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  2. Quiz #7 July 2017 Name the Game Show that started with and with that of the now current incarnation that said..."From Hollywood Almost Live Its...."

    1. 100GFB


      I have no idea!

    2. JPPT1974


      It is in the 1970's, a game and variety show together.

  3. July 23 Through The Years  

     1829- William Austin Burt patents the typographer


     1862- Henry Halleck becomes supreme commander of the Union Army


     1903- Ford sells its first car





  4. July 22 Through the Years  

     1686- Albany, New York is chartered 


     1706- The Acts of Union creates Great Britian 


     1893- "America the Beautiful" is written 

  5. What a way to start a Sunday

  6. Another Colts season

    im still here

    lets go colts

  7. In Indy for the race tomorrow.  Anyone else going?

  8. Last week
  9. Just saw Dunkirk.  I'm overwhelmed in more ways than I have words for.

    1. southwest1


      I believe Christopher Nolan directed that film. I lost considerable respect for him over the cinematic mess called "Inception" he also went behind the camera for, but I will admit that the movie trailer looks intriguing & critic Richard Roeper raved about it. Therefore, I must give "Dunkirk" a fair shot. 


      I don't typical see war flicks in the theater though. WWII stuff feels to much like graduate school class for me again like I'm gonna be tested on it or forced to write a 25-30 page paper on it with footnotes. LOL! 


      I'll see it on video not in person. I don't like being lectured to at the multiplex. I go to movies in person to be entertained. Glad you enjoyed it though Nadine. 

  10. July 21 Through the Years  

     1861- First Battle of Bull Run


     1925- John T. Scopes  found guilty

  11. July 20 Through the Years  

     1903- Ford Motor Co. ships its 1st Car


     1969- Apollo 11 lands on the Moon


     1976- Viking 1 lands on Mars

  12. July 19 Through the Years  

     1848- Seneca Falls Convention  



  13. July 18 Through the Years  

     1792- John Paul Jones dies


     1944- Tojo resigns as Japanese P. M.


     1984- McDonald's Massacre in San Ysidoro, California 

  14. July 17 Through the Years  

     1902- Willis Carrier creates the 1st Air Conditioner


      1938- "Wrong Way" Lloyd Corrigan takes off 


     1955- Disneyland opens

  15. July 16 Through the Years  

     1790- Washington D. C. Is established as US Capital 


     1945- Atomic Age begins


     1969- Apollo 11 is launched

  16. Running simulations of a Tecmo Super Bowl rom "Best of the 90's" edition. 


    For those that play with an SNES emulator, here is the game if you would like to try it 



    Notes so far - 


    The teams presented here are very fair and I only have minor disagreements on a few. The 1998 Colts are in instead of the iconic 1995 team. I don't know enough about the 95 Colts if they were better or worse than the 1998 team. One that I definitely disagree on is the 1991 Lions. 1995 was the peak year of the Barry Sanders Lions, and the one year Scott Mitchell looked like he was worth that ridiculous contract. I think the 1990 Bears are a forgettable team, but it was the last hurrah of the iconic and aged out 80's team, so they are a good piece on there. Another one that could be argued is the 1992 Eagles, since the 1991 team had a historic defense that is still talked about to this day, but I imagine the 1992 team got the nod over 1991 due to Randall Cunningham being healthy. He was out in 1991, and it's pretty difficult to image the Eagles in Tecmo without the infamous "QB EAGLES" as he's called in the NES version. 


    I ran several simulations the past few days (COM vs COM) and these were the results....


    1998 Jets vs 1997 Chiefs


    Anyone remember when Vinny Testerverde was good? 1998 was the best year of his career and for those that rooted for him when he was labeled a bust, this was the one moment where Vinny shined in excellence, and he goes on to do that in Tecmo. Jets win this game 13-7 after scoring on consecutive drives to go up 10-0 early and then the rest of the game turned into a defensive slug fest. 


