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Super Bowl Year?

Posted by icolts12, 21 February 2014 · 880 views

With the Colts having another 11-5 year and making it to the playoffs, we are getting better each of these past two years. We still have a lot of work to do and I still see us as a young team. Andrew Luck is a great quarterback and has won us many games in his young career. I think he will keep developing into the franchise quarterback that we want him to be. We still have some pieces that we need to put in place. We need to still get better protection for Luck from our offensive line. He just doesn't have the time. The receivers besides Wayne and Hilton could use an upgrade, and some work on the defense. If we keep improving each year, I can see us getting to the Super Bowl this coming year, or if not this year, in a few. I can't wait for the trophy to come back to Indy. What year do you thing we can make it?

2014 vs Rams or Lions. 

Colts need a kick returner,I am a huge colts fan.I have been watching since a little boy.I never miss a game how am I the only one that realizes we havent had a good return team since TW Terrence Wilkins.

If luck could get the ball on the 30 and 40 more that would be almost a garuntee fg or touchdown. we dont need sproles let donald brown be that role. People need to get on the Decker wagon he is the real deal,FAST runner,great route runner,goes after the ball...and He could be our number one reciever..Knicks will not make it but 3 or 4 games healthy.Hes a waste of thought..James Jones could be a solid number 2..We really need to trade up for sammy watkins..Or go after a Tall WR a brandon marshall type reciever.We Screwed up not taking Alshon Jeffreys,How do u draft a TE 2nd and 3rd round.COBY FLEEEMER WAS A TERRRRRIBLE 2nd round pick.Dwayne Allen should be the starter.Why dont we work something out and grab JUSTIN BLACKMON.Defense we need HITTERS like whitner.. This is our year Colts learn from istakes.Coby fleemer MISTAKE

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        08 Oct
      Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      I'll eat my crow (assuming this is Hassle's last game this season). I Said multiple times that he couldn't even make us compete in NFL game's based on his preseason. Not only was I wrong but we won both games! Good job Matt and you guys get to serve me my plate.

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        08 Oct

      Want to apologize to Matt Hasselbeck for saying he looked done in his pre-season performance. Definitely not the case. He has played great the past two games.

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