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  2. Addai, Faulk, Charles...not bad company to be compared to. :^)
  3. Cubs win easily, up 3.5 on Brewers, still 4.5 on Cards in the NL Central.
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  5. La Pulga!
  6. I suppose. From my point of view, he's gotten a DC, an OC, a GM & multiple position coaches replaced. The same problems from 2012 still remain to this day. Through the process of elimination, I can only conclude Chuck's to blame. All I see from the interviews is a person running out of excuses. Whatever. It's done. Winning changes everything. Let's hope for the best.
  7. I'd be ok with trading Moncrief
  8. Me too. If he does well the team does well and that's what I want at the end of the day.
  9. Doyle twist something for a better story? Never! There is a lot of sarcasm there none of which is directed at you.
  10. Me too. If I came off to brash it was not my intention. I totally agree with all the negativity. It does test us all and sometimes it's hard to contain things said. I apologize.
  11. Well..... I think you wrote a little bit more than just "chill out".... But I''m sorry I bit your head off.... I over-reacted when I read your post. I should've walked away and come back later before posting.... I think the board has collectively gone to Hell in the past few weeks and I find it hard to read all the negative threads. This is my favorite website, so not enjoying it is difficult for me. That said, I'll try to handle things better in the future.....
  12. Wow, Chuck gets tough and starts calling out players who are not giving 100% and still gets grilled for it. Then a new member post some pretty telling stuff that explains a major problem and then some don't care to believe it because it don't fit their narrative to derail Pagano. Just maybe Irsay knew this and that explains why Grigson was fired and Pagano was retained? Not one of us knows what goes on behind closed doors. But Irsay does because he owns those doors. Him and his daughters have their hands in every phase of this organization and know more than any one of us. We can have all of our opinions but that is all they are, opinions not facts. One fact that no one can dispute is Irsay wants Pagano to be the head coach of the Colts no matter what anyone thinks. That is the way it is like it or not. This back and forth bickering means absolutely nothing at this time. Lets just let this play out.
  13. I'd like to see what else Fred brown has. Seems like he might have some talent too
  14. I didn't watch it. This kind of stuff bores me to death honestly. I did find this Guardian link funny though. My eyes! My eyes! I was blinded by the light man!
  15. and also
  16. I'd like to think we're not alone as a species & that there's more than just insects, animals, birds, & various plants, trees, vegetables, & fish out there you know. I don't subscribe to the idea of basing an entire religion around extraterrestrial creatures like Scientology does that's too far fetched even for me. However, I like the idea of say Egyptian pharaohs being so advanced for their time period that they were using symbols, concepts, & mathematical calculations that they would never have known without some elaborate intellectual assistance of some sort. Plus, if most religions are built on the premise of a spiritual deity or supernatural force beyond human comprehension that has the power to heal why would aliens themselves be so outlandish in scope? Plus, not every person who claims they were abducted, placed on a ship, & studied can all be high, drunk, delusional, or simple minded to me. Rosewell, crop circles, Area 51...X-Files, Star Trek...Science Fiction sells & some of those shows & books are very entertaining anyway.
  17. Here's a part where it caught my eye from that article: "More recently, a rumor has made the rounds on the internet about Ragland being sent to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for wide receiver Phillip Dorsett." Would that be a good trade?
  18. And relatively cheap (rookie contract) plus little current trade value.
  19. If we do keep natson on the final 53, i too think we need to keep 6 wr. but i'd also like to keep 4 rb. But with the OL, LB, and CB uncertainty, something has to give. Then theres the depth of talent on the DL, and needing an extra QB short-term (hopefully short-term) I'm glad i'm not making final cuts. But for some reason, i trust in Ballard. But some good players will be cut. Hopefully we can save the ones we want to the PS.
  20. Originally, before strolling into this thread, I was prepared to release him. However, after reading what you wrote, your advice is sound. I just don't like the idea of parting ways with a 1st round 2015 draft pick as a failure. I probably became enamored with his speed & figured he'd shine by now. You've convinced me. 1 more yr to set the INDY world on fire seems appropriate. Now or never kid. Good luck son. "The kid has the potential to be a really good wide out, KR/PR" Usually, a 1st round pick drafted as WR depth & placed on special teams beyond their rookie campaign means they are bad & the coaches are giving you a desperation role before they cut you.
  21. So you're saying JoJo could be a knockoff Julian Edelman for us? I'm willing to try him out there & see what he can do dodsworth. Not a bad idea.
  22. I would be really p***ed off. Hilton Moncrief Rogers Natson Aiken/Dorsett Carry 6. Hilton, Moncrief, Rogers, and Natson will get the most snaps when said and done. Natson has the skill set and the talent to be a really good WR and swiss army knife type offensive weapon. Plus a killer KR/PR.. We could possibly have 4 major weapons at wide out, 2 at TE, and 2 at RB. Just need to get 12 off the PUP.
  23. I understand that the Bills are shopping Ragland too.
  24. As much as I despise the Cowboys with every fiber of my body, I must admit that your comparison is a darn good one CBZ. Very perceptive on your part.
  25. Unfortunately natson would be useful like cole Beasley if he played for the boys..downside is he plays for the colts who can't scheme anyone open unless luck is running to lengthen the play
  26. The Castro shirt didn't help either.
  27. You're post earlier on this page was very well written CT. I disagreed with the vast majority of it, but you stated your point of view quite well nevertheless. Welcome to the forum. I look forward to reading your perspectives frequently in the future. --SW1
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