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Compare Pegano and Grigson to the regimes in San Fran and Seattle

Posted by John242, 07 January 2014 · 1319 views

I like Pegano personally and I dont like calling for people to be fired. However if I want the Colts to really contend for a Super Bowl, then Pegan has to go and Grigson with him. Please compare the Colts to the 49ers, and the Seahawks. Both the 49ers and the Seahawks are better managed when it comes to personnel. The 49ers and the Seahwaks both have tremendous depth at critical key positions. The 49ers and the Seahawks are far more consistent than the Colts. the 49ers and the Seahawks consistently come out ready to play and do not fall behind immediately by double digits. The 49ers and the Seahawks do not force their quaterbacks to carry the entire team on their back. Andrew Luck is constantly forced to make huge plays and to come back from huge deficits. This pressure often causes Luck to make mistakes. Pegano is supposed to be a defensive coach but his team looks terrible on defense and gives up huge plays game after game. The Rams quarterback looked like Tom Brady against the Colts. In addition the Colts have made bad free agent signings and have drafted poorly. The best players on the team are an aging Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis from the Bill Polian era. The Trent Richardson signing was not just a mistake. It was a travesty. No other GM in the league would give up a first round draft choice for Richardson. There was nothing on Richardson's resume to indicate he was a great back. Why would a bad team give up a young first round running back unless they thought they made a mistake in picking him. Bruce Aryons is a better coach than Pegano. Luck is a better quarterback than Kappernick and I think better than Russel Wilson by a small margin. However look at the results. If Luck was not on the Colts, the Colts would be two and fourteen. However when you look at the 49ers and Seahawks it is evident that both the 49ers and the Seahwaks would be good teams even without Kappernick and Wilson. THe Seahawks and 49ers have built great complete teams through the draft and free agent signings. The Seahawks and the 49ers have better offensive lines, defensive lines, linebackers, cover corners, and safeties. Bothe teams are better than the Colts at every position except quarterback. What does that tell you? It tells you that the Seahawks and 49ers have made better personnel choices. Combine that with better coaching and you have a recipe for long term success. By the way TY Hilton is not a great player. He is a decent player that had a great game. Hilton will not be hard to shut down. The Patriots should be able to very easily shut down Hilton and the Colts. Since the Colts only have Brown as a running back I doubt that they will be able to establish the run. The fact that the 49ers and Seahawks atre virtually better at every position except quarterback tells you something about their personnel choices. I would love to hear a different opinion on this. The only area where the Seahawks and Colts are comparable is at the wide receiver spot. I dont think Russel Wilson has great receivers but they are still better than the Colts except for Reggie Wayne. However compare every other position.

Firstly, if you want to be taken seriously learn the correct spelling of our coaches surname 'Pagano'. Secondly, if you hadn't noticed the Colts had beaten both teams and the Broncos this year??? That crap ain't flying anywhere fast John... your either new to the game or don't understand what football is about. Let me help..........


Football isn't about comparisons, stats or even raw talent; it's about family and 11 men buying into a common goal and pushing the limits of their physical and mental beings to attain that goal, TOGETHER AS ONE. They bleed for each other, hold each other accountable and sacrifice for one another everything they hold dear in the belief that they will succeed. You may be able to measure a players ability but cannot measure is attitude, commitment and  HEART. Regardless of how good a player is there will be that moment in the game when it gets tough and all he wants to do is quit, which would you rather, a team of selfish talented players or a team of players driven to protect their family regardless of the costs.


Football is about FAMILY, SACRIFICE AND MOST OF ALL BELEIVING IN WHAT YOU CANNOT SEE (aka FAITH). You talk about my Colts, Chuck, Ryan and Jim as performing poorly but they have created a FAMILY and taught me a middle aged family man from Australia what football is about and for that I am forever grateful.


So John, think again which management has performed poorly... because in my experience TEAMS don't win Superbowls FAMILIES DO!!!


Hope this helped.

Trust Loyalty Respect Colts 4Life.

Hey John, nice try but stick to doing what you do best, drinking PBR.  Attempting to criticize a front office that goes 11-5 back to back in rebuilding seasons with a playoff win suggests you're lacking all your faculties.  There's room to critique anything, but it takes no talent to predict things after they happen.  Why don't you show me how smart you are and tell us beyond a doubt who the best QB in next years draft will be.  Tell me who the sleeper pick is nobody knows about.  Give me a sure fire pick in the fourth round that will help the team.  Show us some knowledge!  You see, most trolls on these blogs like to point out the obvious after it happens.  Why don't you try to be special like you want your GM to be and tell us something nobody knows.  BTW, everyone thought the Richardson trade was a coup when it happened.  As it turns out year one, not so much but it's still early. 

Wait so Grigson, the executive of the year from last season, and Pagano, the guy who is 22-10 in his 2 seasons here, aren't good enough? Hilton isn't a great player? He had 1 good game? Tell that to his nearly 1,100 receiving yards on the year. Get lost

Secondly John242, Clearly you are a very unhappy fan. Based on the rant you have posted by all means become a Seattle, 49ers fan. I am certain that 99% of real colts fans will disagree, your babble is both conflicting and insulting to anyone that has half a brain!!!. Where do i start is the question............


In all your wisdom, apparently Ryan and Chuck "have to go", ok sir lets do away with the GM of the year and the most inspirational coach in the NFL with two 11 winning game seasons behind them. Luck this Luck that blah blah blah, start to appreciate what we have. Certainly not a 1 man team. #13 a recent 200+ yard game. # 98 a recent sack record. #50 plucked out of obscurity by Mr Grigson and now arguably one of the best tacklers in the league. #90 now who doesn't love Cory Redding the man is a general, enough said. #20 the pick king. And all respect to #1 the best punter in the league. Just a few to mention.


Now the loss of Reggie what a defining moment, what you need to know John is this. The Colts have depth, Like Chuck says "next man up" Griff Whalen, Coby Fleener, Rodgers, Lavon and the backs have made amazingly important plays.The way that Donald Brown has stepped up has helped the team hugely. Lay of Trent Richardson, give the guy a chance. Just watch the the press conferences and see the man's commitment to the team, Maybe you should show a similar commitment.


So Alex Smith had an amazing game and put 7-8 drives together and scored big points, but ultimately our Colts/Andrew luck managed to score more. it doesnt matter if its the 1st or the 4th quarter where we get them, just have to love how and the way we did. 


Finally, your first statement and most annoying. suggested that we need to make changes. And i quote "to really contend for a super bowl".......... as one of eight teams left in the super bowl hunt you may want to sit down and realise that we are contenders, Seattle, San fran and Denver were all beaten in the regular season. By the Colts, I say why not "upset" Tom Bradys  big team aswell. What pisses me of more than anything is that although we have beaten the best, Still certain people are not showing the respect that this Colts team deserves.


As we say in England John, You are an absolute Rookie.


Good luck all Colts..... 

This has to be some kind of a joke. As John McEnroe said "You cannot be serious!"



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