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  2. Here is a podcast from Sports Illustrated that features Zach Banner: And here's Banner on The Herd: Seems like a smart young man with personality. That's good after we lost the only guy with personality on our roster this off-season.
  3. Here's my depth chart of the current roster, including my prediction of my final 53. Assuming no major FA signings or trades, here's what I see. IMO Parry is def gone with the draft of Glover Stewart. We didn't draft someone in the 4th round to let it go to the practice squad. Of our 9 DLs, 2 are gone for sure making a total of 7. Amongst the 2 to be cut will likely be the following: McGill - $0 dead cap Parry - 110K dead cap Woods - 250K dead cap Hunt - 500K dead cap At OLB, Maggitt will def be gone before Mingo is; he only has a $4000 dead cap (NOT A TYPO) while Mingo will stay simply because he was a former 1st rounder and we'll still hoping he pulls a Jerry Hughes after the latter went to Buffalo.
  4. I also caught the wise * remarks about Indy and their use of their zoo to make their picks.
  5. You bring up an interesting point about his weight. I guess it could be seen as an opportunity for improvement. According to report he's been losing weight for a while now in order to become a draftable player. I guess if he's serious enough and has good work ethic he can reshape his body and improve his movement with it. I just hope his weight is not an issue every off-season.
  6. I also got a kick out of Mike Mayock getting upset over Rich & the gang on the NFL Network set wanting to keep going back to that Orange orangutan pushing that touch screen at the Indianapolis Zoo & then Rich throws in an "Every Which Way But Loose" Clint Eastwood movie reference. Bah! Ha! Ha! I've never seen Charles laugh so hard either. I hated that stupid rant over how great the Dallas Cowboys were. Man, I detest the bleeping Cowboys! America's Team my caboose! Who just won the SB again? Oh yeah, NE. The Cow Girls last won a Lombardi Trophy in 1995, the 20th Century. Shut the you know what up Lone Star fans. Sorry, but you must win a title within 5 yrs to be respected Dallas. Just saying.
  7. Had a dream Hilton beat his man deep and luck threw a beauty then out of no where hooker beats Hilton to the ball
  8. Throughout most of his time in the NFL, Andrew Luck has had little choice but to attempt to win high-scoring games, as the Colts defense was unable to slow down anyone. Addressing the defense was clearly the top priority for first-year general manager Chris Ballard, who found a falling star in Malik Hooker to give the Colts a potentially dominant center fielder and a highly physical press cornerback in Quincy Wilson in the second round to complement Vontae Davis. MAC Defensive Player of the Year and Senior Bowl standout Tarell Basham will outplay his selection at No. 80 overall, and an offensive line known more for its passivity will get a jolt of size, power and exuberance with the massive Zach Banner, a future starter. Marlon Mack adds juice to the backfield still reliant upon Frank Gore, and the Colts nabbed one of the more intriguing sleepers in big man Grover Stewart. Hooker must clean up his aggressive pursuit angles, but this is one of the year's best draft classes on paper. Grade: A From CBS
  9. Liking Gore and reality are two different things.
  10. Marlon Humphery is the most overrated player in the entire draft. I don't like Tyus Bowser as much as everybody else. Love D'Onta Foreman. Siragusa may be ready to play sooner but I think Banner has more potential. Didn't want Jake Butt as we need players that will for sure be ready. A second corner and inside line backer definitely trumped tight end. I'll take the actual draft.
  11. I apologize if this has already been mentioned in another thread, but Rich Eisen on NFL Network when he mentioned all the odd coincidences shortly after Forrest Lamp was drafted was very next level. Lamp was drafted by the Chargers, "Lights Out" AKA Shawn Merman read his name at the podium; & a dude in that very Philly building where the draft was held did something significant regarding the invention of electricity. I even backed up my DVR player twice to hear Rich repeat that clever response too.
  12. Booing him badly then wanting a selfie. Typical.
  13. Hooker A+ Wilson A+ Basham A- Banner C+ Mack B+ Hairston C+ Walker Jr B+
  14. That guy will come in next year's draft.... likely in the 4th round.
  15. Today
  16. Thanks. I will try to find that game. Not saying he's a bad pick. I'm just wanting to see some tape that shows what people and stats say about him to be true.
  17. nono, you have to do it like they would Booooooooooooooo! (PS: Philly continues to be the most honest city in America, letting Goodell know how we all really feel)
  18. I think it will be in the 2-4 range
  19. Banner seems to be self aware of his weight issues and has already cut 50 lbs since the Rose Bowl, and reports are that he's basically a gift to Joe Philbin who was really high on him. Stewart isn't a traditional weight issue so much as it's a swole issue. The key will be keeping him out of the gym lmao. Still it's a valid concern on both counts, but I can see it working either way. I'm not about to tear up over taking some flyers on boom or bust picks in the mid-late 4th and the end of the 5th though.
  20. What a draft! What a weekend! What a great 3 days! Reportedly, 250,000 people and it was so much more than anyone could ever hope for!! I thought Chicago did a great job for the last two years that they hosted. But Philly? Wow, just so much fun! There are reports that fans from all 32 NFL cities showed up. The hotels were completely booked up. The Miami Marlins baseball team was in town to play the Phillies and even they couldn't get enough rooms. So, they stayed at a hotel in Delaware, 30 miles away!! Incredible! The most enjoyable draft I've ever watched, and not just because Chris Ballard CRUSHED it in his first ever draft! It was just so flipping fun! And the announcers, both for the NFL Network and ESPN couldn't say enough good things about it. I hope Philly gets another year of hosting before it moves on! Bravo, Philly! Bravo!!
  21. Um, Langford was a stud in 2015 when he was healthy. He had never missed a game prior to that. Only reason he could be cut is if he's not back to 100%
  22. Why can't we do the same with a 34?
  23. Some I've felt have been overrated by these forums; e.g. especially Kittle and to a lesser degree Butt. Kittle will be 24 when the season starts, has good speed, but really lacks college production; most number of yards caught a year is 316. Butt's peak would probably be Zach Miller (the former TE for the Seahawks, not Bears). I doubt Ballard nor Pagano will be losing sleep over that decision tonight, we're not passing up a Jason Whitten or Jimmy Graham. Banner and Stewart have good upside, their weight issues are concerns due to our history with those players. e.g. Chapman, Hughes, Jones, Brandon McKinney, Mike McGlynn, etc.
  24. Where they drafted him and what they gave suggests yes. What their GM and Coach are saying suggests hell naw. For at least the first game we play them, the Texans QB will be Savage.
  25. You think Watson is going to be playing in Houston right away?
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