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  1. Yesterday
  2. 14 wins in a row for the Celtics. Huge huge win tonight over the Golden State Warriors. AMAZING. Stunning really. 



    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah, best win of the season IMO. Warriors were even playing hard on D.

    2. Jules


      Warriors never get a good rep for D but they play nasty D when they try. 


      Boston will be lethal if they can get more offense going but it's really not their thing this year, it's all defense and a few clutch plays in the 4th.


      This game was GORGEOUS for fans of defense. Shooting was off though outside of KD and Jaylen Brown for most of the game.

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      I love these type of games because both teams were hustling playing their butts off. It was a fun game to watch. Great Defenses.

  3. Last week

  5. Celtics win 13th straight. :clover: Dedicated to Kyrie Irving's new clear face mask.

    Good news? 13 straight is a tough thing to do obviously.

    Bad news? Horribly weird game against the Nets who played their butts off and the Golden State Warriors go to Boston on Thursday lol. 


    You can just hope for the best from now on. :) It's been a fun ride to watch.


  6. NFL Memes just destroyed everybody with the latest JJ Watt meme. It's against the rules to post it here but...yeah.

  7. Salute & thank you for your service to all our veterans and present-duty military members !!  (A little late - but - nonetheless heartfelt)

  8. 12th win in a row for the mighty Boston Celtics defensive powerhouse machine. This one dedicated to the most under looked big man in the game who returned today, Al Horford.



    Kyrie Irving was still out with his minor facial fracture and is being fitted for a mask to wear on the court. Celtics play the Nets in a few nights and later in the week on Thursday it's about to get real........Warriors go to Boston.

    1. Jules


      Beating Toronto is a quality win, it's a team that always gave Boston fits.

  9. Find Your Happy Place 

    1. 100GFB


      We lost so it’s no longer a happy place! 

  10. Have a Blessed and Great Veteran's Day for those who had served in the Call of Duty in the men and women in uniform. Past, present, and future! Know the feeling over with a family member serving our country with a badge of honor and pride.

  11. Sat on my lawn chair to watch flyover.  Somehow I love just watching the flyover but it’s sad when they go into the MIA formation!  For all the Vets, thank you for your service.

  12. Earlier
  13. 11 wins in a row now for the Celtics. No Horford, no Kyrie and no Hayward? No problem.

    Who is the best coach in the NBA now?



  14. Just felt like listening to it...


  15. I've been reading Terry Pratchett's "Discworld' novels. They are recommended for anyone who enjoys fantasy mixed with satire. Strange characters, imaginative plots and very entertaining. 

  16. Kyrie Irving definitely proving he CAN be a leader of a team. Tonight, 10th win in a row. No Hayward, No Al Horford tonight, only a little Jayson Tatum and no problem.


    Okay some problems LOL. That was a messy win and game but still a win is a win. Lakers also btw have a top defense this year too and good young players.


    And for those who hate Lonzo Ball and yes I do too at times since it's fun, Celtics Marcus Morris has a few words about this:





    "I told Lonzo at the end of the game, now I'm kind of rooting him on," Morris said. "Because he's a good kid. It's just his dad, like, his dad has a big mouth. I mean, everybody knows it. It's not a bad thing. If I had my dad, I wish he would be like that, too. Because it's always, like, if anybody loves you, it's going to be your father and he's always going to show tough love. So he's pretty good. His dad might think he's better -- which he should."


    "He has a long time in the league, he's a young guy, it kind of sucks he has to go everywhere and they're just booing him and booing him and booing him," Morris continued. "He's a regular player like the rest of us. I think it's more of the Celtics and the Lakers relationship. Hopefully that doesn't happen everywhere, but if it does, man, I guess he should just talk to his father."



    Yeah the crowd tonight in Boston was brutal to Lonzo but then again it was always brutal to Kobe too. It's part of the rivalry so he should take it as a compliment and thrive on it.

    1. Jules


      I might be the only person around who owns a Kobe jersey and a (free via my boyfriend) Paul Pierce jersey given to me. I might get a Kyrie jersey for Christmas as a gift.


      I am such a basketball big name groupie.:lol: 

  17. Teddy is back!




    After nearly 15 months since

    sustaining a near career-ending injury, Teddy Bridgewater will be activated and moved to the Vikings roster today. He won't play right away but I believe he will play this year.


    To commemorate Teddy's return to football, enjoy this video from B/R. Hopefully it shows here. Otherwise, watch it on YouTube. (Andrew makes an appearance in the video too.)

    1. coltsfansince65


      Love it. Laughed out loud at the line about LA now having a team & a half.  I really hope Teddy comes back better than ever. I picked him up a couple weeks ago for my FF. I'm stashing him till he's ready to go. (my league is QB heavy & my current QBs are awful)

    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      I hope Teddy bounces back and has a solid career.

  18. 9 wins in a row now for the Celtics. This one dedicated to this guy who closed the deal in a tough game. His best game yet as a Celtic.





    Those feisty Hawks. Not sure what it is? They always give a tough game. But the elite defensive streak ended a tiny bit tonight.


    Test for 10 wins in a row comes Wednesday night in Boston hosting the Lakers!!!!

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    2. Jules


      I still like the Lakers a bit on the side, but it was more of a Kobe Bryant thing with me who is my all time favorite NBA player.


      I think with the NBA it's often a "players league" and I am not ashamed to admit I bandwagon a lot. I just have a lot of fun with a few teams.


      I also been a fan of Brad Stevens for a long time going back to his Butler days. LOVE me some Brad Stevens.


      As for the game this week, Celtics got a day off and then the Lakers go to Boston. Should be a big one Wednesday. Lakers have been up and down and are quite young. But they have showed up a few times this year on the big stage. Lonzo Ball isn't scoring a lot at times but he is an excellent passer out there. Lopez and Ingram will be tough to guard.

    3. Jules


      It's funny too with Kyrie Irving that he is still only 25. It's actually kinda amazing that he has been through so much already at this age in the NBA.


      Celtics are a pretty young team too outside of a few vets but not as young as the baby Lakers LOL.


      I also used to hear a ton about how Kyrie was this gigantic ball hog but I am not seeing this with the Celtics this year. Kyrie has his moments where yes they want him to get the ball and especially late in games. But I swear Isaiah Thomas was more of a hero ball kinda guy with the Celtics even more so over what I seen from Kyrie so far.


      Kyrie seems to really be sold on the Brad Stevens system way of doing things so far. In Cleveland I swear at times there is no real system. They just kinda every week stand around with their mouths open at Lebron James. So when Kyrie had a losing record in Cleveland without Lebron I thought too much was made of this. 

    4. Jules


      And don't get me wrong, I love Lebron. But he also did want Lue as the coach and Lue is terrible.

  19. Congrats to our Colts on the best game they've played this season !!

  20. This month and next month will be doing some Christmas songs here! To get everybody in a Christmas mood.

    1. Nadine


      I got in the holiday spirit this weekend.  Searching for a artificial tree with my daughter and I even bought 2 gifts!

    2. 100GFB


      Are you gonna sing live for the Colts Nation!

    3. JPPT1974


      Love to sing but not that good of a voice my friend!

  21. 8 wins in a row now for the Green Machine. Another one bites the dust.



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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Clarkson is playing really well too so he is getting more minutes than usual.

    3. Jules



      Kuzma and Tatum both have similar stats.


      Interesting, will look this up before their game Wed. 


      Gotta get to bed now, been so into the NBA. lmao 

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      Have a good nights sleep Jules, chat with you tomorrow.

  22. Prayers to everyone affected by the Texas Church Shooting 

    1. Jules


      Just seen this happened when I got home. OMG this is getting ridiculous in this country.

  23. I have put this up before, but it puts a smile on my face and makes me feel good so I want to share that with my friends here... sort of reminds me of the old days when a friend and I used to go around to the bars and I played my guitar and he sang.... such a good time in my life.  We did songs like this and CSN, Beatles, Acoustic versions of CCR ..... etc.  I sure do miss those times.  He was an excellent singer.




    Here was one of our crowd favorites.....



    1. Nadine


      I love Steve Winwood.  Loved Traffic and Blind Faith

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