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A look at the roster (summary)

Posted by COLTS7, 24 February 2014 · 1028 views

Needless to say there are alot of decisions, as always, to be made. Who will be brought back and who won't. There are alot of free agents, guys were injured, guys who are not getting any younger,etc. The 2 biggest areas of need are the 2 lines and depth, depending on who is brought back, there is suppossed to be a lot of cap money available for free agents, so those areas will be addresed that way, the draft won't add as many players as usual, with the coveted #1 pick traded away and only 5 total selections. There aren't alot of holes, as of now, but some will be created when guys are not brought back. Free agents are always a risk, one I was never a big fan of, if you miss on a player and the Colts spent alot of money on players who really did not play as expected, you are in the hole for years, with little help via the draft and in a few years,the young core...... Luck-Ballard-Hilton-Allen-Fleener-Freemen won't be playing on rookie contacts and will be making alot more money.... Luck, will have one of the highest contracts in the league-these next few years are critical to the future sucess of this era....good luck Mr. Grigson

Thanks again Colts7 for your insights.

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