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Posted by COLTS7, 04 January 2014 · 1096 views

Stats: what are they worth? 1 team had 150 yds rushing-37 minutes time of pocession-1 turnover...the other team had 100 yds rushing-22 minutes-4 turnovers...who won? I just heard on the Eagles/Saints game that the team with the most turnovers is 16-195, in the playoffs....never say never...in the NFL,but this wasn't the seasoned, experienced Manning-Harrison-Wayne-Clark Colts, this was the Luck-Hilton-Whalen-Fleener non-seasoned and non experienced Colts. We all saw the same thing, a team that was being dominated, on both sides of the ball, giving up big play after big play, like they didn't know the ball was snapped and the franchise QB...3 interceptions...who won? I have not heard an interview with Pagano yet, where he didn't mention...resiliant, I know they are, but...that was a statement game for....resiliant, no way, no how does a team that played that bad and yes, it was really bad, with a team full of young, somewhat unproven players, wins a game like that, in the playoffs, cannot happen....who won? It cannot be overstated how big it is for a young team, to win a game like that, Manning's Colts did it time after time, because they knew they could, now Luck's Colts, know they can, that can be lethal.

Luck did not look great, at times, but his legs are what seperates him from the pack, along with the rare god given talent and I do mean rare, in my lifetime, there are still only a small handfull of QB's who have had that and they did not have that extra talent, to keep a play alive, to avoid a sack, to run for a first down......

The difference in the game.....T.Y.Hilton....13-224 yds-2 Td's , including the go ahead 64 yd TD, all of the receivers stepped up and made plays, but he was un-stop-able!!!

Credit again to the very much maligned O-line for gettin er done and credit to Pep Hamilton, who has been blasted by alot of people for using the hurry up-that is when the transformation began

Not a great game for the defense, until the offense got it close, then they stated playing (?) except for the Defensive player of the year who made a play...when we needed a play...sound familiar?

I mentioned last week that the only unit that wasn't playing consistent, was the coverage units....A+ to that group, for shutting down a record setting return group

Great job, by the players for that resiliancy, that was .....!!!!!!

Next up...most likely a re match with the Broncos...that would be ...can't miss!!!

2nd biggest comeback on NFL playoff history

so much for most likely,,,can't even believe I said that, when has most likely ever occured in the NFL.....the *s..... saturday night

Hopefully the signing of Deion will share some secrets of NE.

go colts , great comeback  . now hope deion branch does good.

good post we just need a few more experienced players to help Andrew with the plays. The receivers did great just need more stable of a line to keep the rush down


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    Kevin Bowen

    Dwayne Allen on Andre Johnson: “He felt at home & looked at home. People kept questioning, ‘Where’s Andre?’ I think they found him tonight.”

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      08 Oct
    Gabriel Alexander Morillo

    I'll eat my crow (assuming this is Hassle's last game this season). I Said multiple times that he couldn't even make us compete in NFL game's based on his preseason. Not only was I wrong but we won both games! Good job Matt and you guys get to serve me my plate.

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      08 Oct

    Want to apologize to Matt Hasselbeck for saying he looked done in his pre-season performance. Definitely not the case. He has played great the past two games.

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    Welp as a phillies fan only team I can vote for sanely is the rangers. Good luck hamels

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