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I am predicting that the Colts will backslide next year

Posted by John242, 21 January 2014 · 4271 views

There are many Colt's fans who are dillusional and who are lying to themselves. In order to compefe for Super Bowls you need a great defense. When it comes to defense the Colts are mediocre and inconsistent. On the defenseive side they have not built a good defense through the draft and free agenecy. Their best defenseive player is a hold over from the Polian era. I think it is also very possible the Colts dont even win their division next year. Pagano and Grigson need to be fired. The Seahawks and the 49ers managed to build great defenses and become consitent winners in three years. Each year of the Harbaugh and Carroll rehimes the 49ers and the Seahwaks became better on defense and more consistent. They did not have wildly inconsistant performances and they diod not come out not ready to play. The Colts are not in the same league as the 49ers, the Seahawks or New England. I dont thi nk fans should be satisfied with simply making the playoffs. Many teams make the playoffs but are not really capable of getting to or winning the Super Bowl. The GMs in San Fran and Seattle are much better than Grigson. A GM needs to be a great talent evaluator and I dont think Grigson excels in that area. I also think Pep Hamilton is not a great OC. I think he is average to above average but not great. Much of his play calling was very predictable. When Reggie Wayne went down the offense came to a halt. If the Colts had a great defense they would of been better able to manage the time after Wayner went down. However bad offensive play calling combined with a bad defense led to the Colts floundering and getting blown out by teams like the Rams. Truely great teams are distinguished by their consistency. The Colts have never been consistent. Without a great defense, the Colts will have to rely on Payton Manning like performances from Andrew Luck. Luck will not be able to get to the Super Bowl without a great defense.
Pagano is supposed to be a defensive coach but his defense has been horrible. If you doubt this please compare what San Fran and Seattle asked their quarterback to do this post season. The 49ers only had to put up about 23 points to win their first two playoff games and the Seahawks also only had to put up about 23 points to win their two playoff games. Luck was forced to put up a huge amounts of points just to keep the Colts in the game. That fact is very telling. Also consider all the fourth quarter comebacks Luck was forced to make in his first two seasons. Without Luck, the Colts would of had a horrendous record. If Luck was on the Seahawks or the 49ers he would be going to the Super Bowl this year and definitely last year. He probably would of already of won a super bowl or would win it this year. The bottom line is that the Colts cant win a super bowl without a great defense. Pagano was a DC in Baltimore but Baltimore had Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and bunch of other incredible players that Pagano did not draft or get. Those players would make any defensive coordinator look good. Any DC could look great with those guys on their team. I think the Colts should hire someone in the Seattle or San Francisco organization as a general manager. In addition I would get a coach who is either a Carroll, Harbaugh, or Bellecheck disciple. I am more concerned with getting a better GM than coach. I think Pagano is a bad coach because his players come out flat and poorly prepared. However, I think Grigson's player selections will destroy the team. Currently the Colts only have three championship pieces. They are Luck, Wayne, and Mathis. They dont have tall shut down corners or good to great defensive lineman or linebackers or a great safety. Also they dont have any elite receivers except for Wayne. Hilton is good but not great. They need better tight ends, better offensive linemen, and a big tough back like Marchon Lynch or Frank Gore. Donald Brown is decent but he is not dominant. If I am wrong about this, I will admit my errors. However I was not wrong about the Patriots game. They did get blown out. I think its important to remember that the Colts are not is the same league as the 49ers, Patriots, and the Seahawks. Currently they are more like Cincinatti and Kansas city. I am not happy with the Colts being decent but not great. I want the Colts to win two super bowls with Luck. With Pagano and Grigson the Colts will not ever get to a Super Bowl. I am not even convinced they will win their bad division next year. Priority one needs to be defense. I dont think Pagano is a great defensive coach, I think he was just lucky to have great players in Baltimore. The Colts need to build a defense like the 49ers and Sea Hawks. Without that they will not win a super bowl any time soon.

Your comments parallel my thoughts, as I mentioned in my last entry! It's frustrating to sit back and see the train wreck approaching! Mr Irsay seems to be oblivious to what his $ is producing! hell give me the check book and I'll build you a contender and perhaps multiple Super Bowl trophies! Grison is clueless in evaluating talent, Bill Polian was conservative but, one out two super bowls ain't bad!! Should have won both if not for trickery from saints! The only way I see colts trading Richardson is to the cfl, I feel there is to much baggage for colts to handle and once again why the hell did they even put themselves into this quagmire! keep Brown and Ballard, get a fullback and maybe hicks my ex tarheel! some strong OL and linebackers and draft the field goal kicker out of Florida state! Go Colts!

