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The almost final 53 man roster-surprises?

Posted by COLTS7, 02 September 2013 · 697 views

There really weren't too many surprises on the almost final 53 man roster. There was only 1 player that I thought would make the roster, that didn't, that was Drake Nevis, that would qualify as a major suprise in my opinion and to take it a step further, I thought he was the best linemen we had....Redding, Jean-Francois and Moala are good players, but none of them would be considered elite, Mathews, like Nevis are younger and have improved each year, from what I have heard and saw, I was expecting Nevis to have a breakout year....
Another player I had high hopes for was Ijilana, I was hoping he would revert back to his pre-injury form, which would place him at the top of the O-line talent list, apparantly he is another in a long line of promising players who's career never got to where it could have, due to injuries
There was several surprises on the roster, for players who did make it.....Part of that was due to several players being on I.R. (Sidbury and Boyett) Howell, for one, who I felt was outplayed, all the way around, by Asante....Rayford, was a who's that, when the off season began, but excelled in the pre season games and Harvey, who seemed to be the odd man out, in a very deep and talented group (ILB) also had a great pre season,so even though they played their way into a spot, there weren't really considered neccessary, going into to camp
There is always some tweaking of the roster. After the original cutdown, Williams made the roster, then was cut the next day, which qualifies as a surprise...he seemed to have that added quality that our offense could have used, Darren Sproles comes to mind. Then today, a LB was aquired , by trade, so that means another player will be let go.
There will always be some surprises, come cutdown day, this year is no different, but there really weren't many, although those I mentioned do seem a tad puzzling, at least to me

We will be surprised as we are not in the loop!  Good one Colts7



I was trying to send you an invite to Coltman51s pickem pool since you participated in Andy's pool last year, but methinks your inbox is full. If you are interested, here is a clip from the PM:



Here is a link to his post with sign up information: http://forums.colts....oards/?p=550215


And here is a link to the Yahoo log in/signup page: http://football.fant...ahoo.com/pickem


If you miss tonight's game you will still be able to pick the rest of this weeks games - plus everyone's worst week will be dropped so even missing this week entirely won't have much impact on you.


Take care


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