    1995 Steelers vs 1996 Patriots


    The two AFC winning teams between '95 and '96. This was surprisingly a very defensive heavy game. Both quarterbacks passed for around 250 yards, but neither could score much. Neither team could really run the ball, though Curtis Martin got around 90 yards in total. The Steelers went up 7-0 for most of the game, but then Bledsoe leads them down the field twice in the 4th to go up 14-7...Neil O'Donnell gets a fluke lucky hail mary to tie the game, then in OT, O'Donnell does it again and wins off a fluke (he also threw 3 interceptions in this game). Steelers win 20-14. 


    1998 Colts vs 1999 Jaguars 


    So far, the highest scoring game I've simulated. The Jags win 44 to 31, but most of this was a very back and forth scoring game where both offenses excelled. There was a few turnovers here and there, but the Jags mostly won from being up big early. Colts storm a comeback twice and make it a game, but can't keep up with the Jags in the 4th quarter. 


    1994 49ers vs 1998 Falcons


    The biggest surprise of all games so far. The Falcons scored on the first play after Ricky Watters fumbles the ball and it goes back for a TD. Atlanta jumped to a 14-3 lead, and then slowed down but the 49ers had 4 turnovers in this game, and both running backs Watters and Floyd went down injured. Steve Young had a big game, and the 49ers came back in this game after a safety and some turnovers help them but ultimately went on to lose it, 29 to 31. Huge upset...


    1992 Saints vs 1992 Eagles


    Tough game between two iconic defenses that play lights out. The Saints go up 10-0 early, but then come the Eagles who slowly tie the game. Randall Cunningham's running around mostly saves the Eagles in the end after a bad Bobby Herbert interception. The Saints of the "Cha ching" era go on to CHA-CHOKE this game away with turnovers in the 4th quarter. Eagles win 24-17


    1992 Cowboys vs 1999 Bucs


    This game wasn't close at all. Emmitt Smith ran all over the Bucs defense, though Tampa Bay did get some big sacks and a few turnovers (including a rare interception covering Michael Irvin). The Bucs defense played great apart from letting Smith have a big game, but it was Tampa Bay's offense that sunk them. 31-14 Cowboys.


    1996 Packers vs 1996 Panthers


    Rain game, so both teams look sluggish by Tecmo standards. The final score was 19 to 7, but this game wasn't close at all. Brett Favre had three passes that went for around 55-60 yards to Antonio Freeman who had a big day. He still had one interception, ironically on a short pass where he was picked off by Sam Mills. The Panthers offense was awful in this game, Reggie White had 3 sacks. 



    More games later....




    1. Jules


      Oh no! It looks like this long message of yours got pushed off the first page of this site. So I am not sure most will see it.


      I can comment on these:



      The 1998 Colts are in instead of the iconic 1995 team. I don't know enough about the 95 Colts if they were better or worse than the 1998 team. 


      Interesting they have the 1998 Colts, that was Peyton's rookie season though so that is maybe why. 




      1998 Colts vs 1999 Jaguars 


      So far, the highest scoring game I've simulated. The Jags win 44 to 31, but most of this was a very back and forth scoring game where both offenses excelled. There was a few turnovers here and there, but the Jags mostly won from being up big early. Colts storm a comeback twice and make it a game, but can't keep up with the Jags in the 4th quarter. 



      The '98 Colts were pretty bad, only won 3 games. But they could score points as the year went on more due to a rookie Manning and some serious budding offensive talent all around. So when you say it was a high scoring game where both offenses did well, thats why too. I think I remember us losing some high scoring games that year.


      Colts in 1999 then reversed fortunes and went from 3-13 to 13-3. So the signs of a very good Colts offense despite only winning 3 games was there in '98. '99 Colts lost in the playoffs to the Titans.


      I think in '98 the Jaguars were a very good team and won a playoff game under Coughlin.



  17. Back Home Again in Indiana 

  18. I just finished reading the book "Claude and Camille (author is Stephanie Cowell)" about the Impressionist artist, Monet. It explains his paintings and his relationships with other artists and his one love, Camille Doncieux. Anyone who's admired Monet's water lilies and Gardens at Giverny might like this book. Very well written.

