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If the Colts are going to win super bowls then Grigson and Pagano must go

Posted by John242, 13 January 2014 · 2005 views

If I am wrong on any of my points below I will freely admit it but unfortunately I think I am 100% right and accurate in my comments. I admit that I have high standards. I dont want the Colts simply getting to the playoffs. I want them to contend for super bowls. Any fan that is honest with themselves will admit that Pagano did nor prepare his team to play schematically and emotionally in a number of games this season. Pagano is supposed to be a defensive coach yet the Colts were terrible on defense this season. Injuries are no excuse. All teams have injuries. That is why the GMs and coaches in San Francisco and Seattle and New England have depth at the key defensive positions. I do not think that the Colts will get to the Super Bowl until they get rid of Pagano who is a decent but not great coach. In addition. Grigson must go because he is a poor talent evaluator. The Colts needed their first round pick this year because they lack talent in many key positions. Lets be honest. The Colts need big cover corners, defensive lineman, offensive lineman, wide receivers and a better tight endand a running back. The Colts have one thing going for them and that is Luck. However if they allow him to continue to get pummeled, they may lose him to injury. I hear a lot of people drinking the Colts cool aid who think everything is great. I am very worried about next year. I dont think the Colts are a lock to win the division again and they may barely make the playoffs next year. The excuses I hear from Colts fans about injuries fail to taken into account that all teams have injuries and that other good teams build depth. Its also incorrect that it takes a lot of time to build a winner. The Seahawks and 49ers have succeeded very quickly. Defenses win championships. The Colts need to build a great defense with tall cover corners, defensive lineman, and linebackers. I dont see any great defensive lineman on the Colts except Mathis. I also dont see any great tall cover corners. The Seahawks and the 49ers are going to dominate this decade if the Colts dont get a new defensive head coach. I would try to get an assistant from the Seahawks or the 49ers. I would try to hire a DC from one of those teams. I would also get a new gm from one of those teams. The Colts need to build a deep defensive team that can compete with the best teams. Without a great defense, they have no chance of winning a Super Bowl in this decade. Oh by the way they also need a running back because Grigson traded away a very valuable first round pick for Richardson who had no track record of being a good let alone great back. Jim Irsay needs to cut his losses and fire Pagano and Grigson. I am not satisfied with the Colts continually losing in the early rounds of the playoffs. The Colts were blown out by the Patriots who are a good not great team this year.The Patriots have no chance of winning the super bowl. The Colts made Lagarrette Blount look like Jim Brown. The Patriots could of driven a mack truck through some of the holes in the Colt's defense/ The Colts were at the bottom of the league in many defensive categories even though Pagano is supposed to be a defensive wizard. If a Colt's fans are honest with themselves, they will admit that Pagano is not as good as the Harbaughs, Bill Bellicheck, or Pete Carroll. In addition the Colt's defense is pathetic when compared to the Seahawks, 49ers, and the Panthers. I just dont trust Grigson as the GM because anyone should of known that you dont trade a first round pick for an unproductive first round running back who was considered a bust. Most fans let alone GMs would have never made such a stupid trade. That has to be one of the worst trades I can remember. Most successful teams now draft backs in the later rounds and they certainly dont give away a precious first round pick for a back that has been mediocre at best. The bottom line is that I want the Colts to really contend for Super Bowls every year. I am not interested in the Colts being the eight or ninth best team in the league year after year. I also want to see defensive consistency. In order for a team to be great they need defensive consistency. The top defenses in the leasgue are good every week. If the defnse is good every week the offense does not have to be great every week in order to win. A great defense is also critical because of the changing weather conditions as the year progresses. The bottom line is that a team with an average offense can win championships if they have a great defense. The reverse is rarely true. I do not think that Pagano and Grigson are capable of building and coaching a top defense. They have had two years and they have failed. Compare that to Seattle and San Francisco If a new regime can create a great defense then Luck who is great will have an aopportunity to win multiple Super Bowls. I assume that is what other Colt's fans want. If they are honest with themselves they will see that Pagano and Grigson do not appear to be the men for the job. I have no doubt that they are decent at their jobs. However you need great coaches and GMs to win.

