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There is an excellent chance the Colts will get blown out by Patriots

Posted by John242, 10 January 2014 · 1344 views

I think there is a very good chance the Colts will get blown out by the Patriots. The Colts have come out and fallen behind a lot this season. They were blown out by the Rams who are not a great team and who were playing with a back up quarterback They often seem unprepared to play. Pagano has a very bad record coaching against Bellecheck. Lets also remember that all New England has to do is shut down TY Hilton. I hear a lot of dilusional people trying to convince themselves that the Colts are as good as the 49ers and Seattle. The Colts are a good team but they are not as consistent or good as San Fran, New England, Seattle. I am not impressed by the GM. I cannot thin k of any stars he has brought into the organization. Mathis and Regie Wayne are the best players on the team and they were from the Plian era. Trent Richardson was a massive mistake. Someone who knows personnel does not trade away a precious first round pick for an under-performing running back. Can you name one star that Grigson has brought in. Compare the moves made by the GMs in Seattle and San Francisco to those made by Grigson. Seattle and San Fran are two deep at many positions. One player getting injured does not cripple the 49ers or the Seahawks. If anyone can point out the great stars that Grigson has brought in let me know. Luck does not count. Hilton is an ok player but he is not a Vernon Davis or an Antoine Boldin or a Michaelk Crabtree. A good team does not come out and fall behind consistently. I am not saying the Colts wont reach the playoffs again. I am saying they wont win the Super Bowl if Pagano continues as the coach and Grigson continues as gm. The Colt's division will be getting tougher when Houston recovers. IO could see the Colts not winning the division in the next couple years with Pagano as coach and Grigson as GM. Wake up! I believe the Colts are 26th against the run. I thought Pagano was a defensive coach. Dont tell me it takes time. Harbaugh had his team to the Super Bowl in year two. Carroll has created a winner in three. I have real doubts about the Colts being good in the nest two years. All they have is Luck. Luck cannot carry an entire team. Coby Fleener and Whalen are not going to get this team to the Super Bowl let alone playoffs. Pagano is supposed to be a defensive coach. Injuries are no excuse. Both Seattle and San Fran have had injuries and have lost players. When the Colts lose one player the whole team falls apart. That is a sign of a team with no depth. Grigson has not built a deep team, Losing one player should not put your team in a tails spin. As I mentioned Mathis and Wayne are the best players on the team and they were picked by the Polians.

I understand that you do not like our coach and gm

but honestly on game day for the divisional playoffs you are ruining our mojo

Can you name one star that Grigson has brought in? Uh Jerrell Freeman? Are you serious?

why are bandwagon fans posting nonsense?  seriously pagano has a system that the entire team believes in.  grigson brought deion branch here.  and if ty is shut down theres fleener, richardson as a reciever, branch, brazill, lenz, and rodgers.  sorry fake fans but the colts are a team not one or two stars.  nothing happens when we rely on one person  thats why luck hits 7 targets on average a game.  now go and secretly root for every team to beat us while we win and stay off our forums

John 242, your true to your word.  Your assessment was right on, the colts did get blown out by the Patriots. I agree with you 110% of your evaluation and the fate of the Colts if they don't get rid of these *s....

I figured it out everyone, John242 is just a closet Cardinals fan tired of getting his butt kicked by the 49ers and Hawks. Look John, we may not be dominant yet, but don't worry, Peyton is still holding down the AFC till Luck and Co. finish building the monster. We won't let SF or SEA come in and win any Super Bowls, you have my word on that.


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