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  2. I can second this, although it could get a little messy since we alternate two owners in each league. Where would the "newly demoted/promoted" owners ran on this scale?
  3. Actually, he got one, Conley had the other one. I like everything about that clip except being reminded of that Clemson game. What a debacle. Let's all hope he picks off Deshaun a couple more times this year.
  4. If they got Griffin they have a shot to beat anyone. CP3, Harden and George or Melo on the other hand, would be tough but out of GS and CLE league in my opinion. The Spurs could possibly still beat them. I think Melo would fit better because he could play power forward. I don't think Houston has the young pieces that Ind wants to cut loose of George. Plus I don't think George would re-sign there.
  5. Telling everyone he is on schedule is not a lie and not hiding behind anything. Why do you need to make an issue out of not having a date? He is in the healing process and there more than likely is not a hard date to give. It is his right to keep anything medical a private matter if he chooses to. There are laws protecting his rights just like for me or you.
  6. I don't disagree with you but they have literally nobody inside. Melo might be able to play power forward. They still don't beat the Warriors or Cavs with Geroge, Harden and Paul, I think the Spurs could still beat them to be honest. I don't think they'll get George because he won't re-sign there nor do they have the young pieces to trade that Ind would want.
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  8. Then tell the truth then, stop hiding behind "we are on schedule" or "it feels good"! What do you expect then? Geez.. I don't know why Luck can't say "yes I'm behind the recovery stage" or " yes I'm scheduled to start throwing in 2 weeks" ? Why all the hiding?
  9. He shouldn't be sick of asking. Knowing that he needed the surgery why wasn't it done week 17? Because we lost in London. Did he have something to prove? This organization has spun all the the questions on players injuries especially his. So that's why the questions are being asked everyday.
  10. lol me too. I know all these guys are exceptional along with Dickerson, allen, brown.. I just didn't get to see any of them in their prime play. I wasn't meaning to be "smart" when I made my first comment.
  11. Say what you will about the benefits of playing with Peyton Manning as your QB, Freeney and Mathis put up HoF numbers rushing the passer. Sacks, FFs, Fumble recoveries, QB pressures, these guys got to the QB/RB in the backfield all the time. We don't win a SB in 2006 without Freeney/Mathis. They accumulated 200+ sacks together. They're possibly the best duo, for now.
  12. The positive comparisons to Ed Reed from coaches who have been around them both gives one a lot of high hopes. While he has not played a down in the NFL, I believe that the skills and athleticism at the safety position make it more likely he will be a really good player. If you can run, cover and hit you can run, cover and hit. Urban Meyer was very high on his tackling and he's seen a few. I very hopeful about this young man. Go Colts!
  13. I appreciate your input, support and sympathy. I agree with all you said. I have a golden doodle that is the smartest dog I have ever had. I used to raise golden retrievers and he is way more intelligent than any I had. He is pretty fun and appropriately named.... Jarvis (Ironman). He hangs with me a lot during the day and never has anything bad to say and is rarely in a bad mood, lol. I don't want to paint a picture that I am always sad and in the dumps because I truly enjoy life and the people I have in mine. A wonderful wife, great stepson, awesome mother and stepdad, and my other nephew who is the brother to the one we lost, just to name a few. Some days can be really hard to get through. I have always believed in the saying that if you put everyone's problems in a grab bag and have their problem for a day you will want yours back because you know how to deal with them. So I don't want people to feel bad for me, but I wanted to tell my story. On a good note, I get involved in a lot of research programs regarding my blood disease in hopes they can find treatments that are better than what I have had or even a cure some day. Its worth the effort to me.
  14. Already gonna be some interesting competition to see who rises to the top for the Colts linebacking core, one more added to the mix wouldn't hurt I guess...
  15. So with Orr free to pursue employment elsewhere, where might he go? In a vacuum, there are plenty of teams who could use his help. During the 2016 season he recorded 130 tackles (solo and assisted), five passes defensed, three interceptions, one forced fumble and two fumbles recoveries. Those are numbers that will help teams, and according to Dan Graziano of ESPN, eight different teams have reached out to him since his appearance on NFL Network this morning.
  16. The 24-year-old linebacker told NFL Network's "Good Morning, Football" that he is considering a return to football after being told that he isn't at any more risk of injury than anyone else in the NFL. "I had my mind made up. I was like man, the doctors told me I was done. This is a serious issue. So I'm going to leave it alone," Orr said. "But I just kept hearing that from multiple people and some were telling me to just go check out and seek out some more opinions and things like that and come to find out my condition, it is rare -- .01 percent of the people have what I have -- but there's no actual evidence or facts that I'm at a higher risk than any other player. And it's actually been documented that a college player who had the exact same thing that I have that returned to play with no problems."
  17. Chose the high road out though, good for him. I always liked him, and he made a somewhat good point, although he was to blame as well, just wish he could've resolved his differences offline. He was not going to be resigned anyway.
  18. The plus with Indy is he'd be in the same system and wouldn't be learning an entirely new defense like in Oakland.
  19. Everything Rizzo said there is spot on. I like him. He reminds me a lot of David Wright when he ripped into Matt Harvey two seasons ago. I can see why the Mets broadcasters are so fond of Rizzo. (They can't stop talking about Rizzo.)
  20. Honestly, I could see him going to the Raiders. They still need a ILB and playing alongside Khalil Mack and the new highest-paid player in the NFL, Derek Carr, is very intriguing for many free agents. I want him here though if at all possible. So much talent
  21. Your days(or hours in this case) are definitely numbered when the face of the team is bashing you on national media.....
  22. NFL | Several teams interested in Zach Orr Wed Jun 28, 02:42 PM Free-agent LB Zach Orr (Ravens) has been contacted by eight teams since announcing he is looking to return to the NFL. Link to story Zach Orr player page Wonder if we are one of the 8 teams?
  23. Not sure what he was thinking
  24. Yeah didn't Malik get 2 of his picks against a 1st-rd, Heisman-winning, Championship-winning QB? I think he will be ready to play against pro-QBs, with pro-CBs in front of him. We get the front-7 clicking, and we might see magic developing this year.
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