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immediately after the next playoff game

Posted by John242, 04 January 2014 · 2468 views

Chuck Pagano consistently does not get his team ready to play. The Colts in huge games come out flat. That is a sign of a bad coach. Please compare the Colts to San Francisco, Carolina, and Seattle. If the Colts stick with Pagano Luck and the Colts will not get to a Super Bowl let alone win one. Pegano is supposed to be a defensive coach but he is bad at that side of the ball as well. Ryan Griegson has to go as well. He is not a good judge of talent. The Colts are still paying for the Richardson trade. Any bad team that is willing to part with a first round draft choice is sending a very clear message about what they think of that player's talent. Grigson apparently did not get that message. Fire Pegano and Grigson or face a mediocre underachieving Colts future.

The Colts defense was terrible against the Chiefs. They have terrible cover corners. They gave up easy play after easy play. They have no chance of winning next week. Compare the Colt's defense to the 49ers, the Seahawks, the Panthers, the Bengals. And the offense! Luck's best receiver is TY Hilton. He is a nice player but he is not great. Luck makes him look good. Pegano has been there two seasons. Compare that to Pete Carroll or John Harbaugh. Harbaugh and Carroll have built great defnses with late roun d draft picks and undrafted free agents. The best playersw on the Colts are from the Bill Polian era. Grigson has not brought in one great player. Mathis and Reggie Wayne are the best players on the team and they are getting old.


There is so much wrong with that rant, Bav..

In the week 12 matchup patriots vs broncos. Patriots trail 24 pts at the half
And bill belichick is a def guy. Y don't u say FIRE bill belichick becoz he can stop opponent's offense

U have no faith on our franchise! Don't forget we beat 49ers 'hawks broncos in the reg season.

stupid,one more time...

Don't discount everything John has to say.  While it may be an extreme perspective, John has valid points.  If we all didn't have our rose-colored glasses on and lost last night, I suspect many would rally around John's comments.


Although I still have an ear-to-ear smile from last night, a 28 point comeback shouldn't be necessary.  We continue to rely on luck and Luck to pull us out of 2-3 quarters of dismal football.  All year!  Everyone praises a comeback, but never asks the question why comebacks are even necessary.  Its fair of John to take that stance.


I'm not sold on Pagano yet - he only had one year of DC experience before HC.  GREAT guy - but may be over his head.  I watched Arians out coach Pagano in person here in AZ.  Pep is a bit too west coast - that relies on increased offensive plays to score - we don't have the roster to do that - Donald Brown and TY are the only assets that Luck can trust from a consistency standpoint.


I don't think Pagano's philosophy and Grigson's personnel decisions are synching yet.  The only time the offense works is desperation hurry-up when we have to vary from Pep's west coast.


As for Grigson, I love his aggressiveness but don't trust his scouting ability. Vontae was a good trade, but he had the luxury of years of NFL game tape.


Luck?  Yes, but Griggs can't get credit for a no-brainer.

Werner?  Nope

Richardson?  Like a nice pair of designer jeans that don't fit.

DHB?  A telephone pole can catch passes better.  And we all KNEW that before he arrived.


He's on shaky ground and his only hope is to lure some REAL free-agents here next year.


Thanks, John, for daring to keep it real.

are you serious bro?  are you even a fan or bandwagon?  you obviously have no clue what the game is about.  go die and root for cincinnati if you want an "elite" team ( i say that with the utter most sarcasm you can imagine reading a thread)

Obviously this was posted by a 1st grader. Spelling or lack there of. Pretty funny reading, zero football evaluating talent. Stick to chutes and ladders young man.

You sound like Texams  Titans Jaguars fans. 32 teams 1 champoin, a lots teams wish to be were the Colts are now!


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