  19. Quiz 6...What is the show that kicked off the reality craze in the early 1990's about strangers living in a house through all walks of life? Hint it is not Survivor!

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    2. 100GFB


      Reality?  They were living in a beachfront mansion and had jobs already lined up for them!

    3. JPPT1974


      Indeed it is the Real World. Crazy show!

    4. 100GFB


      Thanks JPPT1974.  Love it, keep it coming.

  20. I thought it would be fun to post one hit wonders....please free to add.


    Well this group actually has two hits....




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    2. teganslaw


      "American Pie" is one of my favorite songs. I also like "Starry, Starry Night", which isn't as well known, but just as good. I like Van Gogh's painting, "Starry Night", and the song reflects the meaning behind that painting.


      I hadn't heard about the domestic violence incident. I don't know what to think about that.

    3. NFLfan


      I love American Pie too. It is about as old as I am but I did not begin to appreciate it until I went to college. It was played all the time. 

    4. crazycolt1


      I was a junior in high school when that song came out in 1971. It really peaked in 1972 and the rest is history.

      It seemed to be an extension of some of the hippy songs coming out of the late 60s and is an iconic song for sure.

  21. I really enjoyed seeing Wonder Woman. I didn't have high expectations but it knocked my socks off. I really liked this new actress they chose too, she is stunning. Also I didn't know heading into it that this film would have such heavy WWI elements with a background story but I thought it was great. I am not a super action hero expert or junkie either so as a casual fan I loved the film!

    1. Synthetic



      Wonder Woman was great. DC finally made a decent movie, and it's forced me to take back what I said and eat crow over Gal Gadot's acting in Batman vs Superman. She was very charming in Wonder Woman. I greatly enjoyed it too! 

    2. Jules


      My folks went to see Wonder Woman tonight since I told them they would like it. I know they will love it too.


      OMG that film is sooooooooo cute. lmao I mean it just IS. So enchanting. 



    3. southwest1


      I haven't seen Wonder Woman yet, but it does seem to have bridged that gap between widespread audience support in droves & critical acclaim by professional film reviewers. I'll see it eventually, but I gotta see War For The Planet Of The Apes first. I have a profound appreciation for actor Andy Serkis ever since his landmark portrayal of Gollum in the LOTR trilogy & now his moving depiction of the Primate Caesar. 


      Anyway, I'm glad to hear that both Jules & Bogie enjoyed Wonder Woman. You 2 have a knack for knowing quality material over over bloated trash so, I trust your judgement in the long run. 

  22. Bored and need something football related before the season starts? Check out the Tecmo Super Bowl Legends season playthrough! 




  23. Two white boys that could belt out the rhythm and blues...



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    2. NFLfan


      Some more




      There are some others like Maneater, Can't Go For That, and more that I like. I love Hall & Oates!

    3. southwest1


      The vibe on "I can't go for that" has a timeless groove & hook to it that just works.


      "I-high I-high high I that you want me too ooh oooh" Like a jazzy, easy listening tune that keeps playing in your head. Sweet! 

    4. southwest1


      My dad would like Hall & Oates version of "You've lost that lovin' feelin'" 


      He's a huge Righteous Brothers fan. He played their cassettes all the time in his Dodge Dakota truck back in the day. 

  24. Earlier
  25. Only a couple of weeks until Colts training camp begins. Very excited! Football is almost back.

    1. NFLfan


      Not a moment too soon. haha


      Here is something for Colts fans if it has not already been posted. 


    2. TheRustonRifle#7


      Can't wait! the end of these south Florida summers begins to wane...............


    At it again

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    2. BR-549


      Not a fan but I like this song just as most do...




    3. BR-549


      This one is good too




    4. TheRustonRifle#7


      Poor Ned do you not fight back?



  27. T-minus 14 days and counting before the Colts report for training camp !!

  28. July 15 Through the Years  

     1799- The Rosetta Stone found


     1870- Georgia is readmitted to the Union


     2006- Twitter is launched

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