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  2. February 27 Through the Years

     1782- British House of Commons votes to end fighting in America


     1801- Washington D. C. Comes under the Jurisdiction of the U. S. Congress


     1860- Abraham Lincoln gives a speech in New York City that is largely responsible for his election


     1864- Andersonville Prison excepts its first Northern Prisoners


     1951- The 22nd Amendment is ratified

  3. Hoosier Hysteria for the Boys and NCAA March Madness start this week

  4. Yesterday
  5. Congrats Kurt Busch

  6. Congrats Notre Dame Lady Irish


  7. February 26 Through the Years

     1616- Galileo Galelei is banned by the Roman Catholic Church for his teachings about the Earth orbiting the Sun


     1815- Napoleon Bonaparte escapes Elba


    1919- Woodrow Wilson signs an executive order establishing Grand Canyon National Park


    1929- Calvin Coolidge signs a executive order establishing Grand Teton National Park


    1935- Adolf Hitler violates the Versailles Treaty and Reorganized the Luftwaffe 


    1993- WTC Bombing



  8. Last week
  9. Congrats Wood Memorial

  10. February 25. Through the Years


    1836- Samuel Colt gets a patent for his revolver


    1866- The Calaveras Skull is found


    1901- J. P. Morgan incorporates U. S. Steel


    1987- The SMU football program receives the death penalty from the NCAA


    2016- Heston and Newton, Kansas shootings

  11. Anybody going to watch the Oscars on Sunday? Really hope it is all about entertainment and nothing more or less than that.

    1. Jules


      Not watching. I am tired of the Oscars lately. Not to mention I have not seen any of the films this past year that are nominated. I love movies, but the awards stuff with Hollywood has lost some steam to me. 


      And yeah, I prefer it not be about politics but you know they won't hold back. 

    2. Jules


       I will check out who won though when it's over. I still can't believe Johnny Depp did not get nominated a year ago for Black Mass. I mean what the hell? Thats when I lost interest. I often see some film or performance and it gets snubbed. 


      I know this year they will probably give most of the awards to "Manchester by the Sea" anyway.

  12. I have a feeling that you would like this...




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    2. Malakai432


      I've never listened to much Yes but they remind me somewhat of Pink Floyd with their progressive style.  Crazy surreal stuff......  Different for sure but yet eerily as odd and progressive, creative!

    3. crazycolt1


      Yes is at it's best when seen live. They have one of the most talented guitar players of all with Steve Howe for sure.


    4. Malakai432


      I bet it would've been awesome to see them live Crazy.  Good stuff.

  14. LeBron on fire!! 48th triple-double of his career!



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    2. Synthetic


      Cavs have firepower coming back for playoff time as mentioned in this video. 


      Sadly, the King probably won't win MVP cause Russell Westbrook is still averaging a triple double in every game. 

    3. Jules


      Would rather give MVP to little Isaiah Thomas. Celtics are second in the east too while the Thunder are 7th in the West.


      And yeah the Cavs will be better later. Keep an eye on the Raptors though too since the Celtics struggle with them as well. Had Celtics/Raptors on last night and the C's were up by 17 at one point but still ended up losing the game.

    4. Jules


      There was a Celtics game last week I didn't see where they played the Bulls and everyone went nuts on how jobbed the Celtics got at the end of the game. Bulls are 7th in the east I just seen, so Boston or Cleveland may get them in the first round of the playoffs.


      Cleveland would be fine, but this is why I worry about Boston. 

  15. February 24 Through the Years


     1803- Marbury vs Madison ruling establishes Judicial Review


     1831- Treaty of Dancing Rabbitt Creek(First Removal Act in accordance to the Indian Removal Act


     1863-Arizona Territory is created


    1868- Andrew Johnson becomes first U. S. President to be impeached


    1920- The Nazi Party is created


    2008- Fidel Castro retires

  16. February 23 Through the Years

     1778- Baron von Steuben arrives at Valley Forge to train Continental Forces


     1836- The Seige of the Alamo begins


    1861- Lincoln secretly arrives in Washington D. C.