I honestly believe people forget that this is a rebuilding team who was 2-14 before Pagano and Grigson. I must admit it is very troubling that there was such a huge drop off between last years draft picks and free agents ( Luck, Hilton, Redding) and this years draft class and freeagents (...) We spent 100 million in free agency last year to fix the problems ( Oline, Dline, and DB) and absoultely nothing was fixed. If anyhthing they were worse this year. I believe we overspent on injury prone backups, and got burnt on almost every area. I am not sold on Gridson or Pagano either, but  I just cant say that we cant win with them. Offense and Defense starts with the lines, and I cant understand how with all that money spent we still have one of the worst of both in the league. I say give them one more year. We are still in good position with cap space this year. If they didn't learn from their mistakes and expect Luck to win every game for us by pulling us out of hole because the team is not prepared or talented enough then I say pull the plug, and start over. I seriously doubt that will happen. We have a 2nd year coach, gm, QB and tons of youth. As long as this team gets better every year Irsay will stay with them, but if there is any backslid at all. Then all bets are off. As for as the  T RIch trade. I don't know what in the hell they were thinking. A first round draft pick is a huge price to pay for any RB much less one that doesn't produce at all. If feels like we wasted 2 1st round draft picks this year. I don't think Werner is ever going to be a great LB.

Of course injuries can be considered and, in this case, they should be considered. They had many serious losses this season, more than is typical; any realistic evaluation of coaching must take the whole picture into account. Overall talent level also needs to be kept in mind. It is easy to argue that the coaches have done better than one has any right to expect. Pagano's first season he really didn't have the personnel to rub the defense he wanted; this year he had more, next year he will gave more and the defense will have had more time with the system. Plus, this is a rebuilding team that has gone way beyond reasonable expectations. At times the defense has been spectacular. Both the defense and the offense have been inconsistent ... A hallmark of a young, rebuilding team. Grigson has made some great personnel moves. He hasn't been perfect, but it makes no sense to compare him to perfect, one needs to compare GMs' success rates with the success rate of other GMs, not just note possible errors. Not sure why you are so pessimistic and focusing on any possible negative, but I recommend you try to be more patient and keep things in perspective. Grigson and Pagano aren't going anyplace in the near future, so your life will be more pleasant if you chill out a bit.
We are definitely NOT a power running team. That concept is really a joke at this point. Our current o-line is terrible and laughable. If I were Mr Irsay I would be really * at the o-line product our GM has produced. Also our star QB (who is really good) will soon be really injured if they don't protect the guy better. We also seriously lack good cover corners, we have NONE who can CONSTENTLY cover close. New England can do it, why can't we??? Aside from Mathis (who is a superstar) we also lack pass rush/QB pressures. luck is almost pressured on just about every play, o-line again! Fix these things PROPERLY and we win in Feb! PLEASE someone read this to Mr Irsay. You can't just get better...you MUST be better than the next guy. P.S. A one yard pass when you need 10 for a first will never make the grade. You will more often lose that battle than not.
Mr Irsay, Mr Pagano and Mr Grigson, let me tell you what Andrew Luck will not tell you. He would say to the media that his o-line did a good job today and other days and he would say he needs to play better or make better decisions with he ball but for him to criticize his line for not protecting or blocking better will never fly or for him to come to any of you and say you need to put a better product in protection would never fly. It is your job to see the cut butt he has taken for the last 2 years and fix it. Don't you think it gets into his head and makes him rush or throw poorly? I would bet Peyton would be to someone and say, "look guys, either we get some better protection for me or we ain't going anywhere" ......just sayin'.
Wow finally someone who see's the whole picture we will never win the Super Bowl with Pagano and Grigson and I feel the longer they are around the more damage they will do. I am still shocked Grigson made that trade for Richardson You have the making of one of the great QB'S of the future and he will suffer if theses to clown's are around. I honestly don't feel good going forward with these 2 in charge and I hope some of these colt fan's who are sipping the cool aid wake up. I always liked Jim Irsay and I hope he see's the mistake he has made
It's still to early to write off Richardson. Remember he was a top 5 pick for a reason. The kid needs some confidence and some oline help and he should produce next season.
Richardson is unfortunately to slow and not very intelligent! Just listen to his post game remarks, I would assume he never really had or took advantage of the education paid for by the folks of Alabama! Certainty a contrast in grammar and intelligence when you listen to Donald brown's comments! Btw he blows away Richardson as a RB. So what does the owner do now? Well he must first evaluate his GM and perhaps take one for the fans a release him immediately, and then if possible employ at any cost, Billy Beam!!! We need some $ ball! Only kidding, but for sure someone who knows talent when they see it! It sadden my sons and I Saturday watching our colts get their butts kicked, we will hang in there because we are true Colt fans, but I celebrated my 60th BD Sunday and the clock is ticking, we want more world champs, please fix things and hurry the hell up about it!!

