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The Colts sputter to a win

Posted by John242, 04 January 2014 · 1470 views

The Colts have no chance of getting to the Super Bowl with Pegan and Grigson at the helm. Grigson is a terrible talent evaluator. A bad team does not trade away a first round pick unless they know he is a bust. Richardson is a bust. He will not get better. If Grigson traded away a first round pick for Richardson, what other mistakes will he make. Carroll and Harbaugh would never give up a first round pick for Richardson. Harbaugh and Carroll have taken undrafted free agents and late round draft picks and built incredible defenses that have depth. The 49ers and the Seahawks have a great offensive line, great cover corners, great running backs and great defensive lines. The Colts have none of that because of Grigson. If you are in a hole stop digging. That means they need to fire Pegano and Grigson.

The reason the Colts come out flat is because they are not prepared mentally or emotionally. The coaches are not preparing the team well for what they will face. The Colts are outschemed. The Colts would have very few wins without Luck. In addition Grigson has not provided Luck with any real weapons. Regie Wayne is the only decent offensive weapon they have.

who is this john242? he knows very little by saying Luck has no help---sell him a ticket and strap him in it!!!!!!OH maybe he,s blind.

Colts are one of final 8 teams in the playoffs, and also beat Seattle (coached by Carroll) and SF (coached by Harbaugh).  Sure, the Colts D had a bad game, but calling for Pegano and Grgison to go is premature.  I will agree though with you on Richardson,

Don't discount everything John has to say.  While it may be an extreme perspective, John has valid points.  If we all didn't have our rose-colored glasses on and lost last night, I suspect many would rally around John's comments.


Although I still have an ear-to-ear smile from last night, a 28 point comeback shouldn't be necessary.  We continue to rely on luck and Luck to pull us out of 2-3 quarters of dismal football.  All year!  Everyone praises a comeback, but never asks the question why comebacks are even necessary.  Its fair of John to take that stance.


I'm not sold on Pagano yet - he only had one year of DC experience before HC.  GREAT guy - but may be over his head.  If Chuck's primary talent is a passionate motivator, he fails for almost 3 quarters consistently.  I watched Arians outcoach Pagano in person here in AZ.  Pep is a bit too west coast - that relies on increased offensive plays to score - we don't have the roster to do that - Donald Brown and TY are the only assets that Luck can trust from a consistency standpoint.


I don't think Pagano's philosophy and Grigson's personnel decisions are synching yet.  The only time the offense works is desperation hurry-up when we have to vary from Pep's west coast.


As for Grigson, I love his aggressiveness but don't trust his scouting ability. Vontae was a good trade, but he had the luxury of years of NFL game tape.


Luck?  Yes, but Griggs can't get credit for a no-brainer.

Werner?  Nope

Richardson?  Like a nice pair of designer jeans that don't fit.

DHB?  A telephone pole can catch passes better than DHB.  And we all KNEW that before he arrived.


Griggs is on shaky ground and his only hope is to lure some REAL free-agents here next year.


Thanks, John, for daring to keep it real.

Lol all you did was copy and paste. Glad to see you know how to do that!


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