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Colts vs Lions

Posted by DoreenG, 03 December 2012 · 696 views


First I have to say Thank you Luck!!!! You continue to prove that you are the correct to lead the Colts into where they want to go in the future. Yes 3 interceptions not idea but with one quick pass to Avery with 4 seconds left in game.......AMAZING!!!!

Colts had possession of the ball less than 23 mins and even with the hiccups made every minute count to the end.

Shout outs to Avery, Ballard, Brazill, and Fleener for getting in the end zone, Adam for extra points
Hitlon is absolutely someone to watch as he continues to make plays and improves every game.
Vaughn stepped up on defense leading with 8 tackles, Mathis intercepting was sweet, glad to see Redding back at it. Freeman still someone to keep your eye on has he is a force on the field.

HUGE shout out to every single one of the Colts players, job well done!!!

Go Colts All Day Every Day No Matter Who We Play!!!! ChuckStrong All Day.

I would not have imagined that we could win with SO MANY TURNOVERS.

shocked me


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