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  2. Stay Safe Hoosiers

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  4. May 26 Through the Years  

     1830- Indian Removal Act passed


     1857- Dred Scott is emancipated by his original owners

  5. I made that comment quite a time ago. It was made Feb. 2016. It was not meant to be a shot at all. I ask the question out of curiosity and explained it as so.

    The only reason it came to your attention now is because of King Colt and his attempt to harass me. I have put him on ignore as to curb anymore problems.

    I did not appreciate his remark about sucking it up in regards to my grandson's life changing concussion issues.

    He has since made two more disparaging remarks to me after I ask him not to bother himself with commenting to me.

    Hopefully he will just leave me alone in his insulting attitude.

    1. Nadine


      my apologies, nobody should take shots like that

  6. VERY excited about this offseason.  I think we have a TON of good players that will eventually become solid players.  I just hope 'eventually' means "sooner rather than later".

  7. Congrats to Lebron James for passing Michael Jordan in playoff points!!!




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    2. Jules


      I am back in Cavs heaven.




      BTW this is hilarious:




      “This team is a crazy team. They just stayed resilient all year, got to the playoffs, and we really stepped our game up,” Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said. “Now we can start focusing on Golden State to get ready. As of tonight, I'll get started.”




      I don't care what anyone says. This team is fun as hell.

    3. Jules





      All right I am done for tonight. lmao 

    4. Synthetic



      Give LeBron 3-4 more years and he'll have the assists and rebound record too in the playoffs. 

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  9. May 25 Through the Years 

     1787- The United States Constitutional Convention opens


     1935- Ohio State's Jesse Owens breaks 3 WR in The Big Ten Championship


     1968- Gateway Arch is dedicated


     1977- Star Wars opens

  10. May 24 Through the Years  

     1830- "Mary Had a Little Lamb" is published


     1883- The Brooklyn Bridge opens to traffic


     1958- UPI is created

  11. Quiz #8 Guess this George Harrison Tune...

    What I feel

    I can't say

    But my love is there for you anytime of day

    But it's not life that you need

    Then I'll try my best to make anything succeed

    1. TheRustonRifle#7


      I know it but will refrain....:thmup:

    2. JPPT1974


      It's called "What is Life!"

  12. Browns need to see if they can sign Love and Lebron and then they might make the playoffs.



  13. May 23 Through the Years  

     1701- William Kidd is hanged 


     1788- South Carolina ratifies the Constitution 


     1948- Thomas Watson is assassinated in Jerusalem 

    1. PrincetonTiger


      Correction it wa Thomas Wasson 

  14. Jo Van Fleet in East of Eden, wow! She stole this movie on her own. Definitely deserved her Oscar for this.



    1. teganslaw


      I never saw this movie or read the book. It looks interesting. John Steinbeck wrote some powerful stuff. I liked "Grapes of Wrath", both the book (which I read a long time ago) and the movie.

    2. Synthetic



      Grapes of Wrath may be the better film IMO. I agree with you, Steinbeck is great. I haven't read the novel of East of Eden but I might since I did enjoy the film. 


      East of Eden is a take on the old bible story Cain and Abel with a heavy focus on a father-son relationship. It's a decent film. I thought the emotional connections in the film really drove it since it focuses so heavily on the father and sons and their struggles with one another. 


      This old lady though, Jo Van Fleet definitely steals the show when she's on camera. I love it when she tells James Dean "it makes me mad thinking about a rrrrrranch." She was arguably even better in Cool Hand Luke. 



  15. May 22 Correction

      2002- Bobby Frank Cherry was convicted of the 1963,Bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama

  16. May 22 Through the Years  

     1455- The 1st Battle of St. Albans starts the War of the Roses


     1752- The Trevi Fountain opens


     1804- The Lewis and Clark Expedition leaves St. Charles, Missouri  


     1856- Congressman Preston Brooks of South Carolina attacks and injures Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts on the floor of the Senate over Sumner's speech against slavery


     1900- The AP is formed


     1964- LBJ launches his GreatvSociety


     2002- Bobby Frank Cherry is convicted of the 1963 2nd Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama

  17. May 21 Through the Years

     1881- Clara Barton establishes the American Red Cross


     1917- Great Atlanta Fire


     1924-Loeb and Leopold Murders


    1927- Lindbergh creates his historic Trans Atlantic flight


    1980- The Empire Strikes Back is released

  18. The NBA playoffs this year have been absolutely terrible. Super teams are ruining a once very good sport. Too bad.

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    2. RockThatBlue


      Boston will almost certainly lose tonight. No way LeBron only scores 11 points again. 

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      I agree, no way the Cavs lose tonight, if they lose tonight that would be embarrassing. The Celtics are without their best player and the Cavs have so much more talent on the court and are at home. This honestly shouldn't even be close after what happened the other night.

    4. TheRustonRifle#7


      It is too bad that Isaiah got hurt as Boston possibly could have sold high on him this off season.  His offense doesn't overcome his defensive liabilities.

  19.  May 20 Through the Years 

      1497- John Cabot sets sail looking for a western passage


     1498- Vasco Da Gama finds the sea route to Indiana


     1861- Kentucky declares neutrality 


     1861- North Carolina secedes


     1862- Lincoln signs the Homestead Act


       1873- Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis receives a patent for blue jeans with copper rivets


     1940-Prisoners arrive at Auschwitz



  20. Quiz #7...What is the late Chuck Barris first ever show he created? Hint it was not the Gong Show!

    1. 100GFB


      Good one I'm not answering as I had to google the answer.