    1870- Mississippi is readmitted to the Union


    1903- Cuba leases Guantanamo Bay to the US


    1927- Coolidge signs the bill establishing the Federal Radio Commission(precursor to the FCC)



    1. 100GFB


      Keep it coming PT!

  17. One of my all time faves!  My younger Brother was tutored by their lead guitarist and I bounced for them at a few of their smaller shows on Long Island.



  18. February 22 Through the Years

     1819- Spain ceded Florida to the United States


    1853- Washing University in Saint Louis is established


     1855- Penn State is founded


    1856- The Republican Party holds its 1st Convention


    1862- Jefferson Davis is inaugurated as the 1st President of the CSA 


    1879- Frank Woolworth opens his First Five and Dime


    1924-President Calvin Coolidge graves the First Radio address from the White House


    1942- FDR orders McArthur out of the Philippines


    1959- Lee Petty wins the First Daytona 500


    1980- The Miracle on Ice


    1983- Moose Murders opens and closes


    1994- Aldrich Ames and his wife are arrested for Spying


    1997- Dolly is cloned



  19. I hope this works out for the Lakers but I am a little worried.



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    2. Jules



      I will cheer against the lakers with my life. Basketball is better without them and the Celtics. It's time for Embiid and Simmons soon.


      Thats nice.






      At this rate, I would trust LeBron James more as a GM than Magic, after reading all those tweets....and LeBron just wants a star player here and there to help him out on the Cavs. 



      Not really sure what is going on right now but there are tons of trade rumors swirling around the Lakers.


      And if you were wondering btw about that Spurs forum I used to show you, it's gone. Closed down. I remember them saying a while ago that they had to maybe close it due to a lack of money.

    3. Synthetic




      And if you were wondering btw about that Spurs forum I used to show you, it's gone. Closed down. I remember them saying a while ago that they had to maybe close it due to a lack of money.


      Damn, that is a shame. Outside of all the trolls, that forum had some solid posts from time to time. 

    4. Jules


      Looks like that forum is back, I was wrong.



      I was going there all week and nothing came up but it seems it's back. I think someone else bought the site but sometimes the site goes down and you get some error page.

  20. Thanks for the kind words. Yeah I got kicked down but managed to get back up so it's all good.

    I feel fortunate not to have more severe issues that could have been but we play the cards we are dealt.


    1. southwest1


      No problem CC1. Yeah, there's always a period of adjustment after an event like that with diet, exercise, & a new approach to life in general. 


      I admire your positive outlook/perspective. I hope you had a ton of family & friends around you for moral support & humor if nothing else. 


      Cool. Just remember to take it easy, pace yourself, & get back to your routine slowly & gradually. Rome wasn't built in a day & recovery takes time. 

  21. February 21 Through the Years

     1804- The First self propelled Steam engine is produced in Wales


     1828- The first Cherokee Phoenix is published


    1848- The Communist Manifesto is published by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels


    1874- First Issue of The Oakland Daily Tribune is published


    1878- The First Telephone Directory is issued in New Haven, Conn.


    1885- The Washington Monument is dedicated


    1916- The Battle of Verdun begins


    1919- The last Carolina Parakeet dies in the Cincinnati Zoo


    1925- The New Yorker is published


    1947- The Polaroid Camera is demonstrated


    1948- NASCAR is chartered


    1965- Malcolm X is assassinated


    1972- Nixon visits China


    1975- John N. Mitchell, H. R. Halderman, and John Ehrlichman are sentenced to prison for their roles in the Watergate scandal



    1. southwest1


      "1965- Malcolm X is assassinated" 


      This fateful day still infuriates me to this day. Malcolm had a brilliant mind, came full circle from "The Chickens have come home to roost" to the Civil Rights Movement needs people of every race, gender, & creed to promote lasting change for the better. 


      I hold Malcolm in higher esteem than I do Martin Luther King Jr. today actually. 

