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  2. What the Colts have and still need on D

    I agree bigtime the only exception I would be ok with Roquan Smith and Bostic if we are able to handle most of our other needs. Smith I think is going to be a very good ILB
  3. This game is going to come down to the final play. It's fourth-down on the 6 yard line. Edit: False start giants. It's now forth and goal from the 11 yard line.
  4. The Giants have the ball, second and goal from the 11 yard line with 58 seconds left to play.
  5. Sucking it up, Colts batting order update (Week 15 edition)

    GB lost, Rodgers couldn't do it.
  6. We are at the two-minute warning and the Giants have moved the ball to the Eagles 22 yard line.
  7. I'm not so sure about whatever is going on with Luck, praying for the best though.
  8. Thank you, some great perspective finally and positivity. I Concur as OLD MAN would say
  9. Sucking it up, Colts batting order update (Week 15 edition)

    If we picked 5th, taking Nelson at 5 makes much sense IMO. I would imagine Barkley will go Top 4 and 1 of the QB's will be gone anyway. Assuming Luck comes back 100%, Nelson just adds to building a wall up front with Kelly.
  10. Now that I know this is a post-surgery biceps alignment issue, I am 100% confident that Luck will be back and better than ever. By start of next season.
  11. Well, Maybe the Giants can win one of their last two. At least there playing hard. Looks like the Texans have mailed it in which means we could very well win the last game anyway and we are back with the 3rd. pick.
  12. The Eagles add another field goal and increase their lead, 34 to 29 over the Giants. Three minutes and 56 seconds left to go in the game.
  13. I think "realistically" the Colts are picking anywhere from #2 to #5. I do think the Giants will win another game, so if we lose out then I believe we will be awarded the #2 pick. If we beat Houston in the finale, then I believe we have the #5 pick.
  14. What the Colts have and still need on D

    I mostly agree. The reason I said 4 is because (I think) Bostic is a FA this offseason. If they re-sign him, then I suppose my hope is that it is only for depth. If Indy doesn't trade down, I'd be taking a long look at Chubb if I were them. I can definitely see your point, given the needs at OL and CB, but I really hope we don't go into 2018 with Bostic and a rookie at ILB.
  15. The Bears traded up for Trubisky... so anything’s possible.
  16. Ross Travis

    Now you are simplifying things. Your territory.
  17. Here's what some experts said earlier about Luck headin to Europe and why it's likely that he went there:
  18. Ross Travis

  19. The Giants matriculated the ball down the field, and the attempted field goal was blocked. With 11 minutes and 26 seconds to go, Giants trail the Eagles 29 to 31.
  20. They are losing on purpose
  21. Ross Travis

    Don't is a contraction for does not. So once again you trying to correct me when you haven't a clue of the English language.
  22. Sucking it up, Colts batting order update (Week 15 edition)

    Yeah I am sick of the sacks. I think the combo of Kelly and Nelson would be sweet.
  23. the defense needs a good player too, and i think we will go after Oline in free agency we have a lot of money to spend, i would over pay if thats what it takes in general i try not to pigeon hole positions in any draft because that usually leads to disappointment.
  24. Ross Travis

    BTW. It's doesn't. Not don't.
  25. Ross Travis

    Fair enough. Then we are in agreement. You dont have the authority to tell me what to do either.
  26. id be fine with that. third sounds a bit high for a guard but we have given up way too many sacks obviously and we need to protect luck when he gets back
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