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Good, not good enough...yet

Posted by COLTS7, 12 January 2014 · 874 views

The further you go in the playoffs, the more important playing your A-game becomes and the more important turnovers become, with that said, that was not the A-game and the turnovers...can't happen. The ongoing digging a hole, shooting yourself in the foot and thinking , you can always come back, also doesn't usually work, deep in the playoffs.

Was very impressed with the recievers and how they stepped up, the offense was good, the running game was a non-factor, hard to have a running game when you are playing catchup, the O-line played hard and did the best they could .....have to add, cannot believe Luck threw 6 interceptions and I'll leave it at that

The Jekyl and Hyde defense, did not show up....stopping the run and running the ball, we hear that all the time, this defense at times, looks very good and other times, looks over matched (bigtime)

The special teams, that was inconsistent all year, played another very good game

bottom line: turn the ball over-go home

I still view this as a very successfull season, would it have been different with Reggie-Allen-Ballard-Bradshaw-Thomas-Toler? Sure, but that can be said for most teams. Give them credit for making it as far as they did, this team is close, doesn't have many holes to fill. I will break down each position at some point...the game is won,or lost, in the trenches and it's no secret, that both the offensive and defensive lines, need serious upgrades

We're on the road to recovery but as you stated we need some tweeking on both the O/D line.

I agree with everything said, however; catch the ball in clutch situations is paramount! When you get promoted from PS, you have the chance to prove, D. Rogers blew is opportunity! I have no clue about the defense and last TR, what do they do with him other than put a package together for trade, once again I fear the Gm will blow it again! Until next year Go Colts!!

Two of Luck's interceptions should have been caught, but were bobbled, and the Patriot defense swooped in.  I think that is part of the reason the media has not come down hard on him and besides, Luck comes down harder on himself.  He is the captain of the ship and will take blame for the whole game.


But I am excited about next year with Wayne and TY together along with Fleener.  Since, it seems we will always face New England in the play offs, that should be their first focus for next year.  I wouldn't mind if we played them in the regular season to get more into their defensive trickery. 

Colts cannot make mis-stakes such as we id in the playoff to KC falling behind so quickly and by so many points,,,,,,,,Against the Pats we spotted them 14points on turnovers,,,,,,,,,,And U can't do that against a team w/ the caliber of NE.......Basically u can't do that against any NFL team ,. Luck made great plays in the NE playoff but he also made COSLTLY turnovers that ultimately did us in,,,,,,,,,,2 of the interceptions were his fault,,,,,,,,BAD calls but the Refs,,,Luck was CLEARLY tripped by Vellano (Sp) that would have given us a 1st down and 4 more possessions .Another was a Clear take down of Whalen I believe that's an automatic 1st down 4 more possessions,,,,,,,Those 2 BAD NON calls may have turned the tide  for the Colts,,,,,,,,,We did hang tough dispite  our turnovers we trailed only by a TD late in the game,,,,,,,,Luck given his knowledge blew a lot of the game w/ his interceptions -He should have known better and played better it was w/in his power but he fell short...........Hope he doesn't turn into a P. Manning and CHOKE in the big games like PM had in ur past playoff games!!!!!!!!!!!!

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