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    • Whilst Brock beating Indy sure makes the D look bad remember it was only in the last 5 minutes with injuries etc. 
    • I have no problem saying they have the best group of pass rushers in the league. There might be an argument for the Vikings, but I'd say Denver is the best.   My question is whether they have four excellent pass rushers. I don't think so. Miller, obviously. Ware used to be an excellent pass rusher, but not only is he not playing right now, he's also getting older and isn't as good as he used to be. He definitely makes an impact, but he benefits from playing alongside Miller. Ray is still young, will probably get better, good prospect.... excellent pass rusher? Not at this time. Barrett, not at all, but a good, functional player.    I assumed you were talking about edge rushers. I think Wolfe is an excellent player, but not an excellent pass rusher.    Splitting hairs, I suppose, but I think the point is that they have one excellent pass rusher, and a complement of good role players who work well together. The Colts don't have that one outstanding player, but that's just one player. They also don't have a complement of good role players -- which includes everyone in the defensive front. But it's easier to find guys like Brandon Marshall, Wolfe, Barrett, Ray, Ware, etc., than it is to find guys like Von Miller. You get that one guy, and everything else can fall into place.
    • I know this board has an obligation about Ossy but he has the worst coach in the league. For some reason it's still being ignored. I know he's 1 of Bill's boys but that only gets you so far. A ton of his boys got booted once it became obvious they were going nowhere.
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