    2. JPPT1974


      Guess you will let others answer it. Very sweet of you.

    3. JPPT1974


      It is the Dating Game! 1965 There!

  21. Kudos to GM Chris Ballard and the front office staff for getting ALL 8 of our 2017 draft picks under contract expediently !!

  22. Earlier

    Beat down massacre commencing in Boston. A lot of people seem upset at this. lmao


    Image result for lelbron

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    2. Synthetic


      Just the reason most are scared of playing in Boston again...They're a dirty team. 

    3. Jules


      We will be okay. I mean just have to hope for the best. Hoping is what Lebron teams is all about.......


      Kyrie is locked in. He could barely talk after the game.


      Kyrie DOES sort of now remind me of a young Kobe now. HOLY CRAP.  This was like young Kobe tonight.


      Oh yeah, Cavs over Warriors in 6. lmao I won't change. It's going to be BRUTAL though. OMG it is.......Warriors have the starting lineup from hell.


      But, I do think it's not impossible and it's quite possible the Warriors are the 2007 Patriots and Durant is Randy Moss.:lol:


      I am actually replying in "the thread" for the first time in weeks. 

    4. Jules


      Yep it's in the archives. CLEVELAND ALL THE WAY ALL THE WAY ALL THE WAY.






      *screams* GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Warriors gonna go down 2007 Pats style coming right back at ya punks.


      lmao tonight TNT made it with Kyrie spanking the Celtics over Lebron this time. lmao 




      Just the reason most are scared of playing in Boston again...They're a dirty team. 


      Yeah they can get chippy but then again this is also playoff basketball at it's highest level.


      It's going to be MUCH rougher in the finals. We have to face Draymond and Zaza, think about that and let it register. It's like going against two Nazi Guards. Kevin Love is going to have to be at the TOP of HIS GAME. He's the pretty talented 3 point shooting white guy and you know he is the one they will go after. 


      Since well they all go after Kevin Love.........


      Boston actually plays a lot like the Warriors will against the Cavs with dirty big men and guards who can hit loads of 3's.


  24. May 19 Through the Years 

     1536- Anne Boleyn is beheaded


     1962- Marilyn Monroe sings happy birthday to JFK

  25. LeBron has scored 30+ points now in 8 of 9 playoff games, averaging 35 points a game. He deserves MVP over Westbrook and Harden easily.

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    2. Synthetic



      Unbelievable...Boston gave up 72 points in the first half. lmao


      Down by 40 points :excited:


      And no, I don't pity them for being a historic team and the "worst beat down at home in the playoffs" tear jerker fest. They get no pity from me. It's like when people cry over Pittsburgh's historic home losses, who cares? Look how many championships these teams have. 

    3. Jules


      Dude.......Lebron for MVP.



    4. Synthetic



      LeBron didn't even finish for MVP in the awards. It's going to be Westbrook, Leonard or Harden. Talk about a f'ing tragedy when LeBron is a killing machine in the post season. 

  26. RIP Chris of the most iconic voices of the last 30 years.  This comes from "Temple of The Dog", the next one will as well.  This was a collaboration of Soundgarten and Green River (Early Pearl Jam) as a tribute to "Mother Love Bones" prodigy Andrew Wood...who overdosed.  Quite the irony.  Say hello to heaven Chris and for all those that think people have it made because they are famous...the psyche tells a different tale...




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    2. southwest1


      Wide Awake as the feature track on Michael Mann's film 'Miami Vice' gave teeth, intensity, depth, & gravity IMO. 


      When I think of Chris, this song always comes to the forefront hands down. God, I love this track. It signifies his range as a lyricist & composer in my estimation. 



    3. southwest1


      You know you have made it by the quality of covers amateur performers do in your honor...





      Other then getting sued, this is the benchmark of becoming a household name. 

    4. southwest1


      I keep thinking of Chris's lyrics from his song "Shadow Of The Sun" in light of how he passed away. 


      Once upon a time I was of the mind
      To lay your burden down

      And leave you where you stood
      And you believed I could
      You'd seen It done before
      I could read your thoughts
      Tell you what you saw
      And never say a word
      Now all that is gone
      Over with and done - never to return

      [Chorus 1:]
      And I can tell you why
      People die alone
      I can tell you I'm
      A shadow on the sun

      Staring at the loss
      Looking for a cause

      And never really sure
      Nothing but a hole
      To live without a soul
      And nothing to be learned

      [Chorus 2:]
      And I can tell you why
      People go insane
      I can show you how
      You could do the same
      I can tell you why
      The end will never come
      I can tell you I'm
      A shadow on the sun

      Shapes of every size
      Move behind my eyes
      Doors inside my head
      Bolted from within
      Every drop of flame
      Lights a candle in

      Memory of the one
      Who lives inside my skin

      [Chorus 2:]
      And I can tell you why
      People go insane
      I can show you how
      You could do the same
      I can tell you why
      The end will never come
      I can tell you I'm
      A shadow on the sun"


      Chris was an exceptional writer, artist, & composer that's for sure. I just wish we would stop losing musicians of high caliber & sophistication though. Can't we lose some cookie cutter boy bands instead? I mean does anybody miss manufactured corporate; no name talent? Hades no. 

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