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    • Haeg went in the 5th 155th player picked. Our pick I liked least was Morrison in the 4th making him the 125th player taken. I saw him go undrafted in some mocks. had him a 7th - proirity FA. I was surprised.   There were a lot of options on the board at 125 I do recall that. Judon was one of them Ravens took him 21 players later the 146th player picked.  I was hoping for D. Hall CB or Robinson CB LSU I liked Judon and RB Dixon there as well.  
    • That doesn't really conflict with what I saw.  I am not quite as optimistic overall because we really need to win early as our second half of the schedule is brutal so it's critical to be at least 6-2 the first half if we have sights on a great season, though reading this I just saw the Mewhort isn't gone for season? That's big big news and really changes a lot once he's back.  Of course it seems usually when the Colts say 2-4 weeks, it turns out to be 6-8 weeks, but let's hope for once their optimism is true.     I think Castonzo is a serious problem.  Not sure how you fix him as you'd think it is a mental problem rather than health because it has carried over across last season until now.  Philbin has his work cut out.  
    • We need to take a page out of the Patriots notebook.  Their line was very average last year, yet the offense put up great numbers.  If your offensive line has trouble pass blocking and can't run block, you need to turn the short passing game into your running game.  Short, quick drops and dump it off or throw darts on quick slants.  Patriots kill teams doing that.  We did beat the Broncos with less talent on offensive line last year so I'm still hopeful Chud will game plan better against good defensive teams like the Eagles during the regular season.
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    • Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Everyone here should thank whatever higher power they believe in, right now. Or at least Mewhort's ligaments. Great news for us Colts fans!
      · 0 replies
    • Bogie

      Dak will be starting for Dallas, I wish him the best. The kid looks amazing, and hopefully he feels he can take the empire all by himself. 

      · 1 reply
    • Rodney Johnson

      I just entered to win Black Sabbath tickets! @957WQMF
      · 1 reply
    • Jules

      Was watching Pats/Panthers. Cam Newton looked horrible. And so does Jimmy G aka "the backup for 4 games". The Pats offense got going when Brady went in there at the end of the first and zipped down the field fast. I am not sure why they put Brady in since I would think the backup needed all the work he can get against starters?
      What a tough season to pick teams, I don't want to get influenced by preseason either.......
      I never have had such a tough offseason trying to pick SB teams LOL.
      · 29 replies

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