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  2. I know the feeling

    Funny how much parity there is in the league especially for this season. Green Bay's season is effectively over, (much like ours if Luck don't come back soon), but when Aaron was healthy, I couldn't legitimately picture anyone in the NFC marching into Lambeau and beating Rodgers in January.
  3. Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    Excellent theory except Colin should have also added that Pagano and coaching staff will also be turned over for Ballard's own pick of head coach and coaching staff. already believes Pagano is a lame duck and no Andrew Luck to bail him out this year. Looking forward to a fresh start all around next year.
  4. Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    I agree that they planned on Luck sitting the entire year but i'm not sure about the JB part. I don't even think they considered that until it became obvious that Tolzein was absolute trash. But Luck sitting out was always the plan in my opinion and Irsay simply lied and dangled that carrot that he would return in front of the fan base to get them to renew season tickets and keep attending games and buying concessions. Every thing that has happened has just been a piece of the plan, from his removal from pup, to his "practice" sessions of every other day, to now his setback. And as i said the other day and as Colin also said, give it a couple weeks and he will be officially done for the year. Was listening to Dakich on 1070 the other day and he said he was told from someone who is as close as it gets to Luck besides his own family, and he was told Luck aint playing and this was all done for ticket sales. Apparently Dakich brought this up weeks ago as well before the "setback" even happened.
  5. game changers

    I concur
  6. Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    Here's the problem with Colin's theory.... If you want to trade Brissett -- fine. But you DON'T want to trade him in the 2018 draft. It's the best and deepest draft for QB's in a long, long time. That drives Brissett's value DOWN. If you're going to trade Brissett it's much better to do it for the 2019 draft which won't be as talented and that will make Brissett's value go UP. Simple law of supply and demand. But in broad general terms, I think there's some logic to Colin's theory. I just don't think this is as cut and dry as he makes it out to be. This didn't all get hatched back in January when Ballard was hired. This has played out over the course of the entire year. Lots and lots of moving parts that have happened over the last nine months and didn't all happen back when Ballard was hired. Interesting, but somewhat over thought.
  7. No, he would have a zero average (.000) and you would have no average. The two are different. Anyway, back to the topic, this is absurd. Anyone who knows football would love to have a healthy Luck at QB. He is not overrated.
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  9. game changers

    Simon is a game changer. If we got better rushers to go with him, we would be like Sacksonville. He beat a triple team Monday night, not to mention the pick 6
  10. Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    Makes sense and I think he's on to something. The league may be wide open this year for the super bowl contenders, but we are incapable of making it with the current roster and coaches. I think we could get a solid player and a 3rd or later pick for Brissett (maybe a better one). If we land in the top 7 pick area, we are bound to get an offer to trade back, get another first, second, and 4th or 5th. Keep Castanzo, Kelly, and Haeg where they are and get a good guard (Haeg didn't allow a QB pressure vs Ten). I been considering this year a reset year with every teams skill level (0-10) at about the same between 2-7 (8 and above being near dominant to elite). I think we're at about a 4 without Luck and we could really come out next year and shock the NFL. For now though, let's get out there and take some W's! Go Colts!!
  11. game changers

    Hilton has one TD this year. That is not a game changer in my book.
  12. Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    Love it, love every bit of it. I had not heard about the cortisone shot. I wanted him eliminated from this season from game one. Hopefully Ballard is as smart as Cowherd thinks. Hopefully they will make an official call in a couple weeks one way or another but the deafening silence from the front office says it all. I hope it all pans out like Cowherd's theory. I have watched several other sports journalists express a similar take on this in recent days. "Save the best for last." If this does materialize the Colts will get back to respectability.
  13. Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts I didn't see this anywhere but feel free to remove if it has. I thought this was an interesting segment. Thoughts?
  14. Fournette

    Chris Ivory is no slouch. His lifetime average is better than 4/carry. Nothing official on Fournette yet.
  15. Crazy Gameday

    The Breakfast Club at Purdue. I went to one Purdue football game when I had a friend that went there. It was against Michigan. I think the game started at noon. My memory is very hazy of the day, so forgive me. Anyway, The Breakfast Club started when the bars opened on GameDay... at 6am. I was drunk by 7:30am. Then we walked (I parkoured) all the way across campus from the bars to the stadium where we ate a bunch of tailgating food and my friend snuck me into the stadium with another students' ID. We sat behind the Michigan bench and my friend got warned twice by a lady sheriff to stop harassing the backup QB for Michigan. I don't remember any of the chants, but I remember getting my keys out of my pocket and shaking them like a tambourine. Oh, and everyone dresses up in costumes for The Breakfast Club, so the entire day I was walking around dressed as a doctor and my best friend was in a 7ft-tall Cat-in-the-Hat costume. And we met Mitch Daniels while tailgating, who is really short, and my friend standing next to him made Mitch look like an Oompa-Loompa. Mitch looked at me in my doctor outfit and told me that my (very drunk) friend needed psychiatric help. After the game we walked all the way back to my friends' place where the group sobered up and played cards until we all got tired and went to bed at like 5:30pm. It was the most backward day of my life. It was like a surreal Halloween, drunk by 7:30am, football game, sober by 5:30pm, bedtime.
  16. Crazy Saints Fan

    No problems
  17. Crazy Saints Fan

    I agree with that ^^^. (Good post for the Random Stuff Thread too)
  18. College Football 2017-2018 thread

    Kentucky can get closer to s Bowl tomorrow
  19. Crazy Saints Fan

    If it had just been the OCD, it would have been fine, I have no problem dealing with that. I've had to help every sort of human at some point in my various careers. I would say I've seen it all, but life likes to throw curve balls at me once in a while. I'm even a little OCD about certain things... It was when she started trying to hurt people that it became a problem. She went from just another weird OCD lady to Crazy Tuna Lady after that!
  20. Is Bryce Love better than McCaffrey? I don't know about that but this writer seems to think so. This writer Ben Natan is excellent. I like to read his articles about NFL prospects.
  21. Crazy Gameday

    Another great Arrowhead story was when an arrant FG Ball was passed around the stadium and dropped from the point of the stadium as security guards tried to fetch it
  22. I think it is USC now. A few years ago I would have said Oregon. Cal is Stanford's long time rival, but Cal has not been good for a while now.
  23. Crazy Gameday

    The craziest thing I saw was at a Chiefs game in Arrowhead when a local group of native Americans responded to the traditional “Chiefs” Chant by having their Chief stand and bow
  24. Crazy Gameday

    What was the craziest thing you experienced on a GameDay
  25. New England (-9.5) at NY Jets (10-15-17)

    Two things: 1) The rule doesn't require irrefutable evidence. It requires clear and obvious visual evidence. I'm being pedantic, but they're different. 2) I think it's hard to say there was clear and obvious visual evidence to overturn this call. They easily could have let it stand, IMO. But, it is clear and obvious that he lost control of the ball. It's also clear and obvious that he recovered control. The question is whether he landed in bounds. That's what's not clear. I think his elbow and knee landed nearly simultaneously, and it's not clear that his knee hit the ground in bounds; I think it's possible his knee landed on another player first. To me, one part is clear and obvious, the other part is not so clear, but I lean toward him landing out of bounds. Someone else might be even more convinced that he was out of bounds. No one would argue that this is irrefutable either way, but that's not the standard.
  26. Fox is going to be a great NBA player. Doesn't look like a rookie at all.
  27. Link to the article: Is this surprising to anyone? I thought was expected.
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