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What Is the Problem?

Posted by Coltsfan05, 09 December 2013 · 532 views

What Is the Problem? So the Colts are back at the top of the AFC South. But there are bigger things to talk about. The Colts have been extremely inconsistent in the last half of the season. the offense has been extremely dismal. And the defense has taken a toll because of this.

Here is what has happened:

OC Pep Hamilton has been very stubborn with his power run scheme. we havent even gotten close to that since the SF game. He needs to improvise. The only game the colts won on the ground was the game in SF, and the Thursday Night Football game against Tennessee. He needs to get a clue. We need to throw the ball. With Bruce Arians, we beat teams through the air. As obvious as it was, it was effective. the offense was putting points on the board. There are 2 things that can happen as an offense. Either the run open up the pass, or the pass opens up the run. Trust me, its true.

Our offense is way too vanilla. when you want to have a power run offense, you need a powerful interior offensive line. we dont have that. so we have been running the ball ineffectively, which has been making us deal with 3rd and long situations, which makes us have quick three-and-outs. when the offense is ineffective, the defense will always play poorly.

Now Im not saying i dont blame the defense. the defense is playing awful. But if the offense can stay on the field for more than a minute, maybe they can catch their breath.

There is a lot of work to be done. As of right now, we would play the Chiefs in the playoffs. We need t step up if we want to make a run.

     You make some very valid points. It's been a long struggle for this team. This season has been chock full of injuries, and replacement players (from either practice squad, trades or free agents) that are expected to perform exactly as the player they have stepped up to replace. Not only is that "wrong-headed", it's just flat out silly. The Process, and Next-Man-Up mentality this team has been playing with all season is how this team has gotten this far.

     To finish out the regular season, and make a long run in the playoffs, the Colts have to play to the current roster's strengths, and stop trying to push a power anything in its place. We have a very talented and passionate team. Go back in time, pick out what works & use the heck out of it. I noticed in the past two games, there have been a ton of really smart plays made by our offense, Luck in particular, that have given some real opportunities to build solid drives.

     The Defense has also got to step up and be consistent. I don't know if it's coaching, coordinating, or player communication, but when we win, it's a three phase win. When we lose, it's the same. I have noticed, and going back to tape it's obvious, that in these losses, the defense plays very passively. They seem to be trying to choose zone or man-to-man on the fly, missing easy tackles, and missing screaming opportunities for picks. I spend a whole lot of time on this site, and watching games, and I know there's some beasts out there...Why are they on leashes?

     All of that being said, Locking playoffs and the division the way it happened yesterday may not sit well with some, I say a lock is a lock. This group has worked their tails off for this goal, and regardless of yesterday's score, it is well deserved. One game does not a division title make, it's accumulation of the season so far, and there's more to come. I have been a Colts fan since they drove into town on "The Mayflower", and regardless of how this season ends, it's been a great ride.

Der cults kern wern if dey der mer parss pler n lerss rurn gurm.

when we win a game it looks like time as the next game comes up it appears that we are still in party mode. When you give the team a day off they get a little relax. I think the offense is not giving the defense time to catch their selves. Andrew luck look like he's waiting for the second half to make a play. Mr. Hamilton need to be more creative .Mr. Pogano  needs to put the best players on the field. How much time you going to give one man(DHB) ? If you are not performing then give the next man a chance. Well if DHB have to be in the game then give him plays what he can make. like those small screen pass plays where you just lob the ball. Please allow Andrew Luck to play his game from the first quarter. Trent needs to work harder in practice ,but the OL still have to get some holes open. Mr. Hamilton need more Pep in his plays or he is not going keep his job. I hope we don't let T.Y. return punts anymore right now cause we done short on WRs . Mr. Coach put the best players on the field and protect your Job. We taking too long to figure out why we're starting so slow. I been a Colt fan from BALTIMORE days, lets get it together PLEASE.

of course, im not arguing with a guaranteed spot in the playoffs :P

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