John you are recycling previous blog posts

Also it is almost impossible to read your posts because you do not use paragraph breaks

I am glad that these are not my decisions to make, and yours too for that matter. As a fan I root for the team and hope for the best, for those of you who think that a major change can be made in a year or 2 and all the injuries have no affect on the team, then I need to be more upset about changes that I have no control over. I think that this team has done great things will all the adversity that they have been through in the last 2 years!  Go Colts!!!!

many predicted we'd backslide this year as well..


The Colts 'D' wasnt horrible.....and all teams give up big yardage and point games


Injuries are not an excuse but they are a reason...we lost 5 starters on offense to injury


To overlook that is a mistake in analysis...


Many of your criticism s are exaggerated but valid..


Understand, though..... There are two very, very flawed teams in the Super Bowl on Feb. 2


We are closer than you think

Grigson spent a lot of money to get quantity instead of quality on Defense and I don't trust Pagano to fix the D and looking at the whole picture with Pagano and Grigson we could be taking steps backwards. Love my Colts but not happy with Pagano and Grigson and I hope I am wrong

First off you can't win the Super Bowl every year. Also you can't have Pro Bolwers at every position. I am immensely proud of our team, there are about 20 teams that have worse situations than us. I honestly never excpected us to make it to 2 playoffs this soon after the rebiuld. And when has our defense been Great? Maybe never. I'm pretty sure Manning was our best deffensive player. I honestly only think Pep will be the only one to go this year. you can't fire everyone when we dont win a SB. You have some great insight and oppinions just try not to get soo emotional with them. All in all we have a good team and hopefully we can stay healthy next year. Looks like Wayne and 2 Rbs will be back next year, witch I am excited about. I am predicting a slight decline though mainly cause i bet we split wins with the Texans and Titans.

And didn't we beat the Seahawks and 49ers this year, yeahhh. The playoff wins will come.

Hey, aren't you the same guy that predicted a 4-12 season in Luck's (and Pagano's and Grigson's) rookie season?  Or predicted that the Colts would backslide in Luck's second year? (Would that mean that they should have been 3-13 this year?)


You probably are the same guy that predicted that Dungy and Manning were too soft to win a SuperBowl!


Keep up the predictions and positive attitude!

Playoffs are all about matchups and health that provides us those matchups.


Our best games of the year were vs the Broncos and Seahawks at home when our 3 starting CBs - Davis, Toler and Butler were all healthy and when Reggie Wayne was still healthy. Those small things matter when playing the best teams. Wayne's 2 pt. conversion vs the Seahawks was a big momentum boost, so was the TD pass to Fleener before the half vs the Broncos.


When guys like Belichick cannot hone in on just T.Y., it is even harder to beat the Colts. So, if Grigson drafts and signs quality depth this offseason, we are in GREAT shape. Not just in good shape, GREAT shape. I expect quality signings for the front 7 on D and a few signings on the OL and/or WR front to take this team to the next level. The teams that made it far in the AFC are the ones that have had to overcome injuries with quality depth behind the starters they lost (both Pats and Broncos). Once we have those signings, we will be knocking on the SB doors.


I expect us to get a first round bye next year in the AFC. Keep this thread or blog (whatever) alive till then, I will be back to tell you I said so. :)

wait didn't the colts defense stuff Marshawn Lynch and Frank Gore back into the back pocket of the offensive play book when the colts beat them?

God Bless America.


Hard to believe the Colts allow such drivel and nonsense to be posted on their website by people who clearly don't know football.


But,  that's what makes the world go around.    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion....   even people for whom 2+2=4 is a really, really hard problem to figure out.


Goodness gracious...........

John242, how can you call yourself a Colts fan?  Your problem is you were used to year to year greatness & even though this team was built in 1 year, has had 2 increasingly successful years, are already the class of the division; you want to pick apart a move here & a move there.  You expect perfection?  You're unrealistic.  Most of the repliers here are way more on point than you.  I make it simple - 11-5; 11-5 + a playoff home win.  Grigson rolls the dice, so there will be some lucky 7's & some snake eyes; but at least he isn't complacent; he builds. 


