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Colts offseason needs

Posted by tamour2395, 15 January 2014 · 1186 views

Another long season down the drain with a heartbreaking loss to the Patriots is just so demoralizing. Almost every year since the Peyton Manning era, the Colts have made the playoffs. The only times the Colts missed the playoffs were in 1998, 2001, and 2011. Besides these 3 seasons, the Colts have made the Super Bowl twice and only won 1 against the Bears in 2006. Aside from this 1 Super Bowl, it ALWAYS seem to some type of issue and excuse as to why they lost, rather than why they did not win against the opposing team, regardless of who the opponent is. Every Colts have has to be honest with themselves and admit, that at this point the Colts offense is still not ready to defeat the elite teams in the month of January, WHEN IT REALLY MATTERS!!! The Colts defense has STILL YET TO BE among the elite defenses in the league. The Colts BADLY need new cornerbacks, linebackers, defensive lineman, and MORE IMPORTANTLY a BETTER defensive coordinator!!! Greg Manusky has still yet to prove to the Colts that he knows how to make this Colts defense the best and among the superior in the NFL. We need a better defensive coordinator by NEXT season of 2014!!! Without a better defensive coordinator, expect to see the same old defensive play-calling and inability to get off the field or force turnovers. The COLTS badly need more better players on defense, there's absolutely no doubt about it. In addition to the Colts needs, the Colts offense BADLY NEED more better wide receivers, running backs, offensive lineman and a BETTER offensive coordinator. Pep Hamilton is just TOO conservative when the game is not out of hand and he is not aggressive from start to finish. He is ONLY aggressive when the Colts are down by a BIG NUMBER of points. Look at the games against the Rams, Cardinals, Texans, Dolphins, Chargers and the last game against the Patriots. He ONLY puts the Colts offense in hurry up mode(no huddle offense) when they fall behind in the game. As a offensive coordinator, you cannot KEEP allowing the offense to play conservative and then play aggressive towards the end, because that will not last very long against better teams. Andrew Luck is a VERY good QB, but he cannot carry ALL the work load alone and expect to win a Super Bowl, because it takes A LOT of team effort to win in the playoffs. In my opinion, the Colts need to hire a person like josh mcdaniels to run the Colts offense and hire wade phillips to be the Colts defensive coordinator since he is WELL KNOWN to making a big difference for defenses such as the Chargers, and the Texans. This guy knows how to fix defenses VERY WELL. The Colts need to bring him. He will make the defense and elite team.

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