religiously for 4-7 hours a day and are never late for band practice, and get REALLY mad when they have to deal with mediocre and lazy musicians that suck. lmao


      Most Lakers fans want Ball cause of his passing, they feel would be a fit in the offense Luke wants to run. I think I sent you a clip some time back where the Lakers passed the ball 8 times in a span of 15 seconds before taking a shot. 


  17. April 17 Through the Years 

     1397- Geoffrey Chaucer tells The Canterbury Tales for the first time


     1521- Trial of Martin Luther begins


     1524- Giovanni de Verrazzano reaches New York Harbor


     1861- Virginia votes to secede 


     1905- Lochner vs New York is decided


     1961- Bay of Pigs Invasion

  18. Earlier
  19. Happy Easter to all my (marshmellow) peeps :)

    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      Same to you!

    2. JPPT1974


      Right back at ya!

  20. Happy Easter my friends!

    1. NFLfan


      Same to you and your family.

  21. Because of Easter I decided to post this early

     April 16 Through the Years   

     1818- Rush-Bagot Treaty establishes the US border with Canada


     1862- Slavery is ended in Washington D. C.


     1881- Bat Masterson fights his last gunfight  


     1894- Manchester City F. C. Is formed


     1910- Boston Arena is opened


     1917- Vladimir Lenin returns to Russia  


     1943- Albert zHoffmann discovers the effects of LSD


     1963- MLK writes his Letter from the Birmingham Jail


     1990- Dr. Jack Kevorkian participates in his first assisted suicide


     2007- Virginia Tech Massacre


     20141 The MV Sewol capsizes 


  22. Any plans for Easter you all? My brother and brother in law as firemen have to work on Sunday. Duty calls. Celebrating today with family.

    1. Jules


      Food. Lots of food.




      And NBA playoffs.


      Hope you have a good Easter!!!!!!!

    2. Nadine


      We gathered and made brunch at my house.  Ate on the deck because the weather was beautiful.  Played trivial pursuit family  edition because we had an 8 year old with us.  Made me feel smart. usually I'm terrible at that game

  23. April 15 Through the Years  

     1715- Pocotaligo Massacre


     1755- A Dictionary of the English Language by Samuel Johnson is published


     1817- Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc found The American School for the Deaf


     1861- President Lincoln calls for 75,000 Volunteers


     1865- President Lincoln dies of his wounds


     1892- The General Electric Company is founded


     1896- Closing Ceremonies for the 1st Olympic Games


     1920- Events that lead to Sacco and Vanzetti's execution occurs


     1922- Tea Pot Dome Scandal is uncovered


     1923- Insulin is made available


    1924- Rand McNally publishes its first Road Atlas


     1947- Jackie Robinson breaks the color Bearer in the MLB


     1955- McDonald's opens


     1960- Ella Baker starts the Student Nonviolent  Coordinating Commitee


    1964- The First Ford Mustang rolls off the Assembly Line 

  24. Song to help kick off the NBA playoffs. Yes don't's New Kids on the Block, but for a reason. This boy band was from Boston and wrote this with the old Celtics in mind who won everything.



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    2. Jules


      Clippers lose by 2, they are in full playoff form early. I feel bad for Doc Rivers since the Clippers tied the game with 13 seconds and then Utah got a shot to go in at the buzzer. Doc looked heartbroken.


      Clippers are just so damn doomed.


      I have heard rumors too that Blake Griffin is interested in teams like the Celtics now.


      Should be the New Orleans Jazz though.

    3. Jules
    4. Jules


      Ugh this is depressing. Chicago shot lights out in game 1, Isaiah Thomas is a basket case and looks like he has not slept (understandable) and's game 2 or else our Boston dream is likely going to end sooner then we had hoped.


      Game 2 is now HUGE.


      Nice moment at the end when I saw D Wade talking to Isaiah kindly and asking how he was doing.


      If you did not see the Warriors, they struggled with Portland until the 4th quarter and Portland even had a lead once. Anyone who says the Warriors can't be beaten is stupid, they can be beaten......the D is still very iffy.

  25. April 14 Through the Years 

     1715- The Yamasee War begins in South Carolina


     1775- The Pennsylvania Abolition Society is formed by Ben Franklin and Benjamin Rush


    1828- Noah Webster copyrights his first edition dictionary 


     1865- John Wilkes Booth shoots President Lincoln


     1865- Lewis Powell attacks Secretary of State William Seward and his family


     1894- The 1st Commercial Motion Picture House opens in New York City


     1900- Exposition Universalle opens in Paris


     1906- Azusa Street Revival opens


    1912- RMS Titanic hits a Ice Berg 


     1939- The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck is published


     1941- Rommel attacks Torbuck



  26. The new Star Wars Trailer came out an hour ago and it already has 4 million views on Facebook. Now, I probably account for at least a thousand of those views, but still... haha 

    1. Synthetic



      It's a happy time to be a Star Wars fan, even if they don't like the newer movies. A possible Knights of the Old Republic remake or sequel was confirmed by BioWare. I could not be anymore ecstatic. 

    2. teganslaw


      The movie "The Last Jedi": could that refer to the beginning of the end of Star Wars remakes? If it's the last Jedi, wondering if that means it's the last Star Wars? I guess time will tell.

    3. Synthetic


      Probably not. The original plan was to do a trilogy in the newer films. It's almost like a soft reboot, since The Force Awakens is copied note from note of A New Hope. I'm concerned that 'The Last Jedi' could completely defeating the meaning of ROTJ. (They've already kinda done this anyway with the 'First Order', and how the rebels are still this rag tag group even after blowing up the second death star and killing the Emperor and Vader.) 

  27. Feeling pretty psyched about the Hankins' signing....not a fan of the 10 mil per but atleast only half is guaranteed. Going to celebrate with one of my all tim e favorite groups....some full albums (cd's for you Millennials)!



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    2. TheRustonRifle#7
    3. TheRustonRifle#7
    4. Malakai432


      Yeah Blackened was a great song, And Justice for All was probably my favorite album. 

  28. I'm sorry but 10 mil per is ridiculous 

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