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Richardson is staying and will be better this year......Cleveland paid a HUGE chunk of his guaranteed money from his rookie contract and the Colts have him under control for 2 more years.....his cap hit is ranked #23 of all running backs which is not bad.  I really see him being a big part of our offense this year.

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T rich's contract's guaranteed money was paid by Cleveland.....most of it....his cap hit is ranked #23 of ALL RB's....His yards from scrimmage is ranked #43 out of EVERYBODY in the NFL....including Tight Ends, Wide Receivers, Returners etc......even above Sproles......People need to quit hating and Grigs needs to get a real POWER running O line.

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He was the only player in the top #66 in yards from scrimmage, that had to play for 2 teams.  The Kid can play and deserves another chance in my book.

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