Would you prefer to be like the Browns, Jags, Bills, Chargers, Lions, Titans, Bengals, Texans, Panthers, Eagles, Vikings, Falcons, Cardinals, Seahawks (as of today & probable next week as well); that have NEVER won a SB.  Add to that list past good franchises that are in disarray today like the Raiders, Bucs, Redskins, Chiefs, Bears, Rams, Dolphins, & Cowboys that may never win one again in the near future.


We, my friend. are part of a very select group of teams who are in the top tier with a chance to win it every year; you have to get in the dance to have a chance & that we do.  Consider yourself lucky, quit being a "the sky is falling" Debbie Downer.  I think you might be the guy that sits in front of me at the games; always complaining; absolutely no fun to sit near; people around us all say, "why does he buy season tickets to see a team he can't stand?"  I'm thinking that's you.  If so, please ask for an upgrade if you even come back - just move out of my section.

This read like a 6th grade book report. The only thing I got out of this is that 'Wayner' is fun to say.

Unreadable. Paragraphs were invented for good reason.

many predicted we'd backslide this year as well..


The Colts 'D' wasnt horrible.....and all teams give up big yardage and point games


Injuries are not an excuse but they are a reason...we lost 5 starters on offense to injury


To overlook that is a mistake in analysis...


Many of your criticism s are exaggerated but valid..


Understand, though..... There are two very, very flawed teams in the Super Bowl on Feb. 2


We are closer than you think

Yeah. Denver's D is a problem, and Seattle can't produce points.

Seriously?  Are you missing a few bulbs?  Spelling is horrible, everything runs together, and your points are laughable.

So, the Colts should fire the HC and GM because you predict they will backslide?  This blog is the reason I am so happy that fans do not run the team.  I won't point out all the faults in your ramblings but I will point out a few.


1.  You state the Colts aren't in the same league as the 49ers, Seahawks and Patriots, yet the Colts beat two of those three teams.


2.  You mention Harbaugh as a coach that builds a SB winner, yet he has yet to win a SB.


3.  You mention Pete Carroll as building a SB winner, yet he has yet to win a SB.  And Carroll's first 4 years as an NFL HC he was 33-31.


4.  You mention that YOU would hire someone from the Bellichick tree.  Yet the HC from the Bellichick tree are Josh McDaniels, Eric Mangini and Romeo Crennel.  They are a combined 72 wins and 119 losses as HC and with a combined 11 seasons as HCs they have two (2, yes that is 2) winning seasons between them (1 by Mangini and 1 by Crennel).  The fact that you would even make that comment shows me that you know nothing about football and that you just like to complain.

wow  people   we were a 2-14 team  .... thats had 2 11-5 seasons   and ur yelling for there heads because we lost in the playoffs     u cant be serious itll take at least 4 years to find out if this staff has got what it takes  and then u cant just let go of what has been working both of the 2 years under pagano  we have added alot of talented players (maybe have over payed a couple) something we never did b4 t rich looks like a bust but ur judging to soon he needs blocking the same way luck does   BE PATIENT  its not gonna happen over night  but its heading in the right direction   if u feel were heading backwards   then stay seated right there as the colts move along  cause we dont need that    REMEMBER   WE DIDNT REBUILD WE RELOADED & BUILT A MONSTER     the monsters roar was heard ealry in the season   we took a few injurys & it got quite    wait til we get depth

Sorry, I couldn't bring myself to read the whole thing. It was a word salad of the worst order, and looked like someone tried to write it with an Etch-A-Sketch. Next time try breaking it up into paragraphs and perhaps add a dash of punctuation and a cogent thought or two for good measure.

There are no perfect coaches or GM's.  I believe Pagano and Grigson have done a really good job.  Grigson is not going to hit a home run every try.  But he has built a very respectable team in only two years.  Pagano only coached half of last season, and had to hire a new OC when BA left for Arizona.  Give them some time.  Things were not always perfect under Polian.  Remember, when Manning went down, we had NO back up quarterback and the bottom fell out.  For years this team was all about Manning and I believe he ran the show and the rest just did whatever he wanted.  I liked Manning and think he was a great quarterback, but we had no offense when he got hurt because he was the only one who could run it.  I think the way things are being done now will serve us well as we move forward.  I have great respect for Mr. Irsay for being willing to let Manning go and to basically start over from scratch.  The colts have super bowl appearances in their future. 


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