  22. Alright, which one of yall did this?


    Draft season is already off the rails. Mailbag Question: "If Watson or Trubisky is there, will the Colts draft one and replace Luck?"

  23. Kurt Cobain would have been 50 years old today.


    I mean if you didn't feel old enough already. lmao 

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    2. TheRustonRifle#7
    3. TheRustonRifle#7


      Lol, I didn't know you posted "Lithium" prior to my posting.  RIP Kurt the World appreciates your contributions to it....

    4. southwest1


      Wait, no Weird Al "Smells Like Teen Spirit" spoof with marbles in Kurt Cobain's mouth?


      I love that part because it always reminded of Tom Brokaw on NBC Nightly News since to me, both Kurt & Tom always sounded like they had marbles in the mouth during the grunge era & during TV broadcasts before CNN & news 24/7 changed journalism forever. 


      Okay, my bad. You posted Weird Al RR7. Nicely done. Pearl Jam has marble vocal problems too. LOL! 


  24. February 20 Through the Years


    1792- The Postal Service Act establishes the United States Postal Service


    1816- The Barber of Seville Premieres in Rome


    1872- The Metropolitan Museum of Art opens in New York


    1877- Swan Lake premieres in Moscow


    1933- Adolf Hitler secretly secures financial backing for the Nazi Party in the upcoming election


    1943- The Saturday Evening Post publishes Norman Rockwell's

    Four Freedoms


     1956- The Merchant Marine Academy becomes a permanent Service academy



    2006- Curt Gowdy



    1. southwest1


      Don't forget about the Enabling Act, also in 1933, that gave the new Chancellor in Germany the authority to transform Europe in his genocidal image with the Final Solution by 1944. 

  25. Earlier
  26. Some duets that I have always liked...



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    2. southwest1


      Ha! I just realized RR7's status updates was about duets & I totally diss-ed Tom Petty. Oops! That wasn't by design. I just love Stevie probably on a weird, subconscious level I have never gotten a handle on a singer & musician...Not what you're thinking. I know; I know. Shut up while you're ahead or at least not that far behind right? haha


      Well, I think Sigmund Freud did say there are no accidents & probably playwright William Shakespeare will co-sign that theory as well. 

    3. southwest1


      Okay, to make up for my lack of duet awareness snafu, I will leave you with this Gwyneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis song "Cruising Together" from the move 'Duets.' The video quality is poor, but the tune is catchy...



      Plus, I like that Huey Lewis said once that having a top 10 or top 20 hit & being popular at the time doesn't mean you're a good band just that you happen to catch lightning in a bottle that resonated with fans on a large scale. 

    4. southwest1


      Speaking of the late George Michaels of Wham fame in the late 80's, Newsweek just did a commemorative issue on his life in pictures & text on his entire life. I saw this at Walgreens today in their periodical or magazine section. No, I didn't buy it. Just thumbed through it briefly. 



  27. Unbelievable weather for February


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    2. southwest1


      Can I swing by for some chicken & Coors on the grill too GFB? Sounds delicious & I'll even help you clean up afterwards too. 

    3. 100GFB


      No problem SW1 but it's already leftovers!

    4. 100GFB


      How 'bout tomorrow night will be doing a stew/soup or whatever I can find in the cabinet/refrigerator/freezer!... Sorry RTB but when SW1 and I start we sometimes get off the subject a little!  Lol!

  28. February 19 Through the Years


    1807- Aaron Burr is arrested for Treason


     1846- The Transition of Power between the Governments of the Republic of Texas and the State of Texas occurs


     1859- Congressman Daniel E. Sickles of New York is acquitted of Murder by reason of insanity


     1878- Thomas Edison patents the Phonographm


      1942- FDR signs Executive Order 9066 authorizing the military to relocate Japanese Americans to Internment Camps


     1976- President Ford Rescinds Executive Order 9066

    1. southwest1


      I appreciate the history lesson PT. Thank you. I'm totally sincere here. No Joke. 

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