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Vontae Davis

Posted by optimusprimetime, 08 March 2014 · 813 views

Vontae Davis is asking for a contract bigger than Brent Grimes.....not surprising he is younger. I never like when players numbers are better in a contract year. He is a quality corner and can tackle, but QB's had a 98.0 QB rating when throwing his way. He had a excellent game against Denver where he got the national media pumping him up, he did play very well. I am not on the pay the man train, there is a stock pile of quality CB's in free agency. If you drop Toler you can afford to get 2 top CB's. Munnerlyn, Verner, DRC, etc... Davis wants nearly 9 million a year, add Tolers contract and you got almost 13 million invested in 2 CB's against the cap. I would choose to get 2 quality players over signing Davis and hoping for Toler to be healthy. That is just me......any thoughts?

Toler has a history of NOT being healthy.

I agree we need to look at other players.

Davis says he wants to be here & part of this "family" so I say we offer him less than the open market rate & see how bad he wants to be here.  If he takes more money, he was all talk about "family" & if he accepts the lower deal to stay, he wants to win, be a part of something special, & was true to his word about "family."

heard they are far apart again

He just wants the money but one problem he didn't earn it.

Just heard we are going to resign him

he is here to stay.......for a couple years, 4 year deal and he can be let go after 2 in case Colts have a cap issue when signing the 2012 draft.

Wow his goal is to make the Pro Bowl.  I wish it was to make the Super Bowl.  

If he makes the pro bowl......he will be worth the contract at least.

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