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    • And he's kind of an *hole....if he's not winning, he's a lockerroom cancer...
    •   Agreed on his ball tracking.  It's... a flickering hope right now.  But...   Imo of course.  As I don't know what assignments are given.  But to me Green has severe problems adjusting to defensive shifts.  I've seen a couple of plays that I will try to find tomorrow that illustrate this.  One that I can recall is Green should shift over depending on the defense to either a more central spot or cover over. And either he doesn't shift at all and we give up an intermediate pass or he does shift but late and then ends up being in a terrible spot to make a play on the ball.  Sometimes I think this is his scenario instead of the actual "ball tracking".  Which actually gives me a ton of hope because if he can improve this mental part of the game it might reflect a ton in his "ball tracking ability" as he will set himself up for success instead of failure.  Of course I still don't like that he has a tendency to completely bring his head down if he needs to break.  And his flip (when he does flip which isn't often) is usually very messy and costs him lots of ground.   As a DB... raw would be fitting for him even after this season. But raw is not bad.  Just needs work.
    •   Do you have a link to this and where it says it?
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    • RockThatBlue

      Alright, which one of yall did this?
      Kevin Bowen‏ @KBowenColts Draft season is already off the rails. Mailbag Question: "If Watson or Trubisky is there, will the Colts draft one and replace Luck?"
      · 0 replies
    • Jules

      Kurt Cobain would have been 50 years old today.
      I mean if you didn't feel old enough already.  
      · 11 replies
    • PrincetonTiger

      February 20 Through the Years
      1792- The Postal Service Act establishes the United States Postal Service
      1816- The Barber of Seville Premieres in Rome
      1872- The Metropolitan Museum of Art opens in New York
      1877- Swan Lake premieres in Moscow
      1933- Adolf Hitler secretly secures financial backing for the Nazi Party in the upcoming election
      1943- The Saturday Evening Post publishes Norman Rockwell's
      Four Freedoms
       1956- The Merchant Marine Academy becomes a permanent Service academy
      2006- Curt Gowdy
      · 0 replies
    • TheRustonRifle#7

      Some duets that I have always liked...
      · 14 replies
    • RockThatBlue

      Unbelievable weather for February
      · 9 replies

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