John 242, you are right on. You hit the target.  I couldn't have analyze it any better....I agree that Defense win championship, it's a proven fact.....

Memo to Mr. Irsay: Geeeez bub, look at all the money u could've saved had u'd hire John242. His examples of great organizations such as San Fran, Seattle, shows that........hey.....wait a minute, Colts beat them. Hmmm, better lay off the Kool Aid :-)

I disagree as well as agree with some of the things you said. I do not agree that we should just fire them after these two years of going 11-5. a year before that we were 2-14 and how painful was that season for colts fans? It sucked. I'm huge into football and i don't know about you but 11-5 is a whole lot better to watch then 2-14. You say all teams have injuries and what not but we had the injury plague for sure, do you realize how many running backs were on the IR? :Ballard, Bradshaw, Herron, Rainey. Our running game would have been unstoppable with Ballard, Bradshaw and Brown in the back field. You say we need a better tight end, we have Dwayne Allen and Fleener has only been improving. They are going to be the TE Duo of the NFL. You say Richardson was a complete bust, I don't think you guys understand how good he is at blocking. A category Brown struggled with. We needed Richardson in there for blovking. Also richardson hasnt been with a solid organization, he needs to settle and get comfortable, we've all seen that he can run, he just hesitates. 1tarheel54 says Richardson is too slow, that is however not the case. He has above average speed for a back, especially a powerback. We have young recievers, young running backs. Our IR was full of out standing above average players. Wayne, Ballard, Bradshaw, Allen, Austin on the line. Ye, agree we need more depth but the depth can also be found in these young inexperienced players. Whalen isnt very fast, but he breaks tackles and makes crucial 3rd down catches. He's young, but we've seen promising things in Rogers, also young and very inexperienced. Fleener is young, Ballard is young. Lucks young. Everyone is young on offense. I think we need to work on more of a defense. We need more Mathis's and Freemans. Not just average players. Werner showed improvement and hopefully he can prove his worth because there is no more room for just average players. we need an elite team. However, firing coaches is NOT the right move. Paganos offense is very complicated and tough to learn. New offenses are tough to learn and an off season couldn't be more perfect for this injured, inexperienced, young indianapolis team. The last thing we need is new coaches all the players have to adjust to. The colts are going to be a promising team. I do think we need to lay down some money on defensive players and an elite FA WR to help Wayne and Hilton next year. (Decker, Nicks, EXT) What if Rogers can step up and become a hilton/wayne or Brazill steps up? We'd have great receivers, they are just young. I'm excited for our offense, I also think Hamilton needs to let Luck win games with his feet and arm. 

Were you dropped on your head?? What world are you living in? Grigson is the one who BROUGHT Luck, TY Hilton, Dwayne Allen, etc etc etc to Indianapolis.. The Colts, with the help of Pagano, are already readying themselves to win a Super Bowl after blowing the entire team and organization up just two seasons ago.. One offseason with hits and misses and you're ready for a new head coach and GM? Wow... Show a little faith and get some patience.. The Colts have a huge offseason ahead of them and I believe they will not disappoint.. 

Oh John, you're wrong on so many levels, where do I even begin. Lets start with the beginning of the 2012 campaign and the fewest returning players and what analysts called the worst 53 man roster IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL. Oh yeah, that team went 11-5 and lost in the playoffs to the eventual champs. We have great CB's WR's TE's and RB's and Richardson, he gained 1000 yards his rookie season behind a terrible o-line in Cleveland playing against 8-9 in the box all season because, well, Brandon Weeden, need I say more. He looked much better than Brown did in any season before this one, and he was a first round pick. You seem to be riding the Seahawks and 49ers pretty hard. How many Super bowls combined have those 2 teams won in the time that we've been to 2 ??? And Belickick, really, the guy who refuses to shake hands, cheats, runs up the score, and calls out players for doing the same thing his players do. You want to trade a few more wins for that guy, then you aren't a Colts fan. So far Grigson's drafts have been spectacular. The Colts would have picked what, 28th this year. You ever think there isn't anyone who stands out at their top needs they feel is worth 1st round money. I'll agree with you on one thing, we need to draft DEF heavy the next 3 years or so. Dungy tried and failed for 7 years to build a defense, we've given Pagano 2 years, you thing SF or SEA have only been building their defense for 2 years, look at the average years starting on those defenses. Pagano has a clear vision for this team, run the ball, stop the run. We need to reload the O-line through free agency, we don't have time to draft 4-5 new guys and build them up. Aside from the line, we have immense talent on offense, at every skill position, guys like Hilton, Rogers, Allen, Ballard, later round picks that will be stars in the years to come. 11-5 the first 2 years after wiping the slate clean and you want to get rid of these guys, SMH!

Please compare the first two seasons of the Harbaugh regime and the Carrol regime to the first two seasons under Pagano. If you are happy with a decent team that never really contends for the Super Bowl then stick with Pagano. You need to remember that the New York jets made the afc championship game in the first two years under Rex Ryan. The fact that the Colts made the playoffs and won a terrible diuvision is not a great accoimplishment when you have Luck. The Colts are not is the same class as Seattle or San Fran. That is the truth. Also compare Pagano to Harbaugh and Carroll. Harbaugh's teams dont come out unprepared and flat time after time. In the last two years the Colts have fallen behind time after time after.time. Miraculous fourth quarter comeback shave been required for the Colts to win games. Please compare that to the consistent performance of the 49ers. The Seahawks, the 49ers, and the Patriots dont come out and fall behind game after game after game. Fallin g behind like that indicates that a team is not prepared schematically or emotionally to play. Schematics and motivation are a coaches primary responsibilities. If you want to drink the kool aid and tell yourself that the Colts will win a super bowl with Pagano and Grigson then have at it. If you want to be honest with yourself then you need to concede that the Colst are not a super bowl contender as currently constituted from a roster or coiaching perspective.

they both had more talented rosters  when they took over  (seattle & sf) for there 2 year starts    indys roster was PEYTONS ROSTER     give it a chance ffs   its been 2 years     smdh   stupid posts      IF U FEEL SEATTLE OR SF  IS A BETTER TEAM   GO POST ON THERE PAGES   TY  HAVE A NICE DAY

Were you dropped on your head?? What world are you living in? Grigson is the one who BROUGHT Luck, TY Hilton, Dwayne Allen, etc etc etc to Indianapolis.. The Colts, with the help of Pagano, are already readying themselves to win a Super Bowl after blowing the entire team and organization up just two seasons ago.. One offseason with hits and misses and you're ready for a new head coach and GM? Wow... Show a little faith and get some patience.. The Colts have a huge offseason ahead of them and I believe they will not disappoint.. 



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