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  2. The Disaster Artist looks amazing and hilarious. 



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  4. Van Halen full albums!




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    2. TheRustonRifle#7
    3. TheRustonRifle#7


      Van Halen became Van Hagar after "1984"....not the same group...

    4. crazycolt1


      I liked Van Hagar better than Van Halen myself. I just think Sammy brought better vocals and also his extra guitar to the group. His vocals pushed Eddies playing IMO.

  5. Last week


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    2. bababooey


      Just emailed a few to you! Heading to bed, early flight to San Fran

    3. Gramz


      Just got them.  Fabulous.  Stephanie is absolutely stunning in these, and you look great as well.  Thank you so much for sending them to me.   Have a safe and wonderful honeymoon.  

    4. Nadine



  8. sigh

    1. Gramz


      I'll second that.   But, it was better than last week.

    2. Nadine


      Absolutely.  So much better

  9. The. Same. Story. Every. Year. 



    Fire Sean Payton - he has had 5 YEARS to figure this thing out on defense...coaches change, players change, schemes change, yet here we are and nothing has really changed in play. Still looks as bad as it did 5 years ago. Officially done with this....

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    2. Synthetic



      I have to agree that Adrian Peterson is overrated. I wouldn't have him in any of my fantasy lineups because he would disappoint too often.


      No one else wanted him...NE and NO had interest in him and that was it. Green Bay is literally starting a wide receiver as their running back, and yet even they had no interest in Peterson. 


      Sean Payton has become 'Grandpa Sean' as some of us like to joke, but I'm still amazed he thought Peterson was a good idea. Not only is the child abuser slow and overrated, he's also full of himself...He's a media distraction who runs his mouth constantly in the NOLA media and complains non-stop after just one game. 


      We could've resigned Tim Hightower and avoided all this all together..Peterson is slow and old, and Mark Ingram is the one who is getting screwed in this, cause Peterson getting carries to run 3 yards takes away from handing off to Ingram. 




      Another kitten was killed? That's too bad; I hope that other kittens and the mother cat are doing OK.


      These cats are weird, and I don't know how to properly explain it to make sense....The mother cat was too small to have kittens. She is a miniature, tiny...and she had 5 kittens, and it's wrecked her body. She killed two of them by not allowing them feed, and it happened at a time I wasn't home to tend to them....


      I don't know how to explain or talk about this...This is the most bizarre thing I've ever seen from an animal. I have never seen cats act like that. I don't think this specific cat had motherly instincts, cause when she gave birth, she just left them there at first. I had to force her to tend them, and had to do this for a whole month...the cat still didn't learn. I called my local vet twice today and explained this, and they don't understand this behavior either coming from female cats. 

    3. teganslaw


      I've heard of this happening sometimes. If a cat is too young or small when she has kittens, she doesn't always know how to act with them, and doesn't understand what to do. When I was growing up, our neighbor's cat abandoned her kittens because she didn't know any better. Another cat adopted those kittens as her own. It was a strange situation, but turned out OK because the kittens were raised by another cat. 

      There's not much you could have done in this case, but it doesn't make things any easier. It sounds like your cat will never be a good mother, she just doesn't have the instinct for it. 

    4. Synthetic



      You pretty sum up my worst fears of it...Was your neighbor's cat a miniature, like really small? That's what I have. All miniatures. The biggest ones are about half the size of a natural cat. 


      It's strange though cause it was only this one cat. i have a white one who is a miniature too and she had kittens and tended to them like any other cat (but sadly they didn't live). You mention another cat adopting the kittens as their own, and that is exactly what my white one did several months ago with a kitten that managed to survive to another cat (the mother died sadly) . 


      This specific cat though, it's so strange and it's been giving me headaches for months. First off, it went into heat back around March when it was still somewhat cold. It had kittens, and I'll never forget it just having them and leaving them there...she didn't clean them or nothing. It was like she had them, and moved on...I have had to force that cat to tend to them. This last litter that got killed off, I was forcing her into a box to make her feed them. 

  10. Singing again tonight.  I thought I had retired from this, however, we've been busier than ever lately.  

    Do it why you can,  right..??      Listening to Stevie Nicks right now,   getting in the mood.  "I have my own life.... and I am Stronger than you know"   :)

    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      For old Uncle Mark you should sing Sweet Caroline DADADA lmao. I love Stevie Nicks by the way, great choice.

    2. 2006Coltsbestever
  11. Hi, you seem to be knowledgeable  about all the NFL rules. Where can I find information on whether injured players (on IR, on PUP, etc) can be traded? Most say they cannot be traded. But is that accurate? Yes, many will ask "why would anyone trade for an injured player"? Lol. I would trade for an injured elite player (Watt, Luck, Julio Jones, L. Bell etc.). 


    I wish we had a Q/A section where these types of questions can be addressed. Since we don't, I decided to ask you in a Status Update. :) Thanks.

    1. ColtsBlueFL


      I'm still cleaning upi after hurrican Irma here, so don't spend much time in research these days.  So I can't give you a link until I have time later.  but in the meantime, think of these things.  Injured players must be paid. period.  If you want to waive them, there must first be an injury settlement. IOW, they must be paid for the amount of time it would take them to be fully rehabbed.


      Money (especially elite players) - not only is their contracts high, so is guaranteed money.  That money is paid to the player up front at signing (unless a contractual alteration is agreed to). So the team 'Cap Hit' is spread out and manageable.  The owners 'Cash Hit' , however, is immediate and much larger.  A team cannot recoup any of that cash, and I'm pretty sure the cap hit stays with the team as dead money, since it is on their books as already paid.  Superman would be better to consult on these items. So any team would absolutely want to trade for injured elite players, but it appears there is no incentive for a team to trade that commodity away, considering the enormous resources already put into them that cannot be recouped.  So whether their is a rule about trading a n injured players rights or not, looking at some of the details of the deal seem to prevent it from ever happening.


      Oh, and there is a trade deadline too, I think it is Halloween this year.  Try Superman, I'll be the could explain more and better. :)


      Back to cleanup and helping out the neighborhood however I can.

    2. NFLfan


      Thanks. Sorry to hear that. About a third of my extended family lives in South Florida, east and west. So, I have heard about the current conditions. Glad all are safe. All the best with the recovery and clean-up.


      The more I read, the more I am assuming that there is no rule against trading players on IR or PUP. I read an article that recommended that the Jets trade for A. Robinson, WR, Jags. I believe he is on IR. The writer also thought the Jets should trade for Teddy. Ugh. I would hate that. Giants maybe, not the dysfunctional Jets. 


      Take it easy, if you can.

  12. this is at least a logical responce


  14. Earlier
  15. Congrats to Kobe Bryant, first player in NBA history to have TWO numbers retired by the same team.




    Bryant wore No. 8 from 1996 to 2006, when he switched to No. 24 for the remainder of a 20-year career spent entirely with the Lakers. He will be the 10th player honored by the Lakers with a retired number hung high on the Staples Center wall, but the first in NBA history to have two numbers retired by the same team.



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    2. Synthetic



      His dad was coaching over there a few years ago, I wouldn't be surprised if Kobe wanted to get involved with something over there. 

    3. Jules


      Yeah Kobe's dad was always big with international basketball, thats partly how Kobe grew up in Italy as a kid.



    4. Synthetic



      Kobe's dad is an interesting topic....


      He played for the Clippers at one point when he was at the twilight of his career...


      Kobe had some weird feud with his mom and dad some years back, I think you might remember it. Something about his memorabilia being taken??? And they weren't talking for years. 


  17. Vikings gonna be so disappointed to learn next week that this only happens against the Saints...

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    2. Jules


      And you got to see this:


    3. Synthetic



      I can't see whatever that is at the bottom. I'm using Chrome, that might be why...



      Yeah, Goff is going to come back down to earth too. Your team made him look like Kurt Warner, that was as shameful as the Saints making SAM BRADFORD look like Dan Marino. 

    4. Synthetic



      And now the Minnesota hype train begins!! lmao


      Here's my guarantee ahead of time...If the Vikings do make the playoffs, I promise that they will lose and either blame it all on the field goal kicker (1998 NFCCG vs Atlanta, vs Seattle a few years ago), or the refs (Drew Pearson hail mary!!!) or something stupid like 'Bountygate' (Saints NFCCG)....I hate this team and their whiny fans so much, cause nothing is ever their fault. They can never just take responsibility for losing. No, it's always someone else's fault or they make up a conspiracy like they did with Bountygate. They're the Hillary Clinton of NFL teams - they think they've automatically won in the playoffs before the game is even played, and then have a laundry list of people and things to blame when it don't go their way. 






  18. So yeah, um this custom jersey exists....





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    2. Jules


      The only thing you have to hang your hat on ahead of time is that a Brees led team has often shown up vs. the Pats, even in a loss.


      But this was the Brees teams without the slow child abusing aazz.



      Holy crap, I just realized another game was on. lmao I looked up and said Wait it's Denver? lmao 


      Oh good another crappy L.A. team.......

    3. Synthetic



      The only positive of today is that Coby Fleener actually looked good and caught some tightly contested passes. 


      When Fleener is your only positive, that's not good. lmao


      Rex Ryan is commentating that Denver game too...I figure he won't be that bad on there since Rex does have charisma and is likable (and hilarious, weather that's intentional or not). 

    4. Jules


      I am just glad I got to see another awesome Saints prime time game that I make time to watch. lmao I swear whenever I see them on at night the last few years they look like trash.


      Your offense btw did look out of sync, maybe it is the Peterson effect and his slow child abusing aazz.


      AP also looked POUTY, I am getting Tomlinson vibes now. But LdT never hurt a child, he is nothing but class. He is a very classy person.

  19. GOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. we were going to loose Dorset a former #1 pick it was a topic since training camp considering our back up QB situation (and I don't agree with our cutting Morris and keeping Walker) trading Dorset for Bissett was the best move we could have made rather than just loosing Dorsett

  21. This has been a great week


     Go Chiefs

     Go Cubs

     Go Tigers

  22. Hurricane Irma might be one of the scariest looking things I have ever seen. I almost am afraid to turn on the news at times. This thing never seems to die and has been a literal monster. Best wishes to anyone in the path coming up in and around Florida. But it does sound like all safety precautions are being taken ahead of time.

    Also I am sad beyond belief at the poor Caribbean islands and how pummeled they got. They have little means to fix things. I have been to the island of St. Martin in the past a while back and it is completely devastated I read and seen right now. It's completely down and they are going insane there with so much isolation from the rest of the world and no clean water and electricity.. And those are some of the nicest people I had ever met before too in the past when I been there, it is called "the Happy Island". I don't know how they can recover from this. Those islands had to recover from Hurricane Luis that ruined them back in the mid 90's and finally did in the 2000's........and they thrive there on tourism to survive economically. Hurricane Luis was a category 4 and Irma hit them at a full force category 5 with winds beyond imaginable.


    Just mind boggling. I can't get over this hurricane season. From Harvey to Irma to even Jose now lingering in the background as a category 4 but Jose is not expected to hit the States.


    I just hope it all stops soon.

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    2. Jules


      Yep, the IT thing is very confusing and very bad. There is literally zero timetable for his return and his hip "could" be shot without a long rehab after surgery if he ever has it. And the new GM there might have gotten fleeced bad by Ainge. I think the reason the trade held off so long is the new GM thought Ainge would panic and cough up a lot more and he didn't and just gave them another second round pick for 2020.


      A 25 year old Kyrie Irving isn't looking so bad right now and people need to be patient since Brad Stevens has a lot of his game to now clean up big time. But Brad Stevens seems to be very into this move and up for the challenge of what Ainge is calling "greatness" with Kyrie Irving. So Kyrie has had his ego stroked big time too already by Boston. lmao 


      Begs the question though. Why didn't Cleveland void the trade over IT's health? Well IMO Dan Gilbert just wanted the Nets pick, simple as that........he is hurting Lebron yet again.


      Boston did get the better deal since their staring PG is Kyrie and the backup is Marcus Smart who they were able to keep and is a very capable player.


    3. Jules


      Boston still needs more but if they don't win the east this year they know the core is young enough to keep moving forward.


      Oh God what did you do? You mention the NBA and I go off into la la land. lmao 

    4. Jules


      Slight correction to my OP. St Martin or Sint Maarten is called "the friendly island" but I said happy but same thing right?


      Sad since they are not so happy now.:( But YES they were so friendly there and smiley when I went.



  23. Why are there so many Colt bashers on a forum that should be more about Colt fans?

    I don't mean talking about  position players we need or don't need or our gripes about

    management but the constant berating of past players and eras 

    1. Gramz


      I've been asking that for years.

    2. horseshoecrabs


      I was a member for awhile in this fan forum back when Peyton was first  being drafted.

      It was a lot of the same negativity that made me quit the forum back then. I see some things

      never change.

    3. aaron11


      they are trolls.  they do it because they like trolling, its their nature 

  24. The 2017 roster is in "revolving door" mode !!


    I saw this today and just had to show you. 



    Laughed so hard I was in tears at Le'veon Bell's rap music. lmaolmaolmao

    1. Jules


      OMG I actually did watch the entire video. lmaolmaolmao 


      My fave part actually is the terrible towels on the newborn babies.:lol: I almost wish I had a still photo of that.:lol: I mean are you kidding me? That looks like CHILD ABUSE, those poor babies. Those towels could be DIRTY too.


      And then after they show a wedding with everyone holding up those stupid towels. lmao Probably use them at funerals too.


      Well if there is one thing I have going for me this year it's rooting against these clowns. I despise them. Most hate the Pats more, but not me. Steelers are #1. They are the crud of the Earth and for all we know they even win the Super Bowl this season.


      But it will be tough to win it all for them.


      If we went 1-15 and beat the Steelers to me thats a good season.:thmup:


      And that rap music, omg.........WHY. lmao It makes me prefer to listen to Shaq rap instead since he wasn't even that bad at it really.



      Thanks for posting this. 

    2. Synthetic



      Oh yeah the part with the babies wrapped up in the towel is sad. lmao I've heard about that for years but never believed it until I seen it. 


      My favorite part though is Le'veon Bell's crappy rap music. WHY YOU HATIN ON ME should be his nickname. lmao


      Big Ben got married and had kids as a PR move though lmao


      And it even shows the Neil O'Donnell pick six they act like never happened. WORST PICK SIX EVER in the SB....I know the Tracy Porter INT hurt but seriously, that one was way worse and is still funny. You have to see that clip, there was no one there, O'Donnell literally gave that to them gift wrapped. lmao


      God I hate the Steelers, same here. My #1 AFC team I hate more than anything, never liked them ever. I like certain historical players on their teams (Bradshaw, Swann, Rod Woodson, Bill Cowher) but I hate that team so much, and I felt so bad for the Colts losing to them in 2005. I know that had to be painful. 

    3. Jules



      Big Ben got married and had kids as a PR move though lmao


      Honestly that was odd. He was literally accused of rape and I thought he was single. And then a few weeks later he had this picture perfect family. lmaolmaolmao 


      I love the Steelers too and their classy image and this video shows how many bad things most of them have done.



      Oh yeah the part with the babies wrapped up in the towel is sad. lmao I've heard about that for years but never believed it until I seen it. 


      Haunting image with those babies with the terrible towels.:eek:




      My favorite part though is Le'veon Bell's crappy rap music. WHY YOU HATIN ON ME should be his nickname. lmao



      NBA stars rap better. lmao Or I just like them more with it.




      That always cracked me up.



      I will be back later. Just got home. Dodging off and on rain storms and thunder today that happens in spurts. Yikes. Nothing bad, just annoying.


      This hurricane coming btw looks like a BEAST.:eek:


  26. Hey buddy. Hope you're well and pumped up for football as I am.


    Please play me some Steely Dan. Walter Becker died. 

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    2. TheRustonRifle#7


      Hey I hope all is well with yours as well.  My internet is down....on my phone now...going to try to post some Steely Dan in memory of Walter...

    3. TheRustonRifle#7


      Still trying....ughhhh.

    4. NFLfan


      No worries. 

  27. Congrats to Keelin Cole(Jax), Ben Braunecker(Chi) and MarQueis Gray(Mia) on making your teams 53

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