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  2. I know i disappear for the most part during the season and VERY active during off-season. Sorry, it's my way of getting my Colts fix. If me posting news and opinion topics so much during this time is a problem, just let me know.

  3. Not many things beat a 3 day weekend. Hope all of you are having a terrific holiday weekend!

    1. southwest1


      Thanks RTB. Same to you. Remember to take a moment & pay respect to all veterans past & present who protect our liberties both stateside & abroad. 


      Especially the fallen ones who made the ultimate sacrifice as well as the soldiers, sailors, air men, coast guard, & marines doing tours in remote corners of the globe right now. 


      Thank you to all the spouses & children of military men & women serving as well. 

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  5. May 28 Through the Years  

     1830- Andrew Jackson signs the Indian Removal Act


     1892- John Muir organizes The Sierra Club


     1937- Volkswagen founded


     1964- The PLO is formed


     2017- Takuma Sato wins the 101st Indianapolis 500

  6. Anyone have any advice on buying a hot water heater? Been searching it and all I find are complaints.  Cannot seem to find any brand/model that is well thought of. Good reviews seem to be for heaters made before 2016. Any help would be appreciated

    1. crazycolt1


      I am not sure if you are interested in a tank less water heater but they do pay for themselves with the savings. The water is not heated till you need it. Less cost that keeping the water heated all the time. Might check it out.

    2. Nadine


      We're open to tankless but I read bad things about them as well.  Before I call a plumber, I'd like to have some idea on a brand or a model that is good.  They always push whatever it is that they are a dealer for.

  7. May 27 Through the Years 

     1703- Saint Petersburg Russia is founded


     1927- Ford cease production of the Model T


     1933- Walt Disney release the cartoon Three Little Pigs

  8. RIP Greg Allman....



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    2. TheRustonRifle#7


      If you ever felt down.....let this pick you up...



    3. TheRustonRifle#7


      My fave by them...



    4. Malakai432


      I agree Melissa is a great song.

  9. Last week
  10. OK Hoosiers, it is getting quiet up in here.  While I am not a Hoosier, I never met one that I didn't like.  Let's rock...Hoosier style...



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    2. southwest1


      Even John's duo's are freaking great man, Exhibit A: Martina McBride...




      Exhibit B: The legendary Travis Tritt: 



    3. southwest1


      The reason I love John is that he is a friend to the working man & blue collar woman. 




      John even makes accordions sound popular & mainstream. 



      He's a real artist because he sounds good live. 

    4. southwest1


      I've said this before. To me, Indiana is the Colts, the Pacers, David Letterman, & John Mellencamp. 


      I know. I gotta give Bobby Knight some love too. 


      I'm still stunned that Dave didn't have John on his final week on late night. Mellencamp is to Indiana what Springsteen & Bon Jovi are to New Jersey man--An icon to their birthplace. 

  11. RIP Greg Allman who died at 69 today! :(

  12. What's everybody grilling this weekend?


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    2. JPPT1974


      Hope to get steaks my favorite.

    3. 100GFB


      Lol!  Baked/oven ribs!  Got a pot luck meeting tonight so that's my grilling for the weekend!

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      Just put the Bratwurst on. I have 8 of them for today and tomorrow. I am pretty much staying in all weekend and away from the crowd. Next 2 nights will be Brats and Beers and Baseball watching.

  13. May 26 Through the Years  

     1830- Indian Removal Act passed


     1857- Dred Scott is emancipated by his original owners

  14. I made that comment quite a time ago. It was made Feb. 2016. It was not meant to be a shot at all. I ask the question out of curiosity and explained it as so.

    The only reason it came to your attention now is because of King Colt and his attempt to harass me. I have put him on ignore as to curb anymore problems.

    I did not appreciate his remark about sucking it up in regards to my grandson's life changing concussion issues.

    He has since made two more disparaging remarks to me after I ask him not to bother himself with commenting to me.

    Hopefully he will just leave me alone in his insulting attitude.

    1. Nadine


      my apologies, nobody should take shots like that

  15. VERY excited about this offseason.  I think we have a TON of good players that will eventually become solid players.  I just hope 'eventually' means "sooner rather than later".

  16. Congrats to Lebron James for passing Michael Jordan in playoff points!!!




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    2. Jules





      All right I am done for tonight. lmao 

    3. Synthetic



      Give LeBron 3-4 more years and he'll have the assists and rebound record too in the playoffs. 

    4. Jules



      Give LeBron 3-4 more years and he'll have the assists and rebound record too in the playoffs.


      He's gonna have it all!!!

  17. May 25 Through the Years 

     1787- The United States Constitutional Convention opens


     1935- Ohio State's Jesse Owens breaks 3 WR in The Big Ten Championship


     1968- Gateway Arch is dedicated


     1977- Star Wars opens

  18. May 24 Through the Years  

     1830- "Mary Had a Little Lamb" is published


     1883- The Brooklyn Bridge opens to traffic


     1958- UPI is created

  19. Quiz #8 Guess this George Harrison Tune...

    What I feel

    I can't say

    But my love is there for you anytime of day

    But it's not life that you need

    Then I'll try my best to make anything succeed

    1. TheRustonRifle#7


      I know it but will refrain....:thmup:

    2. JPPT1974


      It's called "What is Life!"

    3. southwest1


      I just watched a bio on Roy Orbison tonight who played in the Traveling Wilburys with George Harrison back in 1988. 


      I've gotta admit. I really do miss the quiet Beatle. Maybe it has to do with 'Something In The Way He Moves." 

  20. Browns need to see if they can sign Love and Lebron and then they might make the playoffs.



  21. May 23 Through the Years  

     1701- William Kidd is hanged 


     1788- South Carolina ratifies the Constitution 


     1948- Thomas Watson is assassinated in Jerusalem 

    1. PrincetonTiger


      Correction it wa Thomas Wasson 

  22. Jo Van Fleet in East of Eden, wow! She stole this movie on her own. Definitely deserved her Oscar for this.



    1. teganslaw


      I never saw this movie or read the book. It looks interesting. John Steinbeck wrote some powerful stuff. I liked "Grapes of Wrath", both the book (which I read a long time ago) and the movie.

    2. Synthetic



      Grapes of Wrath may be the better film IMO. I agree with you, Steinbeck is great. I haven't read the novel of East of Eden but I might since I did enjoy the film. 


      East of Eden is a take on the old bible story Cain and Abel with a heavy focus on a father-son relationship. It's a decent film. I thought the emotional connections in the film really drove it since it focuses so heavily on the father and sons and their struggles with one another. 


      This old lady though, Jo Van Fleet definitely steals the show when she's on camera. I love it when she tells James Dean "it makes me mad thinking about a rrrrrranch." She was arguably even better in Cool Hand Luke. 



  23. RIP Nicky Hayden

  24. May 22 Correction

      2002- Bobby Frank Cherry was convicted of the 1963,Bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama

  25. May 22 Through the Years  

     1455- The 1st Battle of St. Albans starts the War of the Roses


     1752- The Trevi Fountain opens


     1804- The Lewis and Clark Expedition leaves St. Charles, Missouri  


     1856- Congressman Preston Brooks of South Carolina attacks and injures Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts on the floor of the Senate over Sumner's speech against slavery


     1900- The AP is formed


     1964- LBJ launches his GreatvSociety


     2002- Bobby Frank Cherry is convicted of the 1963 2nd Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama

  26. Earlier
  27. May 21 Through the Years

     1881- Clara Barton establishes the American Red Cross


     1917- Great Atlanta Fire


     1924-Loeb and Leopold Murders


    1927- Lindbergh creates his historic Trans Atlantic flight


    1980- The Empire Strikes Back is released

    1. southwest1


      '1881- Clara Barton establishes the American Red Cross'.


      It wasn't until I survived a tornado in 1984 that I gained an appreciation for the remarkable work that the Red Cross truly does. Food, clothing, shelter, & peace of mind after a disaster. 


      A remarkable organization indeed. 

    2. southwest1


      "Luke, I'm your father." 


      Oh sure you are Vader, first you cut off my hand & then you drop this bombshell in my lap? 


      Dead beat dad is more like it. You missed quite a few child support payments & instead of a hug; you chop of my hand? What did mom see in you other then thin skin, a huge ego, & court sanctioned anger management classes the rest of your life? LOL! 

  28. The NBA playoffs this year have been absolutely terrible. Super teams are ruining a once very good sport. Too bad.

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    2. RockThatBlue


      Boston will almost certainly lose tonight. No way LeBron only scores 11 points again. 

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      I agree, no way the Cavs lose tonight, if they lose tonight that would be embarrassing. The Celtics are without their best player and the Cavs have so much more talent on the court and are at home. This honestly shouldn't even be close after what happened the other night.

    4. TheRustonRifle#7


      It is too bad that Isaiah got hurt as Boston possibly could have sold high on him this off season.  His offense doesn't overcome his defensive